A foreinger 😊

Hi ❣ Its so nice to see you 😊 I hope all is fine with you πŸ’›

Im actually a foreigner,- a word I have “tasted” a bit on and think a bit on too. But thats the way it is,- I m a foreinger, a norwegian one too, that lives and works in Spain 😊. And its not to bad at all 😊. Hard work, hard days,- oh yes,- but bad,- normally not at all 🌞.

Im not going to “discuss” the word “foreinger” to much to day,- but its a word that in different situations and areas dont have the most postive “turn”. And the word “xenophobia” come very close by and, sometimes as well, together with “foreinger”.

I haven’t many negative experience with being an foreinger in Spain,- but we did have some the first year here.

If I continue to stay in Spain I will probably alwasy be an foreinger,- becasue for me , – its not sure any other foreinger feel the same way as me-, but for me a foreinger is not just to get a new citizenship and a new passport,- it is also about the growing up and culture, experience and different traditions that I bring with me from the country I did live in, I did got a lots of life-experience from, I did worked in,- and did grow up in for 40 years,- Norway.

It was not the plan to be in Spain for 6 years,- and I m still not sure if Im going to stay here or move back to Norway,- or maybe an other place in the world. At the moment I m staying in Spain,- but I have learned that not always things goes the way you did planned or did think 😊 πŸ˜‰.

I work so I can pay my bills and rent,-and I think I lives more or less like mostly people do. But I m also working to and for to get the “#lifestyle” I m dreaming of.

My lifestyle,- that is for me about work-out, and health, food and “turtle-speed” days, and its about painting and writing as my mainbase in life, be creative in different areas, – together with spending time with my family and friends 😊. One step at the time, and hopefully I will manage to #create my total lifestyle 😊.

I have my family here in Spain, great friends, and different kinds of interested and hobbies,- that’s have actually growing more after I did move to Spain then when I was living in Norway. Maybe because my children is now young adult and I have more time to do “my stuff” ,- or maybe because the sun is shining and the climate is so different from Norway? Or maybe because I did get the possibility to “grow” a bit more and different when my ex-boyfriend was “out of my life” for good ? πŸ˜‰

Its actually not very importen to focus on to day at all 😊. It is what it is πŸ’›.

One of the things I like to do when I want to have a #time-out is to paint. For me its #relaxing to just let the brushes and colours connect in their own way on the canvas πŸŽ¨πŸ–Ό.

Normally I do have a plan with and about my painting when I starting,- and normally it became something else πŸ˜…. Its in a way like the life,- you have a plan, but its not always follow your plan. Still it most of the time comes out very well,- even when the plans did changed “on the road ” πŸ’›.

And thats one of the things I like about painting. Its just being created when I m painting, see the changes, the “plan” thats changes in front of me, at my canvas, togheter with lovely colours and different shapes and forms. Like life does changes, like plans does changes,- but still becames good to the end,- different, but most of the times good πŸ’›.

This painting is called “Colorfull growing!” ,- and its not very big,- just 20*20 cm.

This painting is called “Roost! Growing!” -, and the size is 24*20 cm.

Both of the paintings in different, but at the same time, same ways, is for me about being a “foreinger”. Its a colorfull experience to be a “foreinger” ,- and in so many ways you grow, you learn,- new and colorfull things about your self, the life and other people 😊. You grow,- in a colorfull way 😊. Normally,- not all of us, and not all the time 😊.

I think more people should try to be a foreinger for a while in their life. Its a very rich experience in so many ways. Its about cultures and traditions,- open for trying new things , meeting new people, expose your self a bit 😊.

In a way like Im expose my self in this “5-days Insta-challenge”. Today it is about “me”,- and I m a happy norwegian foreinger that lives and works in Spain. And one of my “time-out” and “relaxing”- areas in my life is to paint πŸ’›.

Do you have any “time-out” and “relaxing”- areas in your life? 😊

Me,- spending time at my secret beach,- a beach thats remind me a bit about Norway πŸ’›. I dont miss Norway, but I miss the past I did have in Norway together with my children πŸ’›.

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