“Need to do”- to get- “want to do” 😊,- and be a bit proud too πŸ˜Š

Hi ❣ So nice to see you, like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you πŸ’›

Im in a “5-days Insta-challenge” this week ,- and the subject to day is “lifestyle”. And sometimes in life we need to do somethings before we can get what we want to do or want to have,- and its in a way the same with to get the lifestyle you,- or in this “case” me,- want to have 😊.

If I manage to get the lifestyle I m “dreaming” of I dont know,- but at least I can try 😊.

For me, in my “dream-lifestyle”, “freedom” in my life is importen. But freedom is different from person to person,- and also depends of different kind of life-experience in our life. My kind of “freedom” is not sure are the same as for others 😊.

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For me freedom is different things.

Like be able to work #creative, like with textes, writing (and painting), to be my own “boss” and be able to choose my workingplan and schedule.

Plan my day more or less the way I want. And,- the possibility to have a income too, that I actually can live by.In the meantime, before I maybe, reach my “dream-lifestyle” its necessary for me to do a couple of things that I need to do, that maybe can get me where I want to be, in my life 😊. Difficult? Yes,- but impossible? No,- its not sure its impossible 😊.

An other “subject” for todays “challenge” was to post an Insta-story….about my lifestyle. Something Im in a way are going to do, at the same time not.

I choose to do this in my way.Why? Because the “lifestyle” I have at the moment is not the lifestyle I want to have,- and its not very much to post rather when I using 9-10 hours in and on something I need to do,- and a bit away from what actually are my “#lifestyle” 😊.

Up to 50%, summer vacation

And also,- tomorrow’s “#challenge” and “task” is training on live IG TV. And ,- well,- as a still “newbie” in different “areas” I don’t have to much to do on a live IG TV yet πŸ˜…. (And I need to “save” some of my creative “solutions” for tomorrow’s challenge as well 😊).

So I choose to be a bit “creative” insted on my Instagram- story and FB-story today πŸ˜‰. And then choose a bit different “solution” on the “stories”. Something thats just fine for me,- because I know I will be both learn and expose my self any way 😊.

“Dansing flamenco in green flowers” , size 50*40 cm,- with a “touch” of Picasso- inspiration 🎨😊.

The famous painter and “multi-artist” #Picasso did lived in Malaga,- very close by where we are living. And did you know that he actually did work together with an #norwegian artist, Carl Nesjar, in Norway, around 1950-60?

It has been pretty cool if I could be a bit “Picasso” 😊. Live by my painting and writing 😊. Well,- I m allowed to dream,- and its not sure I want to have quite the same lifestyle as Picasso did have any way😊. But I paint, I write, I live in the Malaga-area and I m norwegian πŸ˜„.

Yellow “smiling” rose” ,- can you see she is smiling a bit? 😊 Size 20*30 cm.

Today at work I did “suprice” my teamleder and my “tutor”. I did actually felt a bit like this giggling yellow rose πŸ˜„.

Im so bored at work,- at the same time I do understand why I get the easiest “tasks”. I have just been there for a month, Im a “newbie”, and both the teamleder and my tutor dont know me. They have at the moment an expression about me and who Im.

It has been some busy days at work ,and then some very boring, long days for me,- and now and then I’m just sitting there like “a flower”. Actually it has been a bit more then “now and then”…..it has been hours πŸ˜‹. Because my superiors needs to take different difficult tasks and then dont have any time for me πŸ˜”. Buhuu…,- just kidding πŸ˜…. But I m not use to be bored, and if I get bored I find something to do. Its “always” something to do 😊.

So when my superiors was busy to find solutions for difficult tasks today too, I actually did the same ,- made my self busy,- and did try to find solutions for some tasks πŸ˜….

I did actually think I could help them out a bit,- so I did find some tasks I could work with, I could find solutions to,- and I manage to do it too 😊.

And I need to edmite I was a bit proud as well.We actually get “grades” from 1 to 6 for the work we do for the costumers we help out, and the grades is also from the costumers too,- and 6 is the best 😊.

Ha! I did get 2 with the grade 5 and 8 with the grades 6 πŸ˜‹. Proud? Jepp 😁….and no other grades under this at all 😊.

Well,- I also did show my superiors that there is a bit “guts” in me, and that,- even if I cant “everything” at my job yet,- to be honest,- I m miles and miles away from that,- but at least I did try to do my best, and I manage it, and Im not to worried to try to do things on my own, to learn a bit more, and last, but not at least, to take iniativ 😊.

So yes,- I did giggle a bit because they was surprised and becasue it was a bit fun to suprice them both,- in a good way 😊.

Have you done something you are proud of to day? It dont need to be anything “big”,- because its always something to be a bit proud of,- about your self, and in your life too πŸ’› Unfortunately we sometime forget that. But it is “allowed” to be proud ❣

One of three dancing flamenco- danser I did paint on a wall,- but this one is big/high ,- higher then me,- and I m 170 cm 😊. And yes,- I m a bit proud if this wall-painting too,- painted for over 2 years ago 🎨. On Natasja and Klaus wall.

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