The thing is….Im not a seller πŸ˜…

Hi❣ So nice to see you, like always 😊. I hope all is fine with you πŸ’›

Im not a seller,- and I m not sure how I can be a good seller rather 😊. Special when it comes to my paitings πŸ–Ό(or actually other things .)

In the beginning of my blogging I did stressed a bit with “how to sell “my self” and how to get someone to read my blogg.

Im not stressing any more with “selling” my blogg, and how to do it. Here in my blogg I have decided to “just be me”, with some “bumps and shining”, things and thoughts, life and experience,- and thats it. Its just me,- the good variation and sometimes the not to good variation of my self πŸ˜….

And so fare it has actually went supricely good,- so Thank you so much for reading my blogg πŸ’› Im very greatful for that ❣And its inspiring me to write more 😊.

But when it comes to my paintings πŸ˜…,- Im actually not sure how to do it,- but maybe the solution just will come one day? I dont even know how to price my paintings. Maybe I can try to get some good advice ? If you have some,- please let me know,- because in “this area” Im not very creative,- at least not at the moment 😊.

I m going to get an email connected to my blog,- but it will probably not be before of the end of August. In August Im going to be a bit “juggler” between work, blogging and last but not at least, take good care of my holiday-guestes from Norway 😊.

This painting was one of my favourite paintings for a while,- now I can “give” it to someone else that maybe will have the same joy I have had from this painting 😊 I havd called it “My heart in Paris ” and the size is 40*50 cm.

I have sold some paintings, and I have give some away in presents,- and I have also through away some.

I have favourite paintings (and even some emotional feelings for them),- at the same time they, the feelings, changes after I have created a new one. So in a way nearly all my paitings in one or another way are a favourite paitning with some of my feelings in,- but at the same time I m after a while not “emotional connected” to them. And have no problems to give (or sell) them 😊.

Normally I have good and happy feelings, feel relaxed and joy, when Im painting,- and I hope the once that “get” some of my paintings will get and have the same feelings I haveπŸ’›. That my #paintings will bring them #joy and #happiness.

Today in the 5-days Insta-challenge it was to make an Insta IG TV (for 2 to 10 min.,- but thats not going to happen from me today at all ),- and I cant do that 😊. I havent even made a “movie” of/by/ about my self never ever ,- and “put” ” out there” in this online world, and on the stories at Instagram or Facebook πŸ˜…. But one time needs to be the first,- and well,- that first time for me is actually today 😁. But I need to edmite that I m actually a bit nervous πŸ˜‹. Yesterday was my second day in my life to put a story at this social media “stories” ,- but now when I have done it, I can do it again 😊.

So I just create a very, very short “presentation” of my self today insted 😊.

Phu Ha! ,- I did made it,- so it will be better next time 😊. And I was so tired too 😊,- but okay,- thats life 😊.

But to be honest,- it was a bit “scary” and I was a bit nervous,- but okay,- thats the way it is. I have any way learned a tiny bit more about #myself,- I can actually do this too,- make a “movie” now and then. And with some “exercise” it can be, and I will probably be better, to do this “movie- thing” too 😁. Its all about to “expose” my self this 5-days Insta-challenge,- and I really did that today too πŸ˜….

I wish you a great day or evening,- and see you soon πŸ’›. Good thoughts from me to you all πŸ’›.

This is one of my favourite paintings at the moment,- and for me its about wealth and health 😊. The size is 30*30 cm.

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