In “process ” πŸ˜Š

Hi❣ its always nice to see you 😊 I hope all is fine with you πŸ’›

Do you feel you are in “process” in your life? Or just standing still?

I feel Im in “process” ,- even I dont know where the “process” is taken me 😊,- and even the steps is small and modt of the time in “turtle-speed” 🐒. But “process is process ” for me 😊.

Its allready August,- and what I can say is that July was not to bad, better then the first part of 2019,- but still not the way I want to live my life,- and thats a part of “my process” – to find good “solutions” to how I want to live my life 😊.

Its also the next last day in the 5-days Insta-challenge by Gry Sinding today, and I did suprice my self a bit yesterday, and special exposed my self. That’s a process too 😊. Today the “subject” is “a sales-post”, but still not “be a seller” 😊. Im actually not sure how to do that one 😊. Anyway,- I m actually happy with the “things” I have manage so fare in this “challenge” 😊.

Last time I was in this “challenge” I became more comfortable with “put” different pictures and photos of my self “online”,- and also to be a bit more “open” in my blogg 😊.

This time its to “deliver” even more “myself” ” out there “,- and for me,- also to learn to give a bit more “shit” about what other people can or will think about me πŸ˜…. Its not easy,- but normally most people are actually to busy with their own lifes ,- and normally people is nice πŸ’›. Most of the time,- but there will always be someone that forget “their glass-houses”,- and this “what can happen with everyone else, can also happen to you“. In both good and bad ways .

This is a “subject” I m going to focus a bit on later in some other of my posts . Its a “subject” that is importen for me,- like some other “subjects” are 😊.

So,- I still have a lots to write about snd share a bit 😊.

This painting has also been onecof my favourites 😊 I did paint it in 2016, and its called “Heart with lifestones”. The size is 24*30 cm.

I think most of us have this feeling and this experience in life,- that sometimes the heart get some “heavy” lifestones to carry. But its a part of a “process” too, and life-experience to learn to handle this stones πŸ’›. Its not easy, but on the other hand,- the lifestones also #create a #beautiful #heart.

Some of my lifestones in my heart has been incredibly heavy to carry,- but after a while I have learn to ser the “beauty” in some of them πŸ’›. And that is also a part of being in “process” to learn to see the “beauty” in difficult “situations” and challenge situations in life πŸ’›.

This painting is called “Soft relaxing spring-morning in blue”,- the size is 20*30 cm.

Sometimes we just need a morning or two,- a soft one, a relaxed one ,- to just “short out” some of the “lifestones in our heart”.

I did tell you that I did find a job as an translator and writer job that sounds very interesting, and something I actually want to do,- and I did send in my application and CV for it as well.

The job sounds still very interesting and I was also called in to an interview…..but I said no thank you.

At the moment I cant “gamble” to much. And the working- hours at that job is the same as I have now,- 9 hours pr day, 5 days a week. And the salary was, unfortunately, 200- 300 euro lower pr month then the salary I have where Im working now. So,- at this point, where I m in my life,- I need to just wait. If I haven’t had the “experience” from the first part if this year I have probably “went for the job “. But Im not “putting” myself or my child in that “situation” again. Other solutions will come.

But yes,- I need to edmite that the job sounds like something I really, really would enjoyed to work with.

Sometimes its about the #living, a living that maybe is not to much fun and joyful to do, for getting a “life” ,- and Im there at the moment 😊. And that is a part of my “process” too 😊.

I hope your “#process” in your life is working well for you,- even if it goes in “turtle-speed” 🐒 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening where ever in the world you are πŸ’›. And Thank you so much for reading my blogg ❣

See you soon πŸ’›.

This painting is called “Fun with balloons”, and it was also very fun to create it 😊🎈. The size is 40*30 cm,- and are one of my favourite paintings at the moment 😊. I think its because its also remind my about being “in process” in its own way πŸ’›.

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