My good “motto” πŸ’›

Hi ❣Its always so nice to see you 😊 I hope all is fine with you πŸ’›

I have a “motto” I m using when things and stuff in life is a bit “stucked” . My children has been growing up with it and heard it so many times that the motto and saying is actually more in their blood, belive and heart then it is in my blood, belive and heart. At the same time I belive in my words,- if not I have probably not been using them so much 😊. But my children truly belive in my “saying”,- and lives by it,- special in difficult situations. Something thats make my really happy πŸ’›.

“Everything will be okay” or “Everything will be fine”.

Its depends a bit of the “situations” Im in is physically or mental/ emotinoal.

Do you have a “saying” or “motto” you use in different situations in your life thats give you comfort, and in its own way make you feel #happy and “safe”? πŸ’›

The thing is,- normally we “think” our challenges many times and so much bigger then they actually are. Not always, but most of the time. So our challenges get very big in our head, but in the real life it is solutions fir them,- in one or an other way 😊. Its not just always easy to see the solutions, and sometimes you also need to be a bit patient before the solution comes,- at least I need to be patient πŸ˜…. Something Im not always is,- when it comes to my self.

I know I need to, really need to be patient with my self when it comes to my life, my “work” and my “lifestyle”. I know that solutions and changes, other possibility will come,- I just wanted to have them yesterday πŸ˜…. But thing takes times,- special good things,- so then they last longer as well πŸ’›.

This painting is one of my favourite at the moment because its remind me that “everything” will be fine 😊. The size is 30*30 cm.

Its the #colour and the heart thats brings and gives this good feelings to me.

In its own way its “silent” and joy, hope and #peace in this painting,- and also a “touch” of patient πŸ’›.

Its like #postive attract #postive,- and negative attract negative ,- things, thoughts and happenings in life. But its not easy to live by always,- to change the focus,- but its possible,- thats for sure πŸ’›.

But if you are “stucked” in a way in a bad “sirkle” its difficult to “leave” this. In its own way it feels “safe” ti be “stucked in the negativety” becasue its something you know and something that is “familiar”. New changes is not “familiar”, and can also be a bit “scary” ,- even its good and postive changes. But you are not familiar with them.

At least its liks that for me, to be honest,- the negative is familiar so I just “stay” there πŸ˜…. Stupid,- yes! But, unfortunately, true.

I have a “bad hapit” to be “stucked” in to “wrong and negative direction ” sometimes,- but when I really focus to change it to be positive its normally does. But easy to do? No,- not in the beginning,- its like bad rutines that you have had “forever” that needs to be changed 😊. Its the same with negative thoughts and feelings too. It takes a tiby bit tine to change them 😊.

This painting remind me about the negatives poles. I like this painting too,- even its a bit “dark” and negative,- its still a lovely flower thats remind my about being positive 😊. The size is 20*20 cm. The negative needs to be in small sizes you know πŸ˜‰.

I was going to start a 21/ 90 “#challenge” for my self in the beginning of July. It takes 21 days to change a habit, and 90 days to change #lifestyle 😊. And that was my plan,- but then I got this new job,- and needed to put most of my time, energy and focus on this 😊. So I m still a bit “delayed” with this one,- but I actually belive that when I have changed a daily hapit in my life, the lifestyle I m working for and dreaming on will be closer to me 😊. But one step at the time,- first get some better daily rutines, then change a daily hapit or two 😊. I cant do “everything” at the same time any way 😊. And a daily habit can be a bit difficult thing to change as well because its “familiar ” and a part of the daily life as well.

Well,- a bit “bla-bla-bla” from me today,- but it is “bla-bla-bla” that I truly believe in πŸ’›, and the “subject” for the 5. and last day of the 5-days Insta-challenge was to put the focus on a importen “motto” and saying for me. And “Everything will be okay” ,- says actually a lot just with this few 4 words for me,- and are not just importen for me, but also for my 3 children πŸ’›. Anc maybe it can be important for you too?

I hope everthing is fine with you πŸ’› ,- and thank you so much for “dropping” by today too πŸ’›.

I wish you a great day or evening where ever in the world you are πŸ’›

See you soon πŸ’›

My motto gives me peace in my soul and believes that eveything will be just fine,- I just need to be patient πŸ’›.

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