A bit yoga “here and there and everywhere” 😊 πŸ˜‰

Hi❣ So nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you πŸ’›

I m “doing” some #yoga – exercises after my #work-out. Its good for both the #body and the #soul and the #mind too,- and we can use yoga-exercises to different purposes……”here and there and everywhere” πŸ˜‰. Its for the body, the mind, the face and ….a bit more too….πŸ˜‰…

I use yoga more for physical exercise of my body after my workout, because for me I think it’s a great way to end my workout. For me its the restituent, focus and not at least the calm in the mind that is important to me. And of course,- I m getting older and more focussed to take care of my body then I have been before 😊. ( and I m still single,- so to be a bit in shape maybe doesn’t “hurt” in “the hunt” after a boyfriend πŸ˜…).

Its also good exercises for the mind to do yoga. Its good for the concentration and as discipline over body and the mind.

Im a bit “out of focus” at the moment πŸ˜…. Its a bit difficult to juggle between to be a good hostess, go to work, do my workout regular, clean the house, do the shopping, wash clothes, make food,- and prepare for the next lovely summer-guests 😊. Its like this 24 hours in for a day has shrunked lately πŸ˜….

So when I was doing my yoga today I was quite not in the balance Im normally are in πŸ˜…. I think I m a bit tired 😊.

Here Im ,- seriously “out of focus” after trying to do my yoga-exercises πŸ˜….

I think the best for me now is to put the focus in a bit different “possision” for the next weeks,- and for my last holiday-guestes,- and my self as well 😊. Just “put” my normal work-out “on hold” for a bit,- and find some good and “easy” other training substitutes insted 😊.

But,- yoga is obviously importen to do for more then just my body and the mind.

Then it is #faceyoga too 😊. I havent heard about it before for around 2 months ago – when I was in the first 5-days Insta-challenge. There I did “meet” a woman at Instagram, thats actually doing and working with faceyoga. And I m very impressed 😊. And since I m still getting older,- I did find this interesting. Its cheaper then a facelift,- thats for sure,- and its seems to work a bit as well.

I can not very much about faceyoga at all,- but what I do know is that its anti-aging training for the face, and it is like a “workout” for muscles and structure in the face, and it can prevent skin clause and improve skin quality 😊. Of course I m very interesting in this then 😍.

But where to put/take/ use the time? If I should have any effect of faceyoga as well, I need to learn a bit more, learn some effective training-tips, and I needs to do it regulary. And when I did read about it, how much time to be using in the beginning of faceyoga-training, it was recommend to use around 30 min. every day in the beginning πŸ€”. Where to take the time?

Or,- since its a kind of massages for the face,- maybe I can just use my tiny little massages- robot on my face,- and get a “quick fix”? πŸ˜…

Well,- something to put i my “to-do-list” for September then 😊. At least I can try 😊.

My fancy pink massage-robot,- and me,- trying faceyoga πŸ˜……..no,- I m just kidding with you,- I have not very much knowledge about faceyoga at all 😊.

But,- yes,- I m going to find a bit more out about this,- next month,- not this month 😊.

But it doesn’t stop here all this good yoga for the body and the mind, and these “relaxed” muscles that comes with the age πŸ˜› …… and then probably with good help from the gravity too !!! πŸ˜›….. it almost seems as if – the longer gravity has received a little “input” into my life and body, the more muscles become relaxed and “pulled” out of their youthful and fine positions πŸ€”.

I don’t quite know what to think about gravity and getting older. In my mind thise two do not quite belong together I think ….. and one thing is for sure,- they do not cooperate……and it’s a lots of work to keep different shapes in place I have to say. No wonder why someone chooses plastic surgery πŸ˜‰.

Because then its also #vagina-yoga too,- just in case. Its to keep the vagina “in shape” ,- special after giving birth to couple of kids too,- and yes,- the age has also a tiny impact here as well. And also to keep up the sex-life as well, when the gravity and age “work together”

Because this “laxity” ,- (Im not rather sure if that’s correct word πŸ€”) ,- but any way,- with the age and also after some births the vagina need to have some “exercises” too. If not, the vagina can get a bit to “relaxed”.

The manly reason for doing vagina-yoga is so there will be no urinary leaks when you get older, and so that your uterus and things like that, does not suddenly lie in your panties one day. And like I did mention,- the sex-life.

Sounds very awful, and not fun at all to get “things” in the panties πŸ˜₯.

So when I did get my first child in age 21, my doctor and my midwife actually told me about this things,- and then I went to buy some small metal balls, and taught me some squeeze drills. Just for doing some vagina-exercises. One thing was for sure,- I didnt want to have anything of this things in my panties one day πŸ˜₯ πŸ˜….

There are different “toys” to use to vagina-yoga,- also Jade Egg and more too, just to keep the vagina in shape 😊.

This is NOT Jade-egg,- but normal eggs. I dont know where my metal-balls are, and I haven’t actually use them for ….hmmm…..have no idea. I havent given them to many thoughts for a very long time, to be honest. But I m trying to use this 10 daily min. for some squeeze drills,- but….I do forget that too sometimes πŸ˜₯. So,- probably the best will be to buy some new one, metall-balls or a vagina-egg of any kind. So I do remember the “vagina-exercises” too 😁. In case, you know πŸ˜‰.

Its not easy to getting older thats for sure,- and still try keep the body, the mind, the face and the sexual life “up and running” πŸ˜…. It takes a bit time here and there to do the different types of exercises 😊, and to remember to do them as well. Its nearly a day of work to just stay in shape “here and there and everywhere” πŸ˜‰.

No,- I m just kidding,- at the same time its a tiny “truth with some modifications” 😊.

One thing is for sure,- yoga is usefull for the body in different areas as well as for the mind 😊.

So its just to try to “keep going” and try to be a bit in shape “here and there ” πŸ˜€.

Me,- well done and finish with todays body-yoga (need to be precise here πŸ˜…) 😊. The faceyoga I need to focus on an other time,- and the vagina-yoga,- well,- I still dont want to have “things” falling into my panties 😊.

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