Friends and friendship πŸ˜ŠπŸŒΌ

Hi ❣ So nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you πŸ’›

Yesterday was a “girls-evening” ,- or a friendly “chat-up” with one of my best friends here in Spain ,- Natasja 😊.

Our “plan” was to have a “chat-up”- afternoon at least one evening every month 😊. But its not always things goes the way you plan,- have you read that one before πŸ˜… ?

I’ts the high-season at Natasja and her husband, Klaus, cafΓ© Casa Barella in La Cala,- and I have been busy with new job and a “couple” of holiday-guestes 😊. And then the days goes by.

But yesterday we both was available to get a really good “chat-up” with a lots of laughter, good talks and great food πŸ’›.

A really tasty steak with pepper-sauce and home-made potato-salat 😍.

The food at Casa Barella/ La Cala is so tastyfull, and its a lots of food as well and the service is great too ,- and its not expensive at all to eat and drink there. I really recommend you to visit the cafe if you are in La Cala 😊. I often take my holiday-guestes from Norway for a visit here 😊.

Great friends is gold worth πŸ’›,- and for me like a part of my family. And I feel so grateful for my friends,- like Natasja and a couple of more,- both in Spain and in Norway πŸ’›. And in a way I also feel you are like my friend too,- and I like that 😊.

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Its not like its totally “silent” between Natasja and me when its busy days. We send some “catch-up” chats at what’s up,- just to keep each other a bit “up-dated” in each others lifes during busy days 😊. But its so much better to meet now and then for good and long conversations 😊.

A girl-evening “out” in our age is a bit different from 20 years ago πŸ˜…. A bit more relaxed in a way,- but still very fun with a lots of laughing πŸ˜….

Natasja and me,- a great and fun “girls-evening” “out” yesterday πŸ˜….

The word “out” is also a bit different now then for 20 years ago. 20 years ago its was more like a “party-party” evening,- now its more like a “chat-up, talk and good food” – evening. But,- we can still do a bit “party-party” now and then too, – once or twice a year πŸ˜…. We are getting older πŸ˜‰.

So what do you think we talk about? 😊. What is a “girls-evening” “out” ?

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Its to meet a nice anx coxy place for long and good conversations 😊. And we talk about “everything in our life, different “events” and “happenings”, its about food and household, its about our children, our dreams, interested and goals. Its a tiny bit about men πŸ˜‰ ,- her Klaus and me “not-existing” boyfriend πŸ˜…. Its about travelling and getting older. Even skin-care what was of the “subjects” yesterday,- and body-care,- and a bit about how to be “young” a bit longer 😊. Because we actually feel a bit young, but then its a “age-number”, birtdays, that give us a tiny remebering about our age,- and the mirror πŸ˜…. We do talk more or less about “everything” thats important for us and in our life. Good things, and a bit sad things, fun things and a bit about how to find solutions for difficult things in life 😊.

I feel so lucky that have Natasja in my life,- and I feel so lucky that have some other good friends in Norway as well as in Spain πŸ’› (and you too in my life 😊).

Next week one of my best friends from Norway is coming for visiting me,- and I m really looking forward to see her again. You will probably not hear/ read very much about her, or “see” her here in my blog,- because she prefer to not be “a part of it” ,- something I, if course, do respect. We are all different 😊. But still she is a important part of my life 😊,- something my blog has become too. But its possible for me to separate this part,- and still have both 😊.

It doesn’t matter for me, any way,- whats matter for me is our friendship πŸ’›. And we have actually been friends for over 39 years,- and there this “number” was again ,- the “number” that make me feel a bit “old” πŸ˜…. 39 years,- its a nearly “a life” 😊.

Both,- Natasja and my norwegian friend thats coming here next week, know more or less “everything” about me and my life. I think,- if there is something they don’t know about me its probably not worth to know about me rather πŸ˜….

Friendship for me is about trust and honestly, respect and accept. Respect and accept the different between us, and be able to be “who you are” without any kind judgement. And I have some friends I can be just “me” togheter with,- and it’s so liberating πŸ’›. To be able to cry or laugh with, be fun and serious togheter with. Friends and friendship,- some close and important people,- without any kind of “judgement” ,- and a lots of support when life gives you a “buddle of lemons”.

I have both women and some few men in my life I consider as good friends πŸ’›. And in some strange way I also feel you are my friend too πŸ’›.

I hope you have some good friends in your #life too πŸ’› ,- some friends that just are there for you (and you for them) no matter what life gives you of lemons or sugar πŸ’›.

I wish you a great day or evening where ever in the world you are πŸ’›.

See you soon πŸ’›


PS 1- the “circus” at work,- I choose to ignore it,-to do the best of it insted,- I have a much better day then 😊

PS 2- I know I have some written mistakes “now and then” in my posts,- my “excuse” is still,- I m #norwegian,- not navity english πŸ˜‰ so please see the “sharm” in it insted,- and I will be better,- little by little 😊. And I hope you can “forgive” my written-mistakes 😊. Im trying to do my best 😊

Natasja and me from our “girls-evening” yesterday 😊. And she wants to be a part in my life here in my blog too,- something I think its great πŸ’›.

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