“Welcome to….” 🎧☎️

Hi❣ So nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you πŸ’›

You know,- most if us need to take a #call or two know and then to…..a callsenter to get some advice or help😊,- but mostly no one think they are calling to a “callsenter”…..based in other place in the #world. We think we are calling directly to the #company we want to talk to in the country we are in 🌏.

And other tiny little thing,- many of us,- even me,- have or had negative thoughts and “impression” about the name “callsenter”. Why? Well,- I cant “talk” or answare for “everyone else “,- but for me it was the “sales-calls”.

I did get this negative impression of a #callsenter years back,- when many of the calls I did get at my private phone was from a callsenter, and about “sales”,- or in my situation,- “someone that wanted me to buy something…. I actually didn’t needed or wanted to have “….or even I didnt effort to have. And it was actually very annoying.

But after a while, in #Norway, we did get the possibility to “block” phonesales. And, yes, I did block it,- and didnt regret that at all. My phone became a bit more “silent” πŸ˜…. (but, unfortunately, this also gave someone else a bit less to do, less work, less income πŸ˜” ).

A callsenter is a bit more, actually very much more then #sales. Most of the time is about #customer- service in so many different ways and areas. It is a costumer-service- senter you call to 😊…..not a “callsenter”,- when you need some kind of help to some kind of #products. And the person you meet “behind” the phone’s job, is to help you out, find solutions or answare your #questions 😊.

When a #norwegian one calls for a car-rescue in the middle of the norwegian mountains, in the biggest snow-storm, he or she, actually take the call the to a callsenter,- …..and the callsenter is normally not based in Norway,- for getting some help to the car 🚘.

Or if you need some kind of support to your mobilephone or internet, Netflix or “what ever”, most of the times the calls goes directly to an other #country, but most of the times you still speak to some one that speaks your own language πŸ“žπŸ’».

If you need to re-book or cancel your trip, work-travel or holiday-flight you can do this online, or take a call to a callsenter and get some help from a person behind the phone, to re-book or cancel your flight, or your hotel✈.

If you need some kind of help or have any questions to a money-account like PayPal, Skrill or Neteller ect. its a callsenter, or a chat at a callsenter….not based in the country you are in, that helps you out, or answare your questions πŸ’±. Or even sometimes its like this when you do a call to your “normal” bank-account.

Have you ever thought about this? That you most of the times in different situations, like I now have mention, you are not making a call to someone that are in the same country you are in,- it is actually to “callsenter”.

I didn’t think very much about this before I actually did started to work at a callsenter/ costumer-service-senter my self in 2014 ( and I did work there to until 2016).

It was for different types of trips to Turkey. The “callers” was norwegian, based in Norway and they did make the phonecall from Norway too, and they did speak norwegian. And they did “met” me on the phone, who also did speak norwegian. But I was based in Malaga/Spain, and I did booked trips, cancel trips, re-booked trips, did answare different questions about the trips for and to the costumers. And yes,- sometimes I did get yelled at too πŸ˜……..from not to happy customers 🌞 .

But the costumer-service I did for the costumer was “based” in an other country, at the same time it felt for the costumer like I was “just around the corner” in the same country as the costumer him or her self was 😊.

It is like this for many companies in Europe, and the world in general. The costumer-service-senter is normally not based in the country you are in 😊. Why? Because it is cheaper to have this kind of costumer-service in a other country for the owner of the company.

And then,- an other tiny little thing,- this negative impression,- ” he or she are just working at a callsenter”. (This kind of “expressions” annoys me a bit!)

Why is it just? It is a JOB, and a lots of people are actually enjoying this kind of work too (unfortunately, I’m not one of them who are enjoying it).

But it is nothing wrong with working at a callsenter, or like I use to like call it,- a costumer-service-senter. Its a “costumer-service” job like working at a store or something else where the job is to “please” the costumers, help the costumer in one or another way. It is about to do good costumer-service for the costumer,- answare questions, find solutions 😊. The different is the “phone”,- you get the help through the phone ☎️ 🎧.

So!,- It is NOT JUST 😊. It is a job,- a job that a lots of people are doing every single day,- to “help out” the costumer,- in different areas, and with different products, and with different questions. And do you know what,- most of the time,- the costumer are actually you 😊.

Student 2017

So,- a callsenter is actually a costumer-service-senter,- normally not based in the country you are in 😊. And there is nothing wrong or negative to be working at a costumer-service-senter either 😊. It is a costumer-service job on the phone πŸ˜ŠπŸ“ž πŸ’». And because of the todays technologies its possible to do this kind of costumer-service in and from a other country – and yes,- it is a cheaper solutions for the company’s owner to give the costumer a good service this way 😊.

And – there are no ” just working at a callsenter”,- it is actually a very decent job many people enjoy to have and to do ….. for you 😊. And its also a job that not “fits” for “everyone” either 😊. Like for example to be a doctor or a teacher, a seller or to work in homenursery,- this is not either jobs that “fits” for everyone 😊. And not “just a…..” either.

I actually want you to think a bit about this 😊. That the call you take for getting some kind of help for many kind of products are NOT JUST to a callsenter,- it is a “normal” job,- ( what is the definition for an normal job is an other thing and probably various from person to person 😊) , but for many people, behind the phone, that normally are based in an other country,- this kind of job are theier daily job 😊. And there are people behind this phones that do “what ever” they can for you, – “the costumer “, every day,- so you can get good costumer-service for your questions and the help you did need 😊.

And yes,- I m a bit “tired” if the “expression” – “just a callsenter” πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜….

This was my todays “heartbeat” πŸ˜…,- probably because I know so maby great people around me ( including me at the moment πŸ˜…) that work at a costumer-service-senter, and are doing an excellent job for you, as well as for me, -but still they hear they are “just working at a callsenter” from so many others. That is so not correct,- they are not just working at a callsenter at all 😊. Did I repeated myself a bit today? I know,- I did it on purpose πŸ˜….

Thank you so much for “hanging” around with me πŸ’›, reading my posts,- and “heartbeats” now and then too πŸ˜…,- and ,- yes! ,- you are doing my days as well 😘. And I m very greatful for having you around πŸ’›.

I wish you a great day or evening where ever in the world you are πŸ’›

See you soon πŸ’›

A bit annoyed , but still very happy “me” 😊 πŸ’›….

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