The phenomenon of “storing clothes on the floor”

Hi ❣Its so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 💛.

Most of us that has been living or are still living with a #teenager in the house/ #home knows about this “#famous phenomenon” of “storing #clothes on the floor”.

I have not quite understood it,- and to be honest, I cant remeber that I did used the floor as a kind of “storing for my clothes” when I was a teenager either 😊. I normally likes to have things around me a bit #orginazied,- also my clothes 😊.

I have been wondering a bit about what kind of “#function” the floor has for Mathilde’s clothes 😅. But not found any good answare, before today.

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Today when I did asked Mathilde to put her clothes for washing in the basket, I slowly did started to understand her “#concept”.

Normally she needs to wash her own clothes,- but its busy days for both of us at the moment . So its a bit better to fill up 2 machines with clothes then 4 with not to much clothes. And its faster, cheaper and more effective.

But it was supricely few clothes that went into the basket for “clothes that need a wash” from her floor 😅.

Have you ever wonder what kind of function the floor has for your teenager’s clothes ? 🤔

The “concept” “floor-wardrobe” in our home 😊

Mathilde has a perfectly good #wardrobe,- and supricely enough its actually clothes in it too 😅.

But its still a lots of clothes on the floor and in the chair in her bedroom.

This is clothes that are actually “to dirty” to get back in the wardrobe, but still to clean to put in the washing-mashine 😅.

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So,- it was a very “easy” $solution/ explanation for the phenomenon of “storing clothes on the floor”. At least here in our home 😅. What kind of “#explanation” do your teenager, if you have a teenager in your home, for the clothes on the floor? 👖👗👔👚👟

A “easy” one like my daughter, or is it a bit more “complicated” one ? 😊

I m a tiny bit looking forward to the day when she knows that it is possible to put clothes that are “to clean to wash” back in the wardrobe 😅. And that it is actually a “easy” to do it too 😊. But she have probably a “#system” I still not yet understand 😊.

This was just a tiny, short everyday “drop in” about living with a teenager,-at least in my home 😊.


I wish you a great day or evening where ever in the world you are 💛

See you soon 💛

Clean clothes that hopefully will be in the wardrobe and not on the floor 😅

One thought on “The phenomenon of “storing clothes on the floor”

  1. I do not understand this myself. But the teenagers seem to revel in it, especially my daughter. I never did it and it confuses me to no end.
    But you have made some valid points here.


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