“How can I help you?” πŸ˜ŠπŸŽ§

Hi ❣Its so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you πŸ’›

Suprice- #suprice ,- Im working at a “#callsenter” at the moment (back in “#business” again πŸ™„….) ,– as you probably has understood 😊. So Im working as an “costumer-service- #consulent” at a “callsenter”.

Its actually not importen where I m working, or for what #company ,- because the job is more or less the same for normally most of the #products you can and will get help to by calling to a “callsenter”.

The differents are in general the products, the #information, of course, the data-programmes that are used,- and the working-rulse from #country to country. But the calls are more or less the same.

The calls start with “Welcome to…. My name is……How can I help you? 😊” And then it is the costumer with his or her questions, and me with some kind of answers 😊. So it is a bit or a lot “bla-bla-bla” in between 😊.

After , when I think or get an impression that the #costumer is “finish”, the calls “ends” with “Are there more I can help you with, or do you have any other questions ? ” “Yes/no”. Mabye it will be a bit more “bla-bla-bla”,- it depends if it was a yes or no πŸ˜‰. And then “Thank you for calling. Wish you a great day. Goodbye.” 😊 Does it sounds familiar,- if you have done some calls to a callsenter? 😊

It is about to be #polite to the customer, find solutions, help the costumer as best you can,- and last but,- very important,- do a so good call that the costumer will give you the highest score. And this one is important to get as an costumer-service- consulent. It can give you a #bonus on your #salary.

So to be honest,- if you , as costumer, are very #happy with the #service you did get from the costumer-service- consulent, give a high score, if not, dont give any at all 😊. Or if you give a low score the callsenter can call you up again and ask why you did gave a low score,- and sometimes give you a better “costumer-service” then you did get in the first call.

I know many costumers dont like this “score-system”, even me, when I m the costumer 😊.

But thats the way it is. I normally dont give any score, or maybe, if I m very happy with the service, I give a #high #score.

Its not a very difficult $job when you have learned how to use the different types of #programs and can a bit about the #products you are working for,- but, unfortunately, this is not a job I fell very comfortable in.

I get costumers “in my ear” “all day long” πŸ˜…. And it gives me a bit headache every day. A real one,- not like an “expression”- kind of headeach. I dont like to wear headset for so many hours either πŸ˜…. And,- when I m back home after doing this for 8 hours, because we have a break and two during the #workingday, I m in a way “finish” with talking to people πŸ˜…. I just want it to be a bit in “silent”.

It can be very noisy at a callsenter and to work at a callsenter , because we are several phone-agents in the same area on the phone at the same time.

Some people or costumer-service-consultant dont mind to have costumers “in the ear all day”. And they dont mind to work with 30- 50 people around them. They really enjoy this kind of #work,- and some are a bit more like me,- get a bit tired and need some kind of various work during the day 😊.

I can be home and write for “hours”,- but I have also the possibility to “move around” a bit then 😊. Its not the best working-possision for the body to be sitting in a chair in front of the computer for so many hours. Not for me, at least. And of course,- I do like that kind of work much better- to write, to #create 😊.

But its good we are different,- if not,- there wouldn’t be any costumer-service- senter to help out the costumers 😊.

At the moment this is a job I need to do,- so I can get what I want to have 😊. And I m doing the best I can for “you”,- the costumer 😊 (and yes, not to brags,- but I get high scores from the costumers 😊 ). I m not “created” to do a “bad” job,- even when to work is not “my kind of job” 😊.

Student 2017

To be a costumer-service- consulent is not a bad job, and to work at a “callsenter” is not a bad working-place 😊. Its not just a job for me, it’s not a job I feel comfortable in, its not a job I can imagen be in “forever”.

And thats the way it is 😊. We are all different and “created” to be good in different areas in work-situation and in life-situations 😊. Its actually not very much more complicated then that 😊. And thats a very good thing 😊.

Imagen how boring “the world” would be if we all was “the same kind” in “all areas” 😊.

So,- now you know a bit more about my work, the job I do at the moment 😊. Maybe its me you are talking with next time you call a costumer-service-senter 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening where ever in the world you are πŸ’› Thank you so much for reading my #blogg, and dropping by today too πŸ’›.

See you soon πŸ’›

Here Im with my “headset”, ready to give you a good costumer-service 😊. ( well,- the photos is just “created” to the text today 😊)

Ps- by the way,- I m going to meet “my American man” this evening πŸ˜‰….and Im really looking forward to see him again – its 6 months since I did see him last time 😊. ( the text-flirting with this spanish one is over,- but it was a nice “put in” to my days for a short while and a really innocent flirt 😊)

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