It feels a bit “unreal” 😍

Hi ❣ Its so nice to see you again 😊 I hope all is fine with you πŸ’›

I did meet Jeff again on Friday evening,- and it was so nice to see him again. Really, really good πŸ’›.

Last time I did meet him was in January this year ,- and that was not quiet “the best meeting” between us,- but I have at this point choose to let that one go. We cant go back to “the past” and “change” it any way 😊.

Nothing “bad” happen, but the contact and meeting between us was “strange” if I can use that word. I actually did feel I was like “number 10 in line” at that point πŸ˜…. So I did “slow down” a bit on the contact with him.

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The “relation” between us has been very different and strange from what I m use to when I meet “some one” I becomes serious interested in. Its over a year since we met first time here in Spain,- but since I m living here in Spain and he, at that time was living in USA, the contact between us has been a bit “commeci-commeca” the last year 😊.

The time-different between us has been one thing, our different work-situations an other,- and the question “if he would get his spanish visa” also a factor.

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And we are two different people with different experience in life, also when it comes to the relation between woman and man. Something that means we actually “act” a bit different too. And,- yes,- it is a bit “culture- difference” between us πŸ˜…. Probably more for him then me,- because “we- here in Europe” has got a lots of “input” by different media- channels (film, songs, social channels ect) about “how the American culture in different areas are”. But the other way around,- not so much 😊. So what I m use too in a “relation”, as well as my imagination, is a bit different from his. And an tiny little other thing,- I m a woman- he is a man πŸ˜…. So we also have a bit different “ways to act and understand” each other. My “understanding” of him is not always “correctly,- and “visa- versa” 😊.

But,- now he has moved to Spain,- and it feels so good 😍 at the same time so unreal 😊,- and a bit “scary” too. Now its the time for “us” to get to know each other for real. My “imagination” of him can be “wrong”,- and of course his “imagination” of me too. We dont know each other yet,- we just know we like each other very much πŸ’›.

The time we did spend togheter last summer was great,- and the good thing was,- that the “contact and chemistry” we did have last summer in a strange and good way was “back home again” on Friday 😍.

What will happen between us further I dont know. But at the moment we are in a relation, and we are now going to have the possibility to get to know each other.

He told me he didnt want “to share me” with an other man,- and well to be honest,- I m not interested “to share him” with another woman either πŸ˜…. I dont like that kind “of sharing- game”. I m not a sweet and tasty cake πŸ˜…. And I dont like to “share” when I m in a relation either. So,- he is going to “have me” totally for him self πŸ˜‰. (….and I hope I will have him totally for me self too 😍).

Now it is our time to get to know each other for real, in the real life ….in Spain πŸ’›πŸ˜Š.

Im glad I didnt “put my life in hold” totally this last year for him. And that was not the point either,- because what if he didnt got the visa? But yes,- I did wait for him last autumn,- because he did ask me if I would wait for him, and he told me he should come back again last October,- something he didnt do.

Insted he did used his last “visa-weeks” for 2018 on a american friend in Asia. Now I can understand him, at that time I didnt at all. But when he did have his american tourist- visa he was just allowed to travel a certain number of weeks/ months per year outside USA. Rules Im not use to or actually dont know about, because I m an European. So,- yes,- I do understand that he wanted to meet his friend when he had the “opportunity” to do that. But no,- I didnt like it at that time,- at all πŸ˜…. And an other thing,- we did think a bit different on “our relation” at that time too.

After October I did stop waiting and started to ” live my life”. Something I don’t regret at all. I was at that time not in a “relation” with him… least not in my head. And I have learn a couple of things about my self (and men πŸ˜…) during the last year too 😊.

But,- I didnt forget him,- and I dont know why. Its like my heart didnt forget him, but my mind did try too.

I know he is here in Spain now, and I know he has moved to Spain, he is going to stay here, and I had a great meeting with him on Friday,- but still “everything” feels a bit “unreal” πŸ’›. Like “a dream that has come true” ❣

Maybe it feels unreal because of the time? From last summer to this summer? And small “happenings” like different “expectation” to each other during the last year? Im not sure,- and its not importen now,- it will any way be and feels “real” that he is “just around the corner ” πŸ˜‹. It just take a bit time now in the beginning to actually understand that he is here 😊.

My heart says “go for it”❀,- my head “mess” a bit with me,- and gives me some reminders about “my not to good “experience” with men” πŸ€”.

Those “reminders” will probably be in “my head” for a while – but I think its importen for my to try not to “live by them” or give them to much focus.

Because,- if I do, I actually can “create” a bad “setting” between us. Then its easily can become “a kind of truth” this “not to good experience” I have with men. And I don’t want to do that 😊 πŸ’›.

But a tiny, silent “reminder” will probably be there, in my head, for a while, now in the beginning of “our relation” , as a kind of “protection” for my heart and feelings 😊. And I think that’s natural when you have some bad experience from the past.

Im really looking forward to see him again,- I m not sure when,- but my last holiday-guestes from Norway are travelling back to Norway tomorrow,- and then “my days” will be a bit more “mine” again for a while – and we will have a better time and opportunity to get to know each other,- and find out what this “relation” between us really are πŸ’›. Is it an imagination or actually something real 😍 ?

Im really looking forward to spend time with him and get to know him ❀. Then we see whats happen ❣

…..and I have some sweet butterflies flying around in my stomach when I think about him πŸ¦‹ 😍. And I also get a big smile in my heart and face as well. It feels good πŸ’ž (and a bit “scary” too…..its a long time since I have felt it like “this”).

I hope you too have some “one special” in your lifeπŸ’›,- that makes you smile when you think about the person 😊,- and maybe give you a couple of sweets butterflies in your stomach too πŸ¦‹. It is a very good feeling ❀.

I wish you a great day or evening where ever in the world you are πŸ’› and thank you so much for reading my blogg and dropping by today too πŸ’›.

See you soon πŸ’›

Im ready to meet Jeff again,- and I m really looking forward to see him again and get to know him πŸ’ž.

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