It is good when they come 😊, and it is good when they leave πŸŒžπŸ›«

Hi ❣Its so nice to see you,- like always 😊I hope all is fine with you πŸ’›

I like to have my holidays-guests from #Norway,- #friends and #family, over to visits. I #enjoy their visit and #company, and I always looking forward to see them againπŸ’›. But,- its also a bit okay when they are travelling back to Norway 😊,- and I get “my normal life” a bit back again 😊.

Our,- specially my #daily #life, get a bit turned “around” when its holiday-guestesin our #home, and also “put on hold” a bit. My daily rutines stops up a bit for a while, because its difficult to manage to do “everything” 😊. And most of us do our “#things”, “#habits” and different #rutines we like to do in our own way, and in our own time during the #days and weeks in our home and life 😊. And thats a tiny challenge to do when you have guestes on holiday around you- because they are in #holiday πŸ˜‰.

Im not an exception in that area πŸ˜…. I have different “things” in my daily life thats changes a bit when I have #guests. And thats fine for a while, but it is also good to get back in the daily rutines again 😊.

I have had a great time with my holiday-guestes and friends during this #summer,- but I m a bit #happy to just put my legs on the table after work today, and not talk to anyone, or make #dinner for anyone or be a bit hostess in one way or another. Just “do my things and stuff” when I feel it is okay for me to do them πŸ˜….

I dont mean to be rude,- but the life changes a bit when there are guestes in the home. Its still great when they are coming,- and very nice when they are #leaving too.

I think we all more or less have it like that. It is a bit difficult to “live the normal daily life” with other people around you all the time 😊. I only managecto do that with my #kids.

And, maybe unfortunately, Im created a bit like this way,- that I actually need some “alone-time”. And that is a time that closely dont exist when its guestes here,- except from when I m sleeping or are in the bathroom πŸ˜…. My #job doesnt count,- there Im never alone 😊 🎧.

Now our home will be ours for a while,- something I actually looking forward to 😊. Next guestes are coming in the beginning of October,- and even its great ” to be alone” for a while now; Im allready really looking forward to my next guestes too 😍. Because it is my mammi, my youngest sister and two of my nieces thats are coming πŸ’›.

Well,- to say I have my home alone for a while is “a truth with modifications” πŸ˜…. A friend of Mathilde have asked if she can #rent our guest- room for some weeks. She needs a place to stay “in bewteen” two apartments. The one she is moving from,- to the next one is ready 😊. So she is moving in on Wednesday.

Maybe you think I m a bit #rude since she need to rent a room, actually pay for it. But it is actually a bit #expensive to have some extra people in “the #household” for a while. It goes more of many things,- like food, water, electricity and a couple if more things. Thats just the way it is,- and my #budget is a bit over the #limit at the moment with closly a month with guestes too 😊.

So,- my lovely reader- friends,- today Im just “dropping by” before I put my legs on the table and my nose in a good book 😊,- and are going to enjoy the silent and “my time” for some hours 😊.

You know,- I m not on holiday at all!!!,- when my guests are on holiday 100 % here πŸ˜…. So,- now I m going to have a tiny mini holiday for a couple of hours 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening where ever in the world you are πŸ’› . Thank you so much for reading my blogg,- and dropping by today too πŸ’›.

See you soon πŸ’›

Ist so nice when friends and family are coming for holidays πŸ’›,- but its not to bad when they leaving back to their life either 😊.

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