It’s a little bit flat battery πŸ”‹πŸ˜Š

Hi ❣Its so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you πŸ’›

All is fine with me,- but my “#battery” is a tiny bit flat now πŸ˜… Its not much #enegiy left,- so this weekend I really need to put my self on “charging”.

It has been a busy, but a nice month,- but unfortunately, not very much time to “charge” my self- so the “battery” and “enegry-leve” did dropped a bit today- a bit much actually. Closely down to “non- function”. But,- okay,- I know how to “charge” myself up again. I have done it before- a couple of times, to be honest πŸ˜…. So I know what to do today to, – nothing, and I mean nothing- not move to much at all, just “charge” 😊.(…its actually painfull to move anyway today 😊 ). Take my medicine and just rest. And I know that this will happen now and then,- specially when its get to busy around me with to little time to “charge” myself in between 😊.

I know my body and myself,- and I also know “the warning” my body tells me that “Hey, stop up a bit now- before you need to stop up a bit for a long time” 😊. And,- I really dont want “to stop up a bit for a long time”- I dont have time for that 😊. And I have been there,- “stopped up for a while”,- and that was not very fun πŸ™„.

My body did “warned” me already some days ago (or maybe a week?) ,- but I didn’t listen and I did though I should manage to get to Friday and through the workingday before I needed to be “put on charge” – but I didnt πŸ˜…. And,- do you know what,- I m working with flat batteries in the phone too, during the days,- and now its me that’s need a bit “charging” ,- its a bit ironic πŸ˜….

For some years ago (10-12 years ago, I think- or maybe its more? ) I did get a kind of “exhaustion disease”,- and then really everything did stopped up for a while, and I mean everything,- but I did manage “to get back on my feet and in business” again 😊. And I know better now how to deal with it,- “this” ” flat battery”- challenge, before I get totally “charged out” 😊.

And ,- its actually something I dont like to talk to much about with “each and every one” or write about either πŸ˜…, -this “flat battery”- situation,- but sometimes , maybe unfortunately, I have to,- or that’s actually not true.

Because I actually dont “own anyone an to much explanation” why I need to rest, why I need to be “put on charging” 😊. But,- I know its difficult for others to understand the pain in my body that I feel when Im “charged out”. Because you cant see it ,- you cant see how painfull it is 😊 ,- and to be honest,- its not many that have seen me “on totally flat battery ” either. Just the doctors and my children,- and my parents. No one else. Because thats not “me” 😊. Its just something thats “happens” now and then with my body 😊. Yes,- I try my very best to ignore it πŸ˜… and most of the times it helps too 😊.

I dont need to explain why “all and everything in my body is painfull, even my skeleton is in pain, and it feels like fever or a kind of burning at my skin”. Its difficult to move, just a tiny little move is not to good. But still,- in some situations in life its a bit necessary to just give an explanation too 😊.

And I “feel” I have to do give a kind of “explanation” sometimes 😊. And its okay,- even I dont like it, I do understand its necessary in some situations 😊. (jeppsi-pepsi,- I did repited my self there- but today is today 😊).

I think many of us are like that,- we feel we need to explain a bit now and then to and for others, but in many situations we actually dont need to do that at all 😊. But yes,- its also good that people around me and close to me understand too ,- why different things are like they are sometimes πŸ’›. Or why I m on “charging” in totally silent and as dark as possible,- and thsts its actually a bit painful 😊.

Thats why I give you a short explanation today 😊 ( oh…my….I have use the whole day on this post today 😊) . But when I have “flat batteries” or are very tired,- this two are very different things for me 😊.

I was also in a car- accident when I was 18,- and my neck and bacΔ· havent been “tip-top” since that,- and “#create” a bit “challenge” for me too, now and then,- and of course a bit more when “the exhaustion” comes “creeping” around in my body too πŸ˜….

This is actually one of my most important reasons why I need to do my work-out as regularly as possible too. To keep my body/ neck and back “in order” and keep my energy a bit over the “flat level” πŸ˜ŠπŸ”‹. It is a part of being healthy, to keep the body strong 😊. I have many good reasons for doing my work-out 😊. And I miss to do it now,- obviously my body too, since it went out for a “strike” today πŸ˜….

So,- this weekend Mathilde has promise me to fix a work-out area for me, where I can feel comfortable to do my work-out, since I have rent out the guest-room to her friend, and I normally do my work-out there 😊. Of course I m going to help her to fix the new work-out area in our home 😊.

Well,- I m going to drop by during the weekend,- I just need to “charge” a bit now πŸ˜ŠπŸ”‹.

Take care of yourself πŸ’› so you don’t need to be “charged” like me 😊 πŸ”‹. (its not very fun to be honest πŸ˜…).

And,- I wish you a great day or evening where ever in the world you are πŸ’› Thank you so much for reading my blogg and dropping by today too πŸ’›.

See you soon πŸ’›

Im “at charging”,- just dropping by for a short while today πŸ’› .but have still used hours to write to you today- thats the way it is sometimes- when the batteries are a bit low,- then things goes a bit slow 😊

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