Opppsss ! What just happen with the just “my self” and “on my own”? πŸ˜…

Hi❣ Its so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you πŸ’›

On Sunday Fabian and Millie was over for a nice and cozy #visit 😊. Its good to see they are going so good togheter even when they are not in a $relationship any more,- but in a very close #friendship insted πŸ₯€. But,- unfortunately, Millie is going to #move out of #Spain for a while πŸ˜”. I did knew about this, but I try not to think about it,- to much.

She has got an 6 months leave from her #work here in Spain. Something that feels a bit good πŸ’›. It doesn’t feel like everything is “over and forever ” in a way. Maybe she moves back again to Spain in around March next year …..and maybe this to young #hearts find “back to each other”πŸ’• (of course I hope they do) ,- or maybe they dont πŸ˜”.

But,- this was actually not what I was going to tell you about,- it was about Fabian πŸ˜….

At the moment he and two of his friends are sharing the #apartment that Millie and Fabian did rent togheter. I did actually picked up one of his #friend at the airport last night. And….in the beginning of October this three young men need to move out from that apartment and find a new and bigger one. Its a bit to small for three young men to have “a life”. Everything goes for a while,- but not everything goes to long 😊.

So,- my sweety, sweety son did ask me if he and one of his friend could be #living here, in my home for a while, until they did find a bigger apartment πŸ˜…. Move in after his grandmam, aunt and cousin has travel back to #Norway in the beginning of October.

Oh my πŸ˜… ! Of course I did say yes,- he is my #child πŸ’›. Of course I want to help him in the way I can,- but……that was not quit my plan πŸ˜…. “To full” up the home again with “home-living young adult children” πŸ˜….

And I have also… maybe,- found a tiny little #studio to Mathilde not fare away from here we are living now, for her to rent. A bit close to her #mammi in the beginning of “standing on her own feet”. Its not a very big studio- apartment, but its #cozy and not to expensive for her. A nice place to “start her own life” in a way 😊. This studio- apartment is avable in the middle of October 😊. So if she get it, she can move out in the middle of October. Im not sure yet,- we know in a couple of weeks if she will get it 😊.

And then,- where did this “just my self” and “to be on my own” #disappear? πŸ˜… I did have “a plan” for my self that has suddenly #changed a bit for a while.

Any way,- I know my son and his friend are not going to stay here “forever” 😊. But I do probably need to “put” the plan “my self” “on hold” for a bit longer then I first did thought πŸ˜…. Thats the way it is,- this is a part of being “a mammi” (at least for me) ,- and to use the “on hold-button” now and then πŸ’›.

So,- if you have any children,- you probably know how it is,- both this feeling of being and not being ready for your children to move out…..or move in again….. as well as put your self a bit “on hold” 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening where ever in the world you are πŸ’›and thank you so much for reading my blogg and dropping by today too πŸ’›. Its makes my day,- that your dropping by πŸ’›.

See you soon πŸ’›

Moving in, moving out, growing up, helping out πŸ’›. It is my #children and my #lights in my #life πŸ’›.

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