He is a bit like Big, and I feel a bit like Carrie πŸ˜…( from “Sex and the city”)

Hi ❣Its so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you πŸ’›

I have been watching the famous serie “Sex and the city” a couple of times. I like that #serie,- but I m not sure whom of this four great #women in the serie I do feel familiar with or #recognize #myself into. No one I think,- Im more “just me” with a tiny, tiny “touch” of the different #characteristics and #personalities from this four women. But,- maybe my friends see me differently? I dont know 😊.

In many films and series, even song and music, and books too, we “meet” people, #characters or personalities that we in one or another way can recognize us in, or be #familiar with. It can also be situations and “happenings” in life as well 😊. At least I do,- I can relate my self to different characters or #lifesituations in a movie, series, books or songs/textes.

Im not sure why I do like “Sex and the city” ? Probably because it is something “familiar” in it,- and its a bit funny too, and its also “touced” with different kinds of “thruth with modifications” 😊.

Like I did told you some weeks ago,- I did meet again this #american man I did #date last #summer. And that we was, or is, in a kind of #relation 😊. But to be honest,- I have not a clue whats actually is “going on” πŸ˜….

I havent heard to much from him or met him since that Friday 2 weeks ago, when he did came to Spain and we did meet up ,- and I haven’t any idea when or if Im meet him again.

All he writes to me when I ask if he wants to meet is “yes, see you soon”,- and I have no idea what time or day that is πŸ˜…. Maybe no time and no day at all.

It has been some busy weeks in my home after he moved to Spain,- and I know he has had it a bit busy too. Its not easy to move to another #country and also to an other #continent as well. Its a lots of different #paperwork, lines and ques to wait in.

And here, in #Spain, you just need to wait for your #time. Thats it! It can be a bit of test for the #patience,- and that one is not foΕ• everyone 😊. You really learn to be patience,- thats for sure,- and you learn to wait until its your “time in the line” 😊.

I know this lines, ques and paperwork does him a bit moody too. And he has things to fix in his apartment as well. But still…..I m actually not sure whats going on and what kind of “relation” this is πŸ€”.

Im my head, mind and imagination you show a tiny bit of interest if you are serious interested in some one. And you try to make a priority or find a tiny bit time to meet. But I can be wrong….and have misunderstood something about “show someone your interes” πŸ˜‰.

With that I mean to show a tiny bit of interest during busy days is just a little text to just say “Hello” or “Im thinking about you”, or “How are you?” Just some small “talk” textes to “show someone that they are on your mind”,- now and then, or even maybe a small phonecall during busy days.

At least Im a bit like that. But it seems like he is not quit “there”,- or,- he is actually not very interested in me,- after all. I m thinking that probably the last one is most correct. But…..then there is a tiny little “but” in there, somewhere inside me…..maybe he have another imagenation then me? About “this” relation, or about me? Or maybe its just a wish from my “innerspace” that I want him to be interesed in me?

Im not the “biggest chatter in the world”,- and I dont like to have to many or to long “conversations” “online” by whatsup or messenger or snapchat or what ever. But I do like to “drop by” and send a text to my children as well as my friends and tell them that I think about them now and then 😊……and, of course, also the one Im dating as well 😊. So yes,- I have done that to him as well, but the response is not quite big from him…..in my mind,- but I can be wrong here as well…..maybe in his mind he does “response” “well” in his own way? πŸ€”

I know we are all different, do things differently, like different things, handle “things in life” differently ,- also him,- he is different from me,- but….. so much different from other men? πŸ€”…..I dont think its to much differents between an European man and an American man,- but I dont know. It can be,- because its a bit different between norwegian men and spanish men, spanish men and english men…..and so one.

But my “easy” “explanation” in my #mind and in my #imagination at this point is,- I dont think he is very much “into me” and interested in me……when all comes to all……

…….. or he is a bit like Big in “Sex and the city”. My impression of him, his character and personality so fare is that he can be a bit like Big. He dosent look like Big at all,- but reminds me a bit about the characte. At the same time I don’t know him very well yet,- and maybe I never will get to know him very well either.

And then I feel a bit confused like Carrie did with and in her “relation” to and with Big in the serie “Sex and the city” πŸ˜…. Or maybe Im more in the movie “He is actually not interested”? πŸ˜…

Any way,- I dont feel sad, just a bit empty, and a bit confused. I did look forward to get to know him,- now I think its just the best for me to the let “the case” rest for a bit and see whats happen, or if something happen at all 😊. Im not going “to run after him”,- thats for sure. Feel I in away already have done that when I did, in a strange way, did wait for him for a year 😊.

If he is seriously interested in my I will probably hear from him,- and…..he had heard enough from me for a while now,- I think πŸ˜‰.

Its not easy this “love- , relation and relationship”- thing in the mature age, I think. Im not sure if I do understand “the concept” any more πŸ˜….

Im anyway going to enjoy this weekend,- even I did in my imagination thought maybe I should being enjoyed a bit of the weekend together him. It seems that thats not going to happen 😊. But okay,- I have other nice and fun things and plans to do 😊. I will show you tomorrow 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening where ever in the world you are πŸ’›and thank you so much for reading my blogg and dropping by today too πŸ’›.

See you soon πŸ’›

I do feel a bit like Carrie at the moment,- a bit confused about the “relation” to “Big” / this american man πŸ˜…. Maybe I was “carried” away “by the moment” and some imagentions? 😊.

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