Norwegian soup and some blue “bobbels” on the meny πŸ²πŸΉ

Hi ❣Its so nice to see you,- like always 😊I hope all is fine with you πŸ’›

I did started this #weekend with a very cozy visit yesterday #evening. I did invite one of my friends here in Spain to some #food and “bobbels” 😊. She is from #Norway too, but have lived in Spain a couple of more years then me. And I did meet her in Spain as well. We are from to different parts of Norway.

She is, or has been a single mammi for her two children for many years as well, like I have been for mine. Her’s children are also young adult, and moving out from the home little by little,- like mine 😊.

Done in one playsuits-free style

Its great to speak to someone and have good chats with someone that, in a way, is or have been, in the same living-situation as your self 😊. At least for me,- I get good advice and good tips and triks,- and I like that 😊.

On the meny for the evening was #homemade (readmade by me 😊) #norwegian #cauliflower #soup with #cream, #broccoli and #asparagus, served with bread and homemade #garlicbutter, and some spanish “blue bobbels” to drink, and sprakling water as well😊.

Im not sure if the cauliflower soup are typical norwegian,- but for me it is 😊. And I like to make this from closly the scratch with fresh vegetables, cream and some spices 😊. The best food is normally the homemade one, but its not always time to do the #cooking from scratch during a busy week 😊.

The fresh vegetables are cooking and “getting” ready for the soup 😊.

Its a lots of good fresh #fruit and #vegetables here in Spain, cheap to, on the marked, and they are so tasty.

I like to cook and #bake, homemade,- and I like to serve my guestes #homemade food,- often norwegian one,- because thats the food I m best to cook or bake 😊. And its also a bit “special” to serve the guestes norwegian food because most of us, thst lives here, eat spanish food. Something thats normal,- we live in #Spain and the spanish kitchen its very #tasty 😊.

Sexy undertΓΈy

I do eat a lots of spanish food. I really like spanish tapas, and also some of the seafood as well. Expect from this tiny sardines they are barbecues during the spring and summer here, often served with a mug of sangeria. The sangeria I drink, its taste fresh and sweet, but the sardines have so many small bones in it, that I have big problems with eat them πŸ™„. I need to “rinse” them down with a pitcher of sangria. Perhaps that is why sangeria are served to the sardines ? πŸ˜…. Any way,- its one of the summerfavorite dish for the spanish people 😊.

And I m not the biggets fan of octopus either πŸ¦‘. Its to many arms “everywhere ” πŸ˜…. Just kidding ,- its just not a “taste” for me 😊.

Im not the biggets “connoisseur” / “wine-knower” either, or drinker πŸ˜…. I do drink wine, and I do like wine, and the tast of different types of wine,- but I have not any idea what a “good and fine” wine is. I have a bad “hapit” to look at the bottle,- and if the bottle is “cool” in some or another way I do buy it (and yes the price, I dont buy “expensive” wine) 😊 . Like that one I did served yesterday. I did buy it becasue I did like the blue #colour so much πŸ˜…. It looked a bit #cool 😊.

Its was not a wine by the way, it was a #sparkling #moscato. Im not sure what that is,- probably it is about the different way it was made 😊.

Im not a shamed to not know to much about wine, as long as it taste good, its fine for me 😊. This moscato from yesterdays was okay, cool colour, but a bit #sweet for my tast, but a glas to the soup was okay 😊.

Im not a shamed over that I m not a big wine-or alcohol- drinker either. Its probably one of the reasons why I m not a big “connoisseur” πŸ˜…. And I dont have any interested in being any of this things either ,- a big wine- drinker or a “connoisseur”. I know what I need to know about wine,- at least I think so πŸ˜….

I know I live in Spain, and I know fine wine of different types and kinds is a part of the food-culture here,- but its not a part of my “culture”,- and its probably never going to be it either 😊.

Any way,- it was a very #cozy and #relaxing evening yesterday πŸ’›. It was a very good start on the weekend 😊. It was great to “chat up” with my friend again, it has been, unfortunately, a while since last time 😊.

I hope you did have a great start on your weekend too 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening where ever in the world you are πŸ’› and thank you so much for reading my blogg and dropping by πŸ’›.

See you soon 😊.

The cool blue, a bit sweet, sparkling moscato from yesterday evening 😊.

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