To the cramp takes me πŸ™„,- and the “egg-factory” slowly closing down πŸ€”

Hi ❣Its so nice to see you,- like always 😊I hope all is fine with you πŸ’›

Its “that week of the month “…..for me and my body πŸ™„. Ugh! But in away Im also a bit happy that Im still “there” , where “the cramp takes me”. Then I m still in a way a bit “young “. At the same time,- that is a thruth with modifications πŸ˜…. Im not #young and I m not #old,- I m somewhere #perfectly in the #middle πŸ˜‹.

But one thing is for sure,- the #menopause is just around a #corner, I have just not a clue what kind of corner πŸ˜….

I have try to read a bit about menopause and whats happen with the #female #body (and #mind) when it comes in to this “#periode” in #life.

And I have asked some female friends, very careful, (maybe to careful?) what kind of “#experience” they have or had in this periode of their life. But I m not actually became any wiser πŸ€”. They are a bit diffuse with their answares.

But I want get a bit wiser,- because I want to be a bit “prepar” for what I can expect, and for what is going to happen with my body? (and my mind πŸ™„). And I want to learn! Becasue the body is changing in this “fase of life” too 😊. And I m also curious 😊.

Its a subject thats is in a strange way is a bit short, even the menopause- periode lasts for some years. Is it because its not to much to talk about? Or its it because its a bit shame to be older? I dont know.

What I do know its that the “egg-factory” slowly close down, and the periode disperse. Some women have pains,- but I dont know where. Some gets this hot flushes,- but thats a bit difficult the know under Spain’s really hot sun in the summertime 🌞. Its more or less like everybody has the “hot flushes” then 😊.

I know some can cry a lot for “no resaon”,- but that can happen in a “normal day” for me too. Well,- its a while since I have being crying,- but I m an emotional person and can easly cry when something “touch” my heart.

Some gets a bit moody, and irritating for a tiny little thing, and the mood can change in a very fast speed.

Then its is the health, skin and hair,- its changes a bit too. But this “things” are there a possibility to take a bit care of, slow down a bit with different kinds of products,- like food, work-out, and different types of #cosmetology.,- and also some medicine.

Btw,- Im looking around for some really good cosmetology products for women ( and men,- you want to look good too πŸ˜‰ ) in all ages to recommend,- I let you know when or if I have found them 😊. I m working on it 😊.

And then there are hormone changes, estrogen levels decrease and osteoporosis increases. And its probly different from woman to #woman too.

And ,- what will happen with the sexuality? My sexuality? Im very curious about that one too πŸ€”.

I like and enjoy sex with “the right one”,- so I actually dont want that one to just “disappear” “out of the blue” πŸ˜‰…. together with the “egg-factory “. The “egg-factory” can close down. I have done my part of “populate the world”. But I still want to have a bit “fun under the duvet”πŸ˜‰.

I know that the moisture in the vagina can disappear, but does it applies to all women in menopause? I dont hope so……

Well,- thats actually more or less what I know about menopause,- and thats not much to brage about. Its very general, and still with some questions.

I have been learning that women with the Mediterranean has an “easier” menopause then women in the cold north,- and the “answare” for “why” is the climate and the food in the Mediterranean. So,- I m a bit lucky with that one at the moment πŸ˜‹.

I know I m “on my way” straight into the menopause,- but at the same time,-my periode is still regular, the cramps does still “takes me”,- and I m not in the best mood this days either. But on the other hand,- this month can be the last month my period is regular,- I dont know……before next month 😊.

At the same time,- the last months I have actually been a bit happy, even its a bit painful, to get and have my periode 😁. But,- I m not sure why I m a bit happy. Probably because I still know a bit “whats going” on in my body, Im still “here” in a way,- and not yet “there ” 😊.

And,- then it was the men,- you have your own “menopause”,- but I dont know very much about that one either,- just a bit 😊. Its changes in your body and mind too,- but the “baby-factory” last closly “forever” in your body…..if…the “magic-stick” is working πŸ˜‰. Am I a bit rude now? No,- Im just “touching” a sensitive” area.

But I think maybe the sexuality for both women and men in the “menopause” (and hopefully for all the others too- its not necessary to know “every” tiny little detail about) its a bit sensitive and “touchy”. Something thats very understanding. Its a bit personal and private. For me as well 😊. I m probably never going to tell you to much about my sex-life,- thats private and personal,- but I can write a bit in general.

Any way,- I m on my way… the menopause ……whether I want to or not 😊. Thats a part of the life and a part of getting older 😊.

Do you have some thoughts about getting older? And whats happen with you body (and maybe even your mind?) πŸ€”.

I wish you a great day or evening where ever in the world you are,- and what kind if “stages ” in life you are πŸ’›. And Thank you so much for reading my blogg and dropping by today too,- even I did “touch” a maybe sensitive area in life today for some πŸ’›.

See you soon πŸ’›

Me,- on my way to “the menopause”- a “place” Im not sure what will brings to me ,- hopefully a lots of joy and fun, and many and hopefully some new life-experience too 😊.

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