So it was a bit “Friday 13th” πŸ’š

Hi❣Its so nice to see you,- like always 😊I hope all is fine with you πŸ’›

#Friday 13th is for different reasons seen as an “accident day”. But like I have told you before,- #research shows that this is one of the days there are less #different kinds of accidents then during the rest of the year 😊. But that doesnt mean it still can be a “#unlucky” or “#unhappy” day.

In #Spain its Tuesday 13th thats is this “accident day” ,- so does that mean I have 2 “accident days”? Because I m #norwegian that lives in Spain? Or just one? In case,- will it be Tuesday 13th or Friday 13th that will bring me most “unhappy” “episodes ” ? πŸ˜‰

Tuesday 13th of August was a very normal day as fare as I can remember. Not any big “happy news” or any “big unhappy happenings ” 😊.

And,- 13. its a bit a lucky #number for me,- evene there havent been happen any “big sparkling event” of any kind in my life with this number as I can remember. Maybe its “lucky” because its a bit “unlucky” number? 😊

But this Friday 13th was actually #mixed with both. But most with a bit “unhappiness” πŸ˜”. So probably its Friday 13th thats my “unlycky” day then?

Millie did travel back to Sweden,- and are going to stay there for a short time, before she is going to travel a bit “here and there” for the next 6 months in East #Europe where her family are from. And then…..maybe she comes back to Spain 😊.

I hope she will get a marvellous time with a lots of joy and happiness, new experience and fun ❀.

At the same time it feels a bit painful πŸ˜”. She is in a way a bit “one of mine”,- a part of the #family,- and I don’t know if she even will come back to Spain again πŸ˜”.

I wish her a lots love and joy in her life,- and it would be a bit nice if she could be back together with my son in the middle, Fabian, again πŸ’ž. But at the same time,- if their #relationship doesnt work between them it doesnt work. And then no one of them are #happy,- and I really want them both to have a marvellous life ❀.

Today I did ask for a day off from work,- I m so so tired I actually feel a bit sick. But I didnt get it ,- the day off πŸ˜”. Unlucky for me,- the luck then is that its weekend,- so I can #relax a bit 😊.

An other thing,- I dont think it will be any more “#relation” between me and this american man. I think we want different “things”. I think he are more looking for a “regular” mistress, and I want to have a relationship. For him that in a way was an relation, and thats true,- it is a kind of relation. A relation I did misunderstood. But I want to have something “more” then just a “hot meeting under the duvet” now and then. I want to meet someone I can do others things together with as well 😊.

Well,- I can have a lover, but not him,- my #feelings for him is a bit to “#emotionally” for that.

I dont feel sad, just tired 😊. But to bad for me, that we wanted different things in the “relation”. Thats life 😊.

One of the reason way I m so so tired I think, is that me, and we, Mathilde and me, havent had “our” normal life for one and a half month now. Its not easy to try to do the best when the energy is not on “tip-top”.

And of course Im tired because of #work. Its busy and long days,- and not to much time and #energy left after. But I don’t want to use to much of my energy and thoughts about my work,- its not worth it.

Well its #weekend,- hopefully a nice one too thats are in front of me,- and for you too 😊. I really hope so,- for both of us πŸ’›. Im so ready to just relax home this weekend,-“shake a bit of me” Friday 13th,- and with not to many plans 😊. Just fell up the energy- level a bit 😊.

I hope your Friday 13th has been nice to you πŸ’›.

I wish you a great day or evening where ever in the world you are πŸ’› and thank you so much for reading my blogg and dropping by today too πŸ’›.

See you soon πŸ’›.

This weekend is time for just relaxing a bit,- outside in our cozy outside livingroom πŸ’›.

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