You dont need Tinder if you have a “smashing” bikini- photo on Instagram πŸ˜…πŸ‘™

Hi❣ Its so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you πŸ’›

Im not using Tinder at the moment,- havent used it for a while,- and it seems thats not very necessary with an Tinder-account if you just “put” a “smashing” photo of your self in #bikini at Instagram πŸ˜…. “Smusch”,- there you get a lots of messege- requests from unkown men. And many of them have one or two photos, maybe five πŸ˜‰ and are following a x-numbers of people,- but have for some strange #reason not so many followers them self, on their Instagram account or on their Facebook profile πŸ˜‰. Wonder why? πŸ˜…

Some of this requests are #serious people that are in a way serious #interested in you or what you are doing,- but most of this requests are just “#fake” and #scam. And not worth open at all. I normally delate them, one by one with out reading them. Just checking the profile, and then its delate and block 😊.

Its a lots of scam and #fraud “out there” in the “online-dating-world”. A lot. So be #careful,- both #women and #men.

Men “fall” easly for #sensual, erotic and sexy #profiles of any kind. Thats the way it is. And the people that #creates the fake profiles to get to a man, knows that πŸ˜‰. Its so easy to get a man think with his “other head”. Even in #written form with a “smashing” and lightly dressed photo “on the side” by the #text. And also be award of prostitution,- if you actually meet a woman from an online dating webpages,- and she ask for money,- just go. Well at least if you wasn’t award of it from the beginning πŸ˜…,- and it is a “part of your game too”.

Its a bit of that too in the online dating pages,- prostitution.

Clearance Event

Its strange how fare a man actully can go,- how much he is willing to pay. And yes I mean pay,- in real #money,- just for the #imagenation of that “this woman” on the #photo is “his”. But in most of the times it is just an imagination. Nothing is #real,- and many times you are actually texting with an other man too,- not a woman, not “the woman from the photo”.

And many men want to be “#chivalrous”. With that means they get in touch in on or an other #online #dating channel, with a woman that need a bit economic help before they can meet. Like money to passport, money to visa and plane ticket. And the man is sending #money to the woman,- maybe by Money Transfer and things like that. And get an other new “smashing” and lightly dressed photo as a “Thank you, see you soon,- “this” is what you are waiting for”. “This woman” are “on the way” just for you.

It doesn’t matter what kind of “online- dating” #channel you are on, or are using. There will still be fake profiles. On each and every one #website. So be careful so you dont “meet” a scam and fraud that are just going to #empty your bank-account,- and never fill up your #heart or “take care” of other of your body- parts πŸ˜‰. It is all just an imagination.

And then its the women,- we are not “better” then men in this “dating- situation”,- we just “fall” for other words, words we want to hear. And we pay too, money from our #private bank-account.

We are “#emotional”,- we fall so easy for “I love you”,” I miss you” ,- and other different #romantic #phrases we “love”, “want” and “need” to hear/ read. But a man that loves you dont ask for your money- help! Special not before you even have met him! If he loves you, he #respects your no! He is a man,- and are #able to find a #solution on his “money-problem” πŸ˜‰.

And an other thing,- this fake men starting using the word “love you” and “miss you” very fast, very early in your communication.

Also here,- its just an imagination! Its not real! Dont pay for the words you #miss to hear, woman!

And the “same thing happen” for “us”. After a tiny little while with #texting the man,- if he understand that the woman has “falled” for his words and photo as well, the money- requests are coming. And, unfortunately, some women are paying, to easy!

I have only #experience this one time myself, last summer, from a Tinder-account.

“Tinder-Thomas” do I call this “experience”πŸ˜…. He did started to ask for money, and for “just” 50 euro! But for me it was not “just 50 euro” at all,-for me that is a bit money,- and I also was award of this things too, this fake-profiles and scam/ fraud, – so I was actully a bit “bad” and that I did “play a long” for a little while πŸ˜…,- just to “see the #game”. I did never payed anything. But I wanted to learn a bit about “the game”. And they can take the game very fare! And keep up going for a while.

This men starting to “push” on “emotional buttons” if you dont send any money. Like “why dont you love me?” “I thought you where different”, ” you dont have a heart”,” you have no feelings” ,” you dont care for me”,- ect ect. Well,- you do and you are,- both have a heart and are different! Dont fall for this!

Dont ever fall for it! Dont ever send a cent to a man or woman you have never meet and dont know! Its just a game, its just a fraud,- and you will probably #loose too,- both your money and a part of your #dignity. And never meet, see or hear from this man or woman evere again,- when he/ she a) knows there are no more money to get or b) no money to get at all. But,- they dont give up easly,- just have that on in your #mind too. They are very patients!

Men fall for sensuality and sex, woman fall for “#sweet” words and “emotiens”. And this people that create this fake profiles knows that. They know how to create it all as “#real as possible”. But,- please,- in that #moment there are coming any #money-requests,- stop and drop the #contact. For your own sake!

I know it all can #feel so #real, but it all are a very bad imagination. Just to empty your “pocket”. Its nothing more at all. They dont care about you at all,- their only “#mission” are to get your money, honey!

And I also know its difficult to understand that “this” can actually happen to you. But have in mind,- “everything that can happen with or to everyone else, can also can happen to you!

In todays #social #media channels its so easy to create something that seems so real. Its a lots of different #techniques and #technical #tools to use,- for creating a “real profile”. So be careful,- “walk away” if there are coming up any kind of money-issue.

Unfortunately this, online-dating, is not the only way people can be scammed or fraudulent by. But today I did choose to put a bit #focus on the scam and fraud on online- dating 😊.

Im not the “only one” in the world that have a tiny wish for a #relationship πŸ˜‰,-and online dating can be a good way to find and meet a boyfriend/ girlfriend,- most of the times 😊. And the people who are creating fake profiles knows, they knows that there are some “lonely #souls” “out there” that are easy “to get and use”,- for only getting your money. They dont #care about you or your feelings at all! I may be a bit “tought” now,- but unfortunately,- this is the way it is. Stop all contact if there are coming up any kind of a money-request.

It is at least my advice to you πŸ’›. I dont want you to get hurt in this way (not in any other ways either)– but this kind of fraud and scam can actually #destroy your #life, your #economic life, and your dignity as well.

So,- just be a bit award,- if you are searching for “the love of your life” on online dating,- dont pay, dont “give” and dont “help” your online date with money 😊.

Well,- that was the “lesson” for today 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening whereever in the world you are πŸ’› ,-and be a bit careful if you are looking for “the love” online,- and Thank you so much for reading my blogg and dropping by today too πŸ’› .

See you soon πŸ’›

Ps- if you think this post can be important for others to read,- you are very welcome to share 😊

I did choose a #bikini-photo today,- even the post is more about “I want your money, honey”,- its did starts with the “bikini- attention” 😊 .

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