This was not todays plan πŸ™„

Hi❣Its so nice to see you ,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you πŸ’›

I have spent the afternoon at the #emergency today,- and that was not a part of todays plan at all. But I havent felt very well lately at all,- just tried to create an #imagen that I was fine. But I m not,- if I have been, I have probably not spend the afternoon at the emergency today πŸ˜”. But yesterday-evening I did felt a bit like I was “back on the road” again…..well,-I m not.

Thats life,- its good days and not to good days. And its not always easy to stop up in time,- luckily the body says stop,- but its not the best way to take “a break” to let it go so fare that you end up at the hospital. Then its probably really time to “stop up” and “take a break” 😊.

I have got #infections in my body , most in my throat, ear and sinus. But it feels like it is in all my body. Its 24 degrees and I m freezing….. And its not good the infection ,- its smells bad too,- the infection thats runs through the nose and throat. Its like a combination between metal and something that has rotted 🀀.

And its painfull,- a bit all over my body. And its maybe a tooth thats the reason to the sinusitis. ( and probably stress that have “low down” my immune system the last weeks πŸ˜” ) . Its actually 2 teeth,- one new one that “showed up” on Monday. A “wisdom- grinder”. That was a painful process too. And an other one close by this new one. At least the doctor at the emergency said so. But it can be a bit more, so he wanted me to take some x-ray one day too,- and the next medical examination will show it as well,- if there are more infections in my body.

To be at the hospital, doctors and emergency is a bit different here then from #Norway,- and what Im used to. But the health professionals do a great, great job. They just have different rutines that I m used to in Norway. Like the baja/ sick- leave and the alta/ health notice. Its not so easy to just get a sick-leave here in Spain. And its not so easy to get an #appointment at your family-docter either. Like I have told you before,- you really learn to be patience and learn to wait for your “appointment” here in #Spain.

The best is normally to go to the emergency, or you can be lucky and get an appointment the same day to your family- doctor. At the emergency you got an short controll, a paper for the controll, and then its to order an appointment at your family- doctor. But,- thing takes time,- special to get an appointment to your family- doctor πŸ™„.

In one way its good,- the threshold for go to the doctor and get a sick-leave is a bit high. You are really not feeling well if you need a sick- leave. And about sick- money,- you will get 75% of your ordinary salary the first weeks.

On the other hand it also not to good,- because you can wait a bit to long before you visit your doctor. Because thing takes a bit time. But,- thing takes time in the health professionals in Norway too.

Its no deductible for going to the doctors or hospital/ medical treatment here. Well,- not for the public health-care at least. I even got the pencilin for the next 5 days for free. In Norway its a deductible for doctors appointment. Both for the public sector as well the private one,- and also medications.

Its a couple of years since I was visiting my family-doctor here in Spain. But now it was time again,- or I havent been there yet 😊. Just at the emergency 😊.

But now ist x-ray, family-doctor and also #dentist appointment at the “programs” for the next weeks. I dont looking forward to that,- but its necessary.

The #dentist is similar to Norway,- its not free, you need to pay for the different “services” for your #teeth. And,- phu,- I m not looking forward to the “#tooth-services” or the payments for it. But,- I cant have it like this either anymore😊.

I just really need to be better to take a bit more care of my self,- thats for sure.

I hope your day went a bit after your plans,- even you maybe got a bit unexpected “happings” during the day too 😊. Thats a part of the life 😊. But I hope it was some nice one 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening where ever in the world you are πŸ’›Thank you so much for reading my blogg and dropping by today too πŸ’›

See you soon 😊

Well,- suddenly I did got my own tiny little #farmacia at home πŸ™‚.

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