Its was the last time….probably…..

Hi❣Its so nice to see you,- like always 😊I hope all is fine with you 💛

I have been thinking a bit about this american,- and actually wonder if I m going to hear from him again, see him again, meet him again? Probably not.

Its a #week since last time we did meet,- last Thursday. And its was also then I did ‘understand,- really did understand, that we properly have different #intention with our “#relation”.

It has crossed my #mind a couple of times befor, at the same time as I know he was working long days, and also was awake at different times then me. We was at different continents. We did live different lives in different time-zones. And I m a woman, he is a man,- and we are in many ways different. And I did had a #wish for something “more” 😊.

What I dont understand is why he did ask me to wait for him, or why he told me that he didnt wanted to “share me” with any one else, and that he had miss me. And a couple of other things. Maybe it was just words without any #meaning? In a way a bit empty words?

But of course,- at the same time,- we probably did have a different understanding for this sentence too….maybe….

The #communication between a #woman and a #man its not always easy to understand 🙂. At the same time as we still do have the same “#language” and #understanding for the meaning for so many #words.

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In one way I do miss him a bit, in an other way not. I was really looking forward to get to know him,- but he was more or less always talking about him self. So in one way I did get the possibility to get to know him a bit 😅. But he actually didnt get the possibility to get to know me 😊. Maybe thats what I do miss? 🤔 Him to want to get to know me? Its not many times during the last year he actually has asked me the simple #question “How are you?” If he had, I had probably just answare “fine, but I do miss you”. But okay,- its nothing to “linger” about now 😊.

We did have a nice time #together last Thursday,- but I did also told him that I did think we wanted different things out of the #realtion. Something he didn’t #disproved or #confirmed. And I told him that I wanted to get to know him, have a #serious relation to him. I didnt got to much #reaction on that one either 😊. And I told him that now it was up to him if we met again or not,- so in my head and mind,- now he knows “where he has me”,- at least I think so 😅. But you never know 😊. Maybe I shouldn’t said this things at all? I actually dont know,- but for me it was important to, in a way “know whats going on here, in this, for me, strange relation “.

I havent #contact him since, and I havent heard any thing more from him either 😊. And I dont think I m going to hear any more from him,- even I have a tiny little #wish deep inside me somewhere,- that he did care a bit about “me”,- just not only about the “fun under the duvet”- thing.

Maybe I feel a bit like this now at this days because I feel like a “plan-crash”? 😅 It would be nice to have “someone #special” that did or had care a tiny bit?

But I have good #friends and #family thats cares,- so I m very, very #lucky 💛. And I m not serious sick,- its just an very bad #infection that will go away after some days, or maybe a week with #medicines, a couple of #appointments and a bit #healthcare 😊.

I do think it was the last time I did meet him,- last Thursday. Im going to be very supriced if I hear from him again. Its a bit mixed feelings around “it/him” ,- but I m not “#heartbroken” 😊. I dont think or feel I have “lost something” 😊. Maybe it was supposed to be like this? Any way,- Life goes on 😊.

I wish you a healthy and great day or evening where ever in the world you are 💛. And Thank you so much for reading my blogg and dropping by today too 💛.

See you soon 😊.

Last week’s full-moon at the beach,- nice and relaxing,- an on its own way to give “recove” 💛

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