Its also a first time for everything in life πŸ˜ŠπŸ’›

Hi❣Its so nice to see you,- like always 😊I hope all is fine with you πŸ’›

Like it is a last time for everything in life,- its also a first time 😊. And today its the first time for my smallest, youngest, sweety “babyduck” to take a look at something that maybe are going to be her first home, her first home on her own. With that means,- its the first time in her life she is going on a view of an apartment- only for her 😊. A new home, just for her 😊.

I did ask her if she wanted me to join her,- but she wanted to do this on her own. Take the first look, be the first one in her probably new home, make the decision on her own. Get the “vibe” for the apartment on her own. Take the first step in away, on her own. And I really and totally understand her πŸ’›. This can be her first home on her own 😊. If she likes it,- and something inside my says she will like it 😊. And something inside my tells me,- she is coming home with a rental- contract one of the next days 😊.

Its impotent for her to do this process alone, in her own way,- even I really want to join her 😊. But,- this is her life, her choice to make- on her own, in her own way,- and she knows Im right behind her,- in case she needs me. Its a new step out “there” in the big world,- as an young adult woman ,-on her way to move out from her mammi 😊.

Its scary and fun, its strange and its good at the same time. Its mixed feelings,- good once and some strange, and a bit sad too. A era in both of our life is soon actually over. Its so strange to think about 😊.

She is growing up and out, and are going to start to create her own home soon,- her own life 😊. And I m also in a way going to do exactly the same, but in at the same time in a bit different way 😊. For the first time in my adult life Im also going to live on my own πŸ˜…. Wow! I have just spent totally 6 weeks coherent the last 25 1/2 year alone.

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21.April 1994 was my last day on my own. The 22. April, the day after, in the same year my first son was born,- and it was just us two for a while too. Its was my last day on my own and my first day in my life as a mammi ❣

Its a first time for so many things in life,- then its also some natural last times in life too 😊.

This next 2 weeks are probably going to be the last weeks we live together,- at least as we know for now. The future we do not know very much about.

I think we are both ready to start this new chapters in our life,- at the same time it is a bit scary for both of us. Life is changing 😊.

Belive it or not,- even I m the mammi, the adult,- to live togheter with my children has also been like a “safty-nett” for me, for so many years,- even its “me” thats has been their “base” and “safety”,- in a strange way they has been the same for me ❀. My safty, my straight, my life, my world,- my whole adult life are build in a strange way around my children ❀.

And I have in a way never been alone,- thanks to my 3 beautiful children ❀. Now thats in way over, – its changing,- and now its time to build up something new, in a way. Together with my children,- at the same time as we actually dont do it togheter at all,- but we will still be togheter,- just in a very new and different way 😊.

Its an exciting time we have ahead of us – in different ways, at the same time similar 😊.

Do you have something new and exciting ahead of you? Some changes in your life? In a good way? 😊 I really hope so πŸ’›

Its a saying “When one door is closing a new one is opening” 😊. And thats so true,- the “scary” with the new one is that its new. You dont know what will meet you. And behind the “old” door,- its all knowing and familiar. The old one is on its own way “safe”, and the new one can feel a bit “unsafe”,- but it can be even more joy and happiness behindthe new door than it was behind the old one πŸ’–. So its just to open it,- and move on with a happy and open mind ❣

I wish you a great day or evening where ever in the world you are πŸ’›and thank you so much for reading my blogg and dropping by today too πŸ’›

See you soon πŸ’›Like it is a last time for everything, it is also a first time for everything πŸ’›. New doors is open when old one is closing,- and give us the great opportunity for growing and get new and exciting experience in our life πŸ’–

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