A bit time for some everyday thoughts πŸ˜ŠπŸ’Š

Hi ❣Its so nice to see you,- like always 😊I hope all is fine with you πŸ’›

Well,- its a bit time for some #everyday #thoughts when I m sick,- in between sleeping and eating 😊. I feel a bit like a baby,- the days goes by with sleep and eat,- but insted of growing like a baby does,- I #recovering insted,- at least I hope so πŸ˜…. I do,- Im a better every day 😊.

Like I did mention,- its a bit different with the doctor appointment here in #Spain then I m used to in #Norway when you get sick and cant go to work.

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Even when you go to the emergency and get paper from there for your illness of any kind. Its still the family-doctor thats write out the baja/sick-leave and also the alta/ the paper that tells you are ready to go back to #work.

Its just not so easy to get an #appointment at your family-doctor always. And,- you need both of this paper from your doctor to give to your boss/leader at your job 🀀. And yes,- it needs to be an public family- doctor,- in a work-situation,- where you are not self- employed, but insted an #employee, its no usefull for a private doctor’s “papers and opinions”.

Thats also why, at least my, #threshold to be sick, so sick that I need to stay home is so high, much higher then it was in Norway. I know its a bit of “work” to get this paper in between trying to get better/ recovering as well.

So,- I was at my doctor to day, but he didnt have time,- and I did got a new time/appointment on Thursday 🀀. Well,- I really, really hope my job do know and understand that “this is the way the health-system” is here in Spain 🀀. I m a bit worried about that one, to be honest,- but its not much I can do with it.

Tomorrow is it the #dentist-appointment 🀀. And I have very #mixed #feelings for that one too. I should been to the #dentist some years ago, I know, one of my #grinder did started the “troubling-shooting” already then,- but at that point I did #priority my #daughter’s #teeth insted. She needed braces,- and it was much more importen for me to use money on her teeth then mine πŸ’›. As singlemammi its normally about priorities when it comes to the economic,- thats just the way it is.

Any way,- its probably a bit more “work” the dentist can “look forward” too, then “just” two “triggy” grinders in my mouth 🀀.

And,- like I told you yesterday,- Mathilde was looking at an #apartment yesterday,- and she did really liked it 😊. So,- 2 weeks from today she is actually going to move out 🀀. Its some #changes in the #life at the #moment,- small one and big one 😊. But thats the way it is,- thats life and “the natural circle in life” 😊. But its still strange,- the changes is so very close,- and I dont have any idea what they brings me 😊. I dont even know if Im ready for this, the different changes and “#challenges”.

It will mean,- More time to “#me” and get to “know me” and just not the “#mammi-me” anymore. More time to “my plans”,- like #painting, working extra hours at my job as well as home, work more with my #writing and #textes, more time to do my #work-out, more time to #learning, spend time with #friends and a bit more than that too 😊. It will be great, but it will probably also be a bit empty at home in the beginning too.

Im not even sure I m ready for this changes and “challenges”,- really and seriously 😊. They come so suddenly, and so very fast. I think probably Mathilde is a bit more ready for her new life, then Im ready for my new life.

She is my last “baby-duck” πŸ¦† πŸ’›. And she is “just” moving out,- she will still be in the neighbourhood 😊. But still,- it will be very strange “all this” 😊. To just “be me”.

Well,- that was just some tiny small thoughts about “everyday” when Im recovering,- and trying to get ready for some new changes, “challenges” and a new era in my life😊.

I wish you a great day or evening whereever in the world you are πŸ’›Thank you so much for reading my blogg and dropping by today too πŸ’›

See you soon 😊

Changes, and challenges,- in life is natural and a part of the circle in life πŸ’›. Its like “the earth goes around” everyday πŸ’› ,- its better to just try to except them, and do the best of it,- even it can be a bit difficult now and then 😊 πŸ’›.

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