Oooppss,- I forgot a tiny little ting πŸ˜…

Hi❣Its so nice to see you,- like always 😊I hope all is fine with you πŸ’›.

In all this “changes-atmosphere” “spiced up” with illness and dentist, moving- out and guestes on the way, in our home I forgot a tiny little “thing” πŸ˜…. My son in the middle,- my sweet, sweet Fabian 😍.

Just in case,- he is moving in for some days as well,- in between apartments 🏑. With all his stuff, and a friend too. And in between “all and everything” here 😊. I did knew about it,- but I thought it was after his grandmammi, aunt and cousins has been here,- but its before 😊. Its allready tomorrow πŸ˜….

Oh,- what a mammi Im,- that could forget him 🀀.

Im not sure how to manage it “all”,- but it will probably go well 😊.

The dentist went better then I had expected. So that one was good 😊. But its many, many years since I have been to the dentist. So there is a bit to “take care of”,- and a bit to pay for,- little by little πŸ’°. But I don’t want to lose my teeth either, and not be able to eat πŸ™„ ,- and I really dont want to have that pain again I had last Monday 😒.

And just in case,- I also got called in to an interview today too. For a job I sent my CV to several months ago. And I have no idea how that one went, the interview, because that was really in a sudden,- it was straight from the dentist to the interview, and no time to prepare my self at all. They will call me this evening and tell me how it went. Its for private healthcare, and the doctor that did the interview was a “smashing” piece of a man πŸ˜‰. Any way,- I havent got the time to “process” the interview or the job yet. It all did went so suddenly and fast.

And,- just so I dont forget myself, in a weak moment and the “daily caos” thats is around here during the days at the moment, to send a txt to this american man,- I actully did watch the movie “He is actually not interested” πŸ˜…. Just as an reminder for myself,- he is actually not interested in me 😊. It was also used as a “time-out” ,- the movie 😊. I needed that this afternoon. Im still not 100% recovered.

BTW,- the TV should also be fixed. At the moment its only the DVD-player thats in function. And the second BTW,- to be honest,- I haven’t had any time, or energy, is probably more correct to say, to meet the american any way this last week or days – if that had even been “a option ” πŸ˜….

So maby the thats why the days suddenly became so “filled up”? Just for give me something else to think about? 😊

I want to clean the house too,- its not done very well the last 2 months because of “the trafic” in and out. Its more like a “rushy” “cat-wash” so it just seems okay πŸ˜…. But it needs to wait until Fabian has been here with all his stuff 😊. First I need to make some space and place to Fabian and his things. But before that,- a bit rest and sleep. Im tired now. Probably because I m not totally recovered yet.

And then it is my extra job I do at home in the evenings so I can earn a bit extra money for saving. Or ,- at the moment its more try to do. Like to earn some extra money for example to the dentist or other unexpected outcome. Havent been able to do to much off that one either πŸ˜”. But on Friday I think I m back to my ordenary work at least. With all the baja and alta- paper too. And maybe the days will get a bit more “normal” then?

It has been busy to be sick the last days,- at least it feels a bit busy. But maybe because I m not quite 100% “up and running” yet? And its a lots of “want to do” and “need to do” thats “goes around” in my mind 😊. Its more thinking than doing,- natural enough,- at the moment 😊. But in my mind this “recovering” goes a bit slowly, I think πŸ€”.

But okay,- in the second week in October,- it will maybe be the opposite. At least I think so πŸ˜…. But you never know 😊. At the moment its feels like a tiny caos around me.

I think I just need try to do, as a wise friend of my told me some days ago,- to just “Embrace the changes and challenges” 😊. Easy? Not totally,- but Im trying to embrace it all my very best 😊.

I hope you have a lots of nice happenings in your life you can embrace with open arms and a big smile πŸ’›.

I wish you a great day or evening where ever in the world you are πŸ’›. Thank you so much for reading my blogg and dropping by today too πŸ’›.

See you soon 😊

Im not the best “selfier” in the world,’ but here I am,- after a dentis-visit and “fast-speed-impulsive” ( felt at least very impulsive for me) interview,- and yes,- ready for a tiny rest ,- but still try to “look my best “πŸ™‚ 😊.

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