A new era in life πŸ˜Š

Hi❣ It is so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you πŸ’›

We all goes though different eras in our life. Sometimes we are a bit more #conscious about and around the #era and new #chapters we are going to meet or open, other times not so much.

I think this is the first time Im more conscious about the new era Im going to meet,- and the new chapters Im going to “#write”. Maybe because I m older, and more conscious about the different eras and chapters in #life and changes I both has been through before , and also are going to go through in my life? I m not sure, but I have been thinking more about the new era Im going into and are going to meet forward in the #future this time then before. The next days, weeks, months and hopefully years too 😊. What will them brings me? How will it be to live alone with out my children? How will it be to be “just me”? 😊

I have no idea whats in front off me,- but I want to use October to #work as much as possible, make some #plans and #strategies to how to reach some off my #goals, I want to do more work-out,- and maybe….just maybe “play” a bit πŸ˜‰. I want to use this month a bit to just “me” 😊. Not make to many plans with others,- just maybe one “playmate”,- but just maybe. We see whats happen in that area. Im not stressing that one at all 😊. But it had been nice to have a “playmate” now and then,- I can admite that πŸ˜‰.

Mathilde has #moved out, and my family are well back in Norway 😊. The #home is silent, and a bit strange,- at the same time its a bit good too 😊. It was great to see my #family again, and hopefully it will not go so many years to I see them again like it has been 😊. And I know Mathilde will manage to live on her own very well 😊.

My #children has been in a strange way my “#safety-nett” for me in so many years. In a way that “safty-nett” has changed now. And they has also been together with me during many #changes in life, new eras in my and our life, and even more new chapters in my and our life 😊. Thats in a way also over now. They are still in my life, but not in the same way any more.

Now we all in a way, are “writing” our own chapters, and are meeting a new era in our life -, but not together any more,-but still side by side 😊.

Im very curious on this “new era” in my life, but I havent been able to #create to much or to many #imagenations about it yet 😊. I have some ideas and #wishes, #dreams and #goals 😊. And I m looking forward to try to do my best to reach them,- little by little, step by step 😊.

So fare this new era has just been filled up with work, eat and sleep 😊. But it has nearly just started.

I have been “here” just a couple of days,- in my new era 😊. And I m also very tired at the moment. Really tired. I think its a #combination between that the 3 last months has been a bit like a “rollercoaster” filled up with “this and that”, my job take also much of my energy, and also different thoughts I have in my mind about “the life”and this new “era”, and of course I did get my period this week too,- something that take a bit energy as well πŸ™„.

I did think it should feel a bit more “scary” and I should be a bit more “worried” to “meet” this new era,- but I m not. Not yet at least. Probably because I m so tired πŸ˜…. But Im curious about what’s infront off me, and behind this new “door” in life 😊.

I think #October will be without to many “bumps” or “shines”. But I dont know 😊. I just know Im only going to use my time on #myself this next weeks, and of course a bit on my children 😊. But,- I m not going to use so much time on other people this next weeks,- I just need to be a bit on my own now, sample #energy, sample thoughts. Sort a bit out, try to create #rutines in my life that suits me😊. But I have #holiday the first week in #November, something I really looking forward to 😍,- and then I can use a bit more time on my friends 😊. Hopefully I have got some more and better rutines in my daily life at that time too 😊.

At this point the new era in my life is just here, and that feels okay at this point 😊.

Have you started a new chapter or moving into a new era in your life? Are there any thing you are looking forward to? Or have some worries for?

Im looking forward to this new era ,- but I m not quite sure what I m looking #forward to yet 😊. Things will be more #concrete after a while 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are πŸ’› and Thank you for dropping by today, and for reading my blog πŸ’›.

See you soon 😊

Im looking forward to start this new #era in my #life,- but I have no #idea whats in front of me or what I can #expect 😊. But at the #moment its okay to not know, and just insted start to #create some good #imaginations (and good #rutines too 😊)

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