(When?) / Are you coming home? πŸ‘

Hi❣It is so nice to see you,- like always 😊I hope all is fine with you πŸ’›

A question I still get very often from #friends and #acquaintances in Norway is “When are you coming home?” Or “Are you coming home ?” The first one is mostly been asked,- and normally I reply “Im coming #home every day” πŸ˜‰. Because thats actually what Im doing,- for example,- Im coming home from my #work every day 😊.

Of course I do understand what they mean. “Am I going to move back to Norway?” And in case,- “when?” .

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For them, my friends and acquaintances, that #lives in Norway, Norway are their “home”. They have “a home” there, a #place to live, and they are #living there on #daily basis.

But I haven’t been living in Norway for the last 6 years, and I have no home there to #move back to either. So for me its not natural anymore to call Norway “my home”. It was my home one time in the past. Its still my #home-country. I did grow up there, has been living most of my #life there and have a lots of different #experiences from Norway. But at the moment I have my home in #Spain. And I/ we has been living in the same home/ same townhouse for the last 5 years, as well 😍. And #created it to “our” home πŸ’›.

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Its a home I really #enjoy to live in πŸ’›, its really feels like “home”, my/ our home,- and I hope I can enjoy to live here for some more years 😊. Its a good home for me to come home to, and it has been a good home for my #children too 😊.

My 3 children are now living in the #area , and I m really not ready to move away from them. One thing at the time πŸ˜‰. I need to learn to live on my own first of all πŸ˜…,- with my “safty-nett” close “around” me, before I m thinking about to move to another #place, #area or even #country 😊. Well,- Im just kidding a bit,- but I m not ready to move 😊 ,- special not when Im actually are so incredibly #lucky to have my tiny and #lovely #family around me,- my 3 #children πŸ’›.

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So,- “am I going to move back to Norway?” I have no #idea at the #moment. My mam had an #suggestion about how and where I could move to in Norway, it was not a bad suggestion ,- but I really need to think a bit about that one 😊.

Im not even sure if I want to “start it all over again” in Norway. Because it will be a bit like that,- start over again from “#scratch” if I move back to Norway now. Im not even sure Im will be #brave enough to move back to Norway πŸ™„.

One thing for me,- its to start in a new job,- its a job,- its something #necessary, something I need to do for creating a home, living and a life. I can much easier #change a job then a home. A job at the moment for me, is just something I need to have and need to do. But to create a home in a new place? I dont know πŸ€”. Because for me to have a home I enjoying yo come home to is even more necessary for me 😊.

Well,- both a job and a home is necessary for me,- but in 2 different ways 😊.

A home for me is a place for “#time-out”, #relax, #enjoy, a place with #love, #joy and #happiness, a good #atmosphere, – its a bit different then a job. I dont feel “home” at my job. Except when it comes to my “#dream-job” 😍. Then its very different 😊……but Im not “home” there yet,- when it comes to my dream-job 😊.

At the moment I actually really need to have “my kind” of home,a home I want and can come home to after work 😊. A area for everything else then my job. And that’s here,- in a townhouse in a small town in South of Spain 😊. Here is my home, every day at the moment.

So my answares to my friends and -acquaintances there in Norway,- Yes, Im coming home every day, to my home in Spain πŸ’›. And I really enjoy to come home to my home here in Spain,- every day. I like the atmosphere in my home 😍. And,- I haven’t any idea if Im going to move back to Norway one day. Im #playing with the #thoughts now and then,- but at the #moment its not an #opposition to move back 😊.

Norway is my #past at the moment. Spain is my #present. And I haven’t any idea whats my #future 😊.

But as that said,- when it comes to a home the address is not the most importen, but the #feeling of beeing “home” πŸ’›.

I hope your home is filled up with joy and happiness,- and that you really love to come home- to your home 🏑. Like I do 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are πŸ’› and Thank you for dropping by today,- and for reading my blog πŸ’›

See you soon 😊.

I #love to spend time in my home here in #Spain πŸ’›. And I m so #lucky that I can come home to my #home every day 😊. And….. I haven’t any #idea about if #Norway is going to be my new home again one time in the #future 😊. Time will show 😊.

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