I did choose to watch a movie insted πŸŽ¬πŸ˜Š

Hi ❣Its so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you πŸ’›

Its a new party this #weekend for the department Im working for. But I did #choose to be #home insted, #relax and #watch a #movie 😊🎬. #Enjoy my own #company 😊. I didn’t know about the party before on Tuesday anyway,- and had at that time already #promise to help Fabian and his friend a bit this weekend too.

I had a couple of things in my home that belongs to Fabian. Like a TV, a tiny table and two small commodes. And the plan was to move this to Fabian’s apartment this weekend after I was finish at #work. And,- I also did promise them to borrow my car so they could do some #necessary #shopping 😊. So I did choose to keep my #promise to my #son insted of going to a party with my job,- and then also got the #opportunity to relax with a good movie and enjoy my own company insted ,- and I dont regret that at all 😊. It was good to just relax a bit 😊.

My #colleagues are great, but a bit younger then me. I could probably been #mammi for most of them,- and I think I need to learn to get to know them a bit better before Im going on a party together with them 😊. At the same time as I know I will properly get to know them much better “outside” from work, then at work.

And….there is one man in my #department I wish I could get to #know a bit more and better then the rest,- but I have no #idea how to do that πŸ˜…. And its not even sure he “see me” at all, or have any kind of #interest in #me. And I also think he is probably 10 years #younger then me 😊. So,- maybe I just keep it, the interest for him, to me self insted 😊. ( except from that tiny little part that I did #share it with you now πŸ˜…).

Anyway,- I did actually watch the #movie #Pompeii this #weekend πŸŒ‹. I like movies like this,- movies that are build on true #stories and also #history and #culture 😊. But I do like other movies too 🎬.

The plan is, one day, in the #future,- that Fabian and me are going to visit Pompeii together 😊. I hope we will get the #opportunity to do that 😊.

The movie “Pompeii” was built on the history about Pompeii and the volcanic eruption that buried the city. It was a sad #story and movie, at the same time it was both history, culture and #imaginations. It was #action from the #beginning to the end. I was not borred one minute. And after been watching this movie,- I even wanted more to visit Pompeii together with Fabian 😊.

I like history, culture and #traditions,- and thats also one of the mainly reasons why I did #study #religion for 3 years. Its a lots of history, culture and traditions in this #subject,- religion. A subject I did like to both study and be a #teacher in. I have actually #bachelors #degree in religion 😊.

And I hope I can use my #knowledge in the subjcet a bit more again one day, than I have been using for the lasts years πŸ˜”. The history, the stories, the culture, the knowledge about different religions 😊.

One #possibility to use my knowledge in this subject is to write about it,- but to write about religion in general is also something I need to be a bit #carefull with. An other way is to start to #travel a bit more again,- and #visit different places and use my knowledge at the same time as I m actually can and will be able to even #learn more about religion, history and culture,- or I can start teaching again 😊. But its not easy to be a teacher in religion for me here in Spain 😊. Or,- I can study even more religion too 😊.

The movie Pompeii was mostly history and culture with a tiny, tiny touch of love in it too 😊. Not so much religion, then a bit more traditions. Like I did mention,- its a sad story, but its still a part of our history.

Of course I do #recommend the movie,- if you do like movies with action, history, culture, traditions and a story in, too 😊. The movie last for around 1 hour and 45 minutes. And its action already from the first minute to the last one. Its not a movie for “everyone”,- and I m not going to tell you the story in the movie,- in case you choose to watch it 😊. But its a story there too, a sad and #nice one at the same time 😊. And of course it is about Pompeii and the volcanic eruption that buried the city.

Do you have any #favourites #genre when it comes to movies?

I have several favourites genre,- but I need to admit Im not the biggest fan of science fiction of any kind πŸ“‘ 😊. And I did like “Pompeii” 😊. Maybe you are going to like it too?

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are πŸ’›and Thank you for dropping by today too,- and reading my blog πŸ’›

See you soon 😊

I did #choose to #enjoy my own #company with a #good #movie this #weekend 😊. The movie “#Pompeii” is built up on a #story, #history, some #traditions and #culture. A movie with #actoin, and a sad, but nice story too.

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