What can happen to everyone else can also happen to you! πŸ’

Hi ❣Its so nice to see you ,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you πŸ’›

As you know Im a #mammi,- and I #love my #children so much that it sometimes feels like my #heart is going to explode of just love and #proud to them πŸ’–. And when they call me “mammi” it’s like the #sweetest #music and #word in my ears 🎢🎡🎢. Something that also means that I has been and still are #worried for them too. Worried for something sad, bad and unlucky should happen to them. For losing them in one or an other way.

Not for losing them to a job, partner, hobbies, interests, or that they could choose to live in other place in the world,- but lose them. To drugs or accidents, or even worse.

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So I have told them a couple of times that “what can happen to everyone else also can happen to you “. I told them this so they should be #carefull “out there in the #world”. Because,- unfortunately I cant #protect them for “#everything” in these world. Even I really should wish I could. And it was with good #intentions I told my children those words too,- but I can actually tell them this words with even a much better intentions ❀.

These words are also an #reminder for somthing else, and for others.

When it comes as an reminder for something else,- “What can happen to everyone else also can happen to you” means that all the #good #things in #life that happen to “everyone else” also can happen to you, to my children,- and even for my self too,- its not just about bad things in life 😊. And its actually so much better to turn the words into a #postitve #perspective πŸ’›.

But,- its many times used in and for “negative perspective”- when it comes to bad, sad and unlucky #circumstances.

And that has also been my #experience with this sentence, in my life. A negative perspective, negative experience- things I know has happen to me that also can happen to others. Or other wise,- things I didnt think could happen to me, but it did #happen to me πŸ™„.

Things in life and life it self can turn so fast,- from a happy place to a not so happy place,- and fortunately, too,- the other way around. From an unhappy place to a very, very bright place πŸ’›.

But a tiny little reminder,- about the negative perspective in this words. Because it seems that some people are very good to #jugde other people that are coming up in some kind of negative circumstances in life.

Then remember “That everything that can happen to everyone else also can happen to you!” So maybe it can be an idea to not jugde anyone to fast? πŸ€” Be a bit #carefull? You never know what life will and can brings you. Both in a good way as well in a bad way.

You don’t know what can happen to you or your life. You can #lose your child to drugs, you can lose your house and home to economic crime and fraud. You can lose your mind. You can get cancer or other kind of illnesses. Your partner can be unfaithful,- or even you. You can lose your work and your shoes. And many other things,- you dont know these, there are no safty-nett for this in life. Because “it will never happen to me” is not totally true,- in both negative and positive perspective and circumstances in life. “It can happen”,- “everything” can happen 😊. Well,- not maybe “everything”, but many things in life 😊.

But some think so, and they feel and belive they are so #secured against some things in life- like unlucky, unhappy circumstances , – that they actually take the right to judge others that are in an negative or unlucky circumstances in life,- and then also without knowing what actually did happen, and are bit to fast with the #jugdment too. Its not always the persons mistakes that unlucky circumstances happen in life. (…and these circumstances can also happen to you or me). And most of us dont like to be jugde for negative circumstances in our life.

Im going to try to “#remove” some “#bumps” in #my #life soon,- and maybe tell you the “short” #version of one of my #stories in life,- “been left in Spain with a couple of kids in the suitcase”. I want to remove that one from my homepage. I dont want it to “#defined” me anymore, and even more important,- I dont want to define me and #myself anymore with that sentence, or my life. I want to have a bit more positve perspective in my life 😊.

But before I m going to do that, tell you my story, try to remove some “bumps”, – I need to be #ready for it, do it in my own way, and make sure I can #handle “the jugdment” that may come. Its not sure there will be any jugdment at all, or it can come some. I dont know 😊. I just know we, me too can jugde a bit to fast now and then 😊. And most of us dont like to be judged in a negative way. Not me either. But the best “jugdmenter” in my life is probably myself,- thats for sure.

So,- I need to remind you and myself about this, one more time,- “What can happen with everyone else can also happen to you “!
And I need to remind you and myself that this also can be used in a very #positive way in life πŸ’–, as well as an reminder for negative circumstances in life.

I choose to use it as an #imagenation and a #belive of #positive #circumstances in life- that all positive things in life can happen to you and me as well as everyone else too 😊 πŸ’–. At the same time as I choose to use it as an reminder too, and try to be very careful with the jugdment of other peoples negative circumstances in life.

Maybe this was my current “moral sermon” for the day, and a tiny time for some reflection? 😊

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are πŸ’› and Thank you for dropping by today too, and for reading #my #blog πŸ’›.

See you soon 😊.

Things in #life can easily break, as well as #good things also easily can #happen for all of us πŸ’›. But I think we should try to be at bit #carefull with “the jugdment” for both,- when it comes to #positve as well as negative #circumstances in someones life πŸ’›. It can “all” happen to and for all of us.

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