My “work-out” room is “back in business” again πŸ˜

Hi ❣Its so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you πŸ’›

Fabian and his friend,- lets call him Amir,- just because I like the name, and also do like Fabian’ s friend, – they did help me out yesterday and “put” my “#work-out” room “back in business” again 😍.

It was not much that was #necessary to do,- it was just my walking/ step- machine thats needed to move back inside from the patio, and some of my #weights too. But its a bit difficult to carry the step/ walking- machine on my own up the #stairs. Not because its so #heavy, but it just some “ups and turns” thats better to do with a bit help from someone 😊. The weights I can do on my own 😊.

Normally thats Mathilde’s “#job” to help me take the step/ walking- machine back into the guest-room/ my “work-out-room” ,- but she dont live here anymore πŸ™‚. And when we/me have holiday-guestes this one needs to moves outside so its a bit #space to the guestes inside 🚲. But now I have actually 2 guest- room….. Mathilde’s “old” room too,- so its a bit space for guestes now without moving my step/ walking- machine outside 😊.

Oh! It feels so good to have my “work-out” room “up and #running” again 😍. Now its just me thats need to “back in business” again πŸ˜….

I’ve been #training a bit for the past 2 months too, but not very much #effective as I did before πŸ˜”. And, well, indian-swimming may not be the best “work-out” though it is #fun to do 😊. But #swimming in the #pool and do different #exercise in the #water is good,- but the season for using the pool outside is soon over. Then its good my “work-out” room is “back in track” again 😊.

The reason why my “work-out” has been a bit “comsi-comsa” the lasts months has been a #nice #combination of different and great guests in the guest room 😊, my work- I have been so tired after work , and not least but also because I got sick πŸ˜”.

I have still a bit cold with cough. I sounds a bit like an old man when Im coughing πŸ˜…. And I have a very sexy voice at the moment (just kidding πŸ˜…) – but I really have not very much voice left. That can be fun at work today πŸ˜…. Hopefully it will be better during the day so the customers can hear me during the phone 🎧.

I dont want to press my #body now, but I m really #ready to get back in my “work-out-track” again,- thats for sure 😍. Even I do like to #swim and do #exercises in the pool, I do also like to feel Im “using” my body on the step/walking- machine and with the #weights too 😊.

So after work today, and maybe after a tiny little siesta, Im going to get back into my “work-out” rutines 😊. Its necessary for both my body and my #mind,- thats for sure 😊.

It will probably be a bit hard in the beginning, but hopefully it will not take to long time to be “back in business” again, and do my different exercises and be in the rutine I did have and did like to do 😊. And my body and mind will be so #happy too 😊.

So,- I m really looking forward to come home from work today…..or actually Im looking forward to come home from work every day πŸ˜…….but maybe a bit more today because I can do some necessary “work-out” ,- even I know I need to be #careful. Its just good to be able to start up again in my own way 😊.

Well,- lets this Monday get started, its now off to work, do my job as best I can,- and then…..back home and “#refresh” both my body and my mind with some good and different exercise 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are πŸ’› and Thank you for dropping by today too,- and for reading my blog πŸ’›

See you soon 😊.

Soon the #seson for #swimming and doing different #exercise #outside in the #pool is over,- then its good my “#workout” room is inside,- and also ready for being used again 😊 🚲 πŸ‹οΈβ€β™€οΈ. Any kind of workout its so #good for both the #body and the #mind πŸ’›. #Happy and #healthy body= happy and healthy mind 😊.

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