6 moths and still a fresh and happy “newbie” in this “online- world” 🐝 πŸ˜Š

Hi ❣ Its so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you πŸ’›

Today its actually 6 months since I did really started to #blog and “put” #myself and my #posts “out there” for “all and everyone” 😊. But I did start a bit before that,- I think its around 1 1/2 year since I did $created my blog and started with my first posts.

They was also in a way “#online” at that time, but I didnt “#published” them the way I did started to do 6 moths ago.

It was a bit scary, but also a bit #excited 😊. And its still are 😍,- but not in the same way anymore 😊. I have #exposed my self a lot, but I have still a lots more to $expose 😊. Something I like, even that also is a bit “spooky” too 😊.

I have been #learning a lot, also about my self, and I have much more to learn,- specially if Im going to try to #reach my #goals 😊 πŸ“.

My “goals” for the 6 first months as an “#blogger” was not very much. And I did start for different #reasons.

One of the reasons was to be able to expose my self more, learn to give a bit of “myself” into my #textes 😊. And I also did started to blog because there wasn’t very much textes to #write for me as an #freelancer/ #freelancewriter,- and as I have mention before,- I really $enjoy to write, work from my home and #create, color up, #color down 😍.

An other thing was I needed to #changed my #focus a bit at that time on the #daily basis,- and then to write postes to my blog became my kind of “#timeout” or more like an “jobby”, but with out any #income, as well as do #research and #use my #brain a bit. Something I do like,- to use my brain in and at things thats #interest me, and #teach me more as well as something new 😊.

I didnt have a very “good” job at that moment either,- even it was a job to do and work from my home.

But it was online chatting,- and not just about “all and everything”,- but more in the “intime area” with the opposite sex. And it was also a bit “#contaminated in to my brain ” πŸ˜…. Do I need to tell you more? I dont hope so,- but I do and I did what I needed to do to earn money for me and my daughter’s living. But as that said,- I also did #learn a bit in that “job” about my self as well as about other people (mostly then about men πŸ˜…).

I needed to have my #focus on something else,- and then my #posts and my blog became my “place” and #area to not “contaminated” my brain to much 😊.

Its not a “job” I tell “all and everyone” about,- Im not to #proud of it,- but I did what I needed to do at that time so I was able to pay for our expense. At the same time I know I should be proud of what I did,- because its actually shows that Im #willing to do and “go” fare to support my children and my self, even out of my #comfort-zone. But at the same time I m thinking about how “good” people are to #jugde other people πŸ˜”,- and then I fell on a kind of “#shame” πŸ˜”.

I still do some chatting now and then for trying to earn a bit #extra money,- but I need to be $honest,- its very, very #difficult to find the #motivation to do it πŸ˜…. But then I think about my children, and my dreams and goals in life,- and try my very best for a tiny little time to earn a bit extra,- because I actually need some extra income 😊. But its hard,- in different areas πŸ˜…. (did you get it? πŸ˜‰).

I did have only two “goals” I wanted to #reach for my first 6 months as an “blogger”,- and that was to have 5 different “#brands” to be able to use into my posts and blog around August 😊. I have now 16 different “brands” to use ,- and that was even before August 😊. I still don’t earn any money,- but Im still a ” “#newbie” in this “online” blogging and #influencers “#world” 🐝. I have still a lots to learn and a lots to do 😊. And my second “goals” was to try write 4- 5 posts pr. week, something I also has been able to reach,- more or less 😊.

In the beginning I did use both Facebook, SnapChat, Twitter and Instagram as my “online” area. But that was way to much for a very fresh newbie as me πŸ˜…. So I just continue to used Facebook and Instagram. The last weeks I have more or less just used Facebook. I have been a bit tired, the energy- level havent been to high 😊. But I m going to go “back” to Instagram,- and little by little #expand my online horizons 😊. But for me, in my mind, I do #belive its better to use a bit more time to work and make good plans, and hopefully create something #stable slowly ,- then “#rush” into it and just be a “#mayfly” 😊.

Maybe I will reach my goals, maybe not. Its just to try to do my best, and see whats #happens 😊.

Im a bit #impressed over my self, to be #honest 😊. I didnt think I was able to put so much photos of my self “online”,- and at least not be able to write around 4- 5 posts pr. week 😊.

Something that’s mean I has been “working” between around 12 hours around 4- 5 days a week 😊. Because I m at my ordinary work 9 hours ( 10 hours including driving) 5 days a week 😊. And I m not fluent in English,- so it takes a bit time to write a post as correctly as possible 😊.

The last months I have learned a bit more about what kind of posts and #subjects thats gets most of the #interesting and #intentions from you,- my #readers 😊. And to be honest, – you all really makes my days,- every day πŸ’›. Thank you so much for doing that, for #reading my #blog, for starting #following my blog, for your likes and comments πŸ’–. Its means so much πŸ’–. And its give me even more “guts” to #continue writing, continue working to reach my goals 😍. I really do #appreciate it and you all so much πŸ’–.

I have now readers in all 5 continents,- and from 53 differents countries in the world πŸ’–. Im so #impressed,- I didn’t #imagen that 6 months ago 😊.

So,- lets see what the next 6 months “brings” ,- I have no #idea,- but I know I m going to do my best to write as “#interesting” as possible , and try to “#entertains” you a best as I possible can with my textes and my blog 😊. And I have a #plan, but I also know “Rome was not build in one day πŸ˜‰ ,- thing takes time 😊.

Im really looking forward to the next 6 months (to take 6 months at the time is a good “#timeline” for me at the moment) 😍. And I m still a “newbie”,- and I m still learning, and have a lots of #improvement work to do,- bit-but little by little, step by step Im slowly going to find”my #topic” in “this online #influencer- world” 🐝 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are πŸ’› and Thank you for so much for dropping by today too πŸ’› ,- and for reading my blog πŸ’›.

Im still a “#newbie” in this #online #blogging/ #influencer- #world, but I m in “#process” 🐝. I have #learned a lots the last 6 months in different #areas,- but its still a lots more to learn πŸ˜ŠπŸ“. And Im looking forward to “#grow” in different areas as well as #learn so much more 😊. So its just to try and “#fly”, and do #my #best to #reach my #goals 😊.

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