I think I need to learn a bit more about “today’s” make-up πŸ˜ŠπŸ’„

Hi ❣ Its so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you πŸ’›

I do like #make-up, and I have a kind of #interest for make-up too,- even I need to admit that I both could and knew much more about make-up for 10- 15 years ago, then I do know now πŸ™‚. At the same time I should probably could and know more now,- when, and maby also just because, I m (getting) older 😊. But I dont know very much , and I have some #skills to prepare a bit in thise area (too) 😊.

Things has #changed, also in the make-up world, during the lasts years 😊.

Im #fascinated how much #different types and kinds of make-up there are now, and also how different a persons #look can be with and without make-up πŸ’„. Really different. Make-up can do “#magic”, and make #magical #changes in a persons look 😊.

I normally use my #mascara daily,- and thats more and less it,- except from a good #day-cream ( or #night-cream in the night…..because I do try to “slow” down the “speed” for my fine lines and wrinkles a bit πŸ˜… ). So my use of “make-up” is not very much “magic” to brag about at the moment when it comes to my look πŸ˜….

But if Im going to a #party or a kind of #celebration Im using a bit more make-up like #eye-liner, #eye-shadow, and even sometimes a bit #powder “here and there” in my face 😊. Lately I have even try to use #lip-stick,- and thats actually new for me. Normally Im just use a #lip-gloss with a “touch” of #color in.

Im getting older and thats not a “secret” ,- and I have lately thought about maybe try to #learn to use a bit more make-up, like what they call “day make-up”, so I can feel a bit “fresher” during my days and the #aging-process 😊. Its not because I m a shamed about getting older. Im getting older,- thats the #facts, thats the way it is and thats a part of the #life. But for me its more about #feeling a bit “#fresher” and “#comfortable” during my #aging-process 😊.

But I have some tiny bit “new” things to learn about make-up,- thats for sure,- some “old” skills to prepare 😊. For example,- I did think I could use “#primer” in all of my #face as an ‘fancy and “fresh” face-cream,- but insted of “looking fresher” I did actually looked a bit ill πŸ˜…. Thats not what a “primer” are for,- so now I know that one 😊.

An other thing,- I did thought that “‘foundation” was a kind of “#organisation”. Its not πŸ˜…. Its more or less a kind of cream thats in its own way is similar with the good old “brown-cream”, but just in a new and fancy “#style” πŸ˜….

Im not sure why I haven’t “follow up” this different #changes in the make-up world. #Life, maybe?

But I actullay want to try to learn how to use daily make-up in a good and effective way to look and feel both fresh and comfortable, because,- one thing its for sure, the make-up “#process” cant take to much of my morning-time either 😊.

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Maybe that should be a goal for the next year? #Learn to use make-up in a daily #magical way thats make me feel “fresh” and comfortable during the aging-process ? 😊. Its not impossible,- its a bit up to me,- and I think I have found a #brand I think I want to try out,- but not before next #year 😊. I have a couple of other things I need to use my time and #focus on first, and to learn a bit more about, during the last part of this year 😊.

But I m #enjoying to learn new skills and things ( thats are in and of my #interests), – and I do looking forward to try to learn a bit more about what magic make-up can #create in a look, my look 😊. Its probably not one of the most #challenging goals I have for next year,- but its a #creative and #colourful #goal with a touch of #fun to do and learn as well, and a bit different from what Im normally doing 😊. And thats importen too 😊. So why not just at least try? πŸ’„

Do you have some kind of goals for the next year? Or skills to prepare? In case,- I hope you are looking forward to start with yours as I do with mine 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are πŸ’› and Thank you for dropping by today too,- and for reading my blog πŸ’›.

See you soon 😊.

I have a bit to #learn in the #makeup #world,- thats for sure 😊. But it can be #fun to learn something #new,- next #year too 😊. Prepare some “lost” #skills, and learn the different between “#foundation” and #organisations too πŸ˜‰ 😊

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