Im not the biggest fan of the “car-washer-mashine” πŸš˜πŸš—πŸšΏ

Hi ❣Its so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you πŸ’›

Im not sure why,- but I dont like to #wash the car in the “#car-washing-#mashine” alone.

I dont have any #problems with give my car a hand-wash alone. I have done that several times when we did #live in #Norway, on the country, fare away from “everyone else ” 😊. But,- if I needed to use the car-washing-mashine, in Norway, I always did bring one of my #children with me,- it didnt matter if my #child was one year or ten year,- one of them needed to “#company” me 😊. Then I didnt #feel so alone “in there” in “” #art- #inspired”car-washing-mashine” πŸš— 🎨.

Here in #Spain, in the #area we are #living in, its a bit difficult to hand-wash my car out side my home. Of course I could do that on the gas-station insted of using the “car-washer”. But to be #honest,- I dont feel very “#comfortable” to do that, either. I dont like the “#imagenation” of someone watching me,- even there probably would be non πŸ˜…. Its just in my head 😊. Its probably no-one that had even lift a eye if I had washed my car manual (hand-wash ). But I do like that one even less then the car-washer. Then there is a #choice between “two evils” for me, and the choice becomes to use the car-washing-mashine 😊.

Btw,- this #expression sounds a bit bad in english,- “a choice between two evil choices ” πŸ˜…. The #choices are not so “evil” at all,- its more a choice between two things I dont like to much to do 😊.

Any way,- my car needs to be washed now and then. Its a lots of sand (and other stuff) in the air that gets it durty. For me its about #safty to wash my car. Because if not it will be a #challenge after a while to have a #good #overview in the #traffic. I use the #windows and I use the #mirrors, and both get a bit dirty 😊.

Of cours I just could only hand-wash them, but I can be a bit “#clumsy” and get durt from the door ect. on my clean clothes. And I don’t want that either 😊. ( I m still a bit van 😊). Then its just to drive into a “car-waher”, get the job done and get the car clean,- like I did yesterday ….. together with my #daughter 😊. Like I mention,- I dont like to be alone in my car when Im using the “car-washer”.

I can drive the car inside, jump out and start the “car-washer”,- but I m a bit worried it will start before Im out,- even I know it would not πŸ˜…. But its still a “shower” I prefer to “stand over” 🚿.

#Complicated? No,- not at all 😊. Normally I get company from one of my children or a friend to “company” me 😊. And,- nope,- I dont need to “fix my mind” for this either πŸ˜…. Because it is also a bit #lazy “I dont like to do it….” πŸ˜….

I know that that day I really need to do this alone,- wash the car in the car-washing-mashine, I will #fix it 😊. But at the #moment I dont need to do it,- so I just leave it that way 😊.

Do you have some things you prefer to do together with company? Like wash the car or iron clothes, or do the dishes, paint the house or something else in this “area” ? Or do you “just leave it” to you dont need to do it? Or to you have company? 😊

Like I did mention, Im not the biggest #fan of washing the car in the car-washing-mashine, and I #prefer to have company,- but I know I can handle it in my own if I really need to ….but that’s one is for an other day 😊.

At the same time I m also a bit #fascinated about “the #art” thats #created at my car- windows for a tiny little while in the car-washer 😊. Have you #recognized that when you have used the car-washer?

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The art dont stay on the windows very long, but its still #colorful and #abstract art,- on its own way 😊🎨.

And I do like art 🎨. So I take some #photos when I using the car-washer to get #inspiration for my own art 😊.

Any way,- I have now a #clean and #safe car for the weekend, and I did get to #spend some #time together with my #daughter as well,- and the possibility to take some #photos to use as #inspiration 😊. Most of the times, in “I dont like…..” or “Im not the biggest fan of….” there also are some thing #positive to #focus on,- we just need to take look a bit closely 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are πŸ’› and Thank you for dropping by today too,- and for reading my blog πŸ’›

See you soon 😊.

The #cool #abstract art from the car-washing-mashine πŸš—. My car is clean, I did spend some #quality time with my daughter, and got a bit #inspiration too 😊. Just from using a car-washing-mashine πŸš—. Most of the times is something #positive to use the #focus on,- even its not always easy to find or see 😊.