On time … later or sooner? βŒšπŸ€”⏰

Hi ❣ Its so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you πŸ’›

The spanish time, or for to be more “#precise” ,- the spanish #watch and #clock have a bit different “#time- table” then I m use to 😊. Its more or less called “not to be on time” ,- but when thats said – its many spanish people that use the same watch and “time- #perspective” Im use to use 😊.

I think its just a part of the #culture, a kind of long “#tradition” to be “to late” here in this country 😊 . But it can still a bit annoying when I m used to “be on time” πŸ˜‰. Not two hours later, or even an other day later, but “in time” 😊.

And then its this “#later” and “#sooner” that some use for #describe “the time” for when they are #arriving to a place, for example.

Thats not just the spanish ones that use,- its seems that that one is used by many.

The thing is just I have no #idea what time it is when its “late” / “later” or “soon” / “sooner” πŸ˜‰. Where are the “#clock-hands” on the watch then? What #numbe are they standing on when its “soon”/ “sooner” and what number are “late” / “later” ? ⏰ I m just asking,- because I haven’t learned what time-#persperspective no one of these are ⏳.

I have learned that “Im 10 minutes to late” or “5 mintues to #early”. Something that at least for me give a bit more precise time to #relate to. I normally prefer to be “to early”,- but it depends a bit in the #situation.

Im #raised to “be on time”, or most #preferably, if possible, be a little ahead of time,- and also #respect other peoples time too. And I have try to do my best to raised my children to be and do the same. Be on time, respect other peoples time, as well as #enjoy your own time.

But for some #reason I dont know,- my oldest son had a bit “#challenge” with this “to be on time” when he was a child. He forgot the time all the time πŸ•°. It was actually a bit annoying,- so annoying that he had a tiny little bag on his back when he was out and played in the forest , and “#experienced” the #world around him. And in this bag it was a #good #old #fashion #alarmclock ⏰. I did turn it to the time he should come home,- and when the alarm went off he actually did come home 😊. A #happy and hungry, #exacted boy after his owns “#adventures” in the forest, in his own time 😊.

Some will probably not be #agree with me for doing this, for raising him to learn “to be on time” this way. But,- hey! It did #worked out for us,- and he is “on time” now. Mostly never “to early”,-but to be “on time” is a bit better then to “be to late” in my #mind 😊. It was very #functional and #prefect #solution for both my son and me to put an alarm-clock in his back-bag ⏰.

I dont like it when people “use” my time to for example be to late for a #meeting. And some have this bad #habit to “always” be to late. Why? Because,- when it is “the other way around” they actually get irritated if someone are coming “to late” to or for them πŸ€”.

I like to use my time the way its best for me,- and I like to #share my time with others too.

I know Im not using my time totally the way I want, should do, whats #best for me and the way I need at the #moment. ( Im in a way in a “#fluffy” #bubble at the moment). Im not using my time the way “the time” is most “functional” and wisely for me at the moment ,- but sometimes in life is importen to use a bit of the time a bit “different” for then be able to use it more “functional” and #wisely after ⏳. Its still not “waist” of time 😊.

Time! Time is so much more then just the numbers on the watch. Its so many #definitions,- long time, short time, all the time, any time, no time. I could #probably “#discuss” the #perspective on the word and “#expression” “time” so much more,- but I m not going to be boring you with that 😊.

Clearance Event

But one thing is for sure,- #respect other peoples time- and “be on time” 😊.

Its to #easy this days to not respect someone elses time,- its just to send a #text if you are to late. Before,- before the mobile- time,- most of us was “on time”,- because we didn’t have an “easy” ” #solution and #excuses” to “not be on time”. We couldn’t just send an “#relaxing text” with “Im a bit to late”. Something Im actually very happy for 😊. I actually did #learn to respect both other peoples time as well as my own time, and also to “be on time”⏳. It doesn’t mean Im always “on time” , but mostly Im actually “at the time” πŸ˜‰ ⌚.

What is “time” for you? The number on the clock? Or something more, different and else? No matter what it is,- I hope you are #enjoying your time and use it the way its most functional, best and wisely for you πŸ’›.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are πŸ’› and Thank you for dropping by today too,- and for reading my blog πŸ’›

See you soon 😊

The #time! Is it “to #early” or “to #late”? What time is “#soon” and what time is “late”? 😊 Time- both a #relative #concept and an #abstract #concept too ⏳. A #specific concept and as a #description of #various #events ⌚. A #precise and #inaccurate concept ⏰ . I wish you a #great time for this Monday 😊 .

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