Our wonderful and peaceful prairie πŸ’›

Hi ❣Its so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you πŸ’›

It has been a #busy #week at #work, and I had a busy, and #emotional week inside me too.

A friend of my in Norway did send me a link a week ago. The link was to “our #wonderful and #peaceful #prairie”, and its for sale.

Of course a lots of #good #memories together with my #children come to my #mind,- as well as the last year in Norway.

I m so #grateful that my children and me had some #great and #peaceful years togheter at “the #prairie” 😊. Im so #happy that my children did got the #possibility for #growing up at “the #country”, and so close to the #wonderful #nature πŸ’›.

Im so grateful for all the good memories we 4 have together from this place, “our place”.

It was some very busy years, but at the same time so peaceful. There was no busses in the area,- so I was the taxi-driver for my children closely “#everywhere” they should go 😊.

It was #joy and #laughter, it was #friends #and family, it was #games and sleep-overs in #tent in the #garden. It was #trees and #nature, #sun, #rain and #snow, and even #deer and #fox in the #garden when we did eat our #breakfast together 😊.

We did #moved to the Prairie after the divorce from my childrens father,- and I think its the peace we needed and also did get and find there thats probably also “#effects” my so #strong #feelings for the place, the house. But for us it was just not a house,- it was a home- exactly the kind of home we did needed at that time, after the divorce πŸ’›. A home with peace πŸ’›.

I really do #miss that times and the years we did have at “our prairie”. Buts not #possible to go back in time,- but when it comes to this place, that time we did have there, I should wish I could turn the time back ….. and #made some #other #choices. Or actually just one,- never got #involved in mr. Ex πŸ˜”.

So fare in my life thats probably my #worst #choice and #mistake I have ever done, a mistake and a choice I #regret so badly. I hope I one day will be able to #forgive my self for that choice and mistake. But still,- after over 6 years the “forgives” its #difficult to find. Its breaks my heart, to be honest, that I could be so stupid and belive in mr. Ex,- and loose our home,- because of a man πŸ’”.

But I have tried to #foucus on the good #memories from “the prairie” insted this week,- as good as I possible can 😊. Its not #easy,- because at the same time I do think “what if I havent done, got involved into that man…..how could our life had been, my life, my children’s life ?”

I know I shouldn’t do it, bother my self with thoughts like that,- but its not always easy. “What if….” can not give any me peace anyway, and “what if…” are just an #unrealistic #imagination I never will get the possibility to find out of anyway. There will just be #questions with out any answers, and not any possibility to even find or get the #answares,- and thats probably for the best.

I did #smile when my #friend did send me the #link,- because she did use the name “#Prairie” like “all and everyone” did use as a name at our place 😊. We did #like that name,- it was #perfect for our place πŸ’›.

I did take a #look “inside” “the Prairie” from the link. I did think two and three times before I did open it. But it was with #joy to see that the family that have been #living there haven’t done to many #changes 😊. I dont know why I felt this joy,- but it made me a #happy 😊.

Do you want to take a look outside and inside our “Prairie” ? In case,- here is the link


Enjoy 😊,- hopefully you will be able to open it, and get a kind of imagination why we did fall so in #love with thise #place, our #home 😊.

I really hope this family that lives there now had the same joy and happiness as me and my family had at the “Prairie ” πŸ’›. And I hope the new once that buy’s it will have too πŸ’›. Its a good place to live,- at least it was for us 😊.

Unfortunately I cant buy it back,- even I really should wish I could πŸ’›.

But I dont live in Norway at the moment , and the house would probably be a bit big for just me to live there, or maybe just perfect 😁.

But I need to admit that I have been #fantasized about how it would be to live there now 😊. In my #imagenation I have #created one room to my #gallery, an other as my #worknig- room and place, like a office for writing πŸ“. One I have created to a work-out room,- and of course there are guest-rooms too,- in my imagenation 😊. Well,- Im any way allowed to #dream,- my dreams can no-one take away from me 😊.

I really do miss our “Prairie” and the time we did had there πŸ’›. And I m so #grateful for all the #good #memories we have from this place, this years we did live at the Prairie πŸ’›. I dont have so very much more to say today 😊. I just take all the good memories we did created at the Prairie with me in my #heart πŸ’–.

I have a #good #home here in Spain,- a home that has been our home for the last 5 years now 🏑. Im very grateful for that, and hope this place can be my home for a bit longer πŸ’—. Its not on the #country, but its not in the #city either 😊. Im in #between at the #moment 😊.

Im not a #city-girl, Im a bit more like a #country- girl 😊. I like to spend time in the city, but I love to live at the country ❀. Time and life will show whats happens and where I m “ending up” 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are πŸ’› and Thank you for dropping by today too,- and for reading my #blog πŸ’›

See you soon 😊

One time ago this was Our #wonderful and #peaceful #prairie πŸ’›. Our #place, a #home for #joy and #happiness- and a lots of #good #memories πŸ’–. My #dreams can no-one take away from me,- even the #reality is something #different πŸ’›.