Whats correct for you, is not sure is correct for me πŸ˜Š

Hi ❣Its so nice to see you,- like always 😊I hope all is fine with you πŸ’›

I’m a bit in the #philosophical #corner today, but I’m still in my “#cavedweller and #hermit” #period – and “use” it for what it’s #worth 😊.

We are all #different,- and most of the time thats its a #good thing 😊. That means also that we make different #choices too,- and that one choice dont #necessary needs to be more #good or #correct then a other #choice. Of course we all do #wrong choices as well. #Mistakes happens, unfortunately, all the time. And we also have #different #understanding about and around different words and #expressions,- like for example “what is a good life”,- and how to get and reach that kind of life thats good for you. It can be a goal, or severals goals in life 😊.

“What is #correct for you is not sure is correct for me” 😊. Its a big “#area”, and somethings thats also take a tiny bit “space” in my #brain too 😊 ,- and I could probably write a bit “#forever” about “this” πŸ˜… ,- but I m not going to do that. Just “#dropping by” as short and #generally as I can 😊.

“A good life” is just an example. It can also be something like a car, or a job, or clothes, or even belives (like religion) in life. One car can be correct for me, an other is more correct for you and your needs . One job is #perfect for you, but the same job can be totally wrong for me. One #belive in life is good for you, but the same belive doesnt feel correct for me. It doesn’t mean that one is more correct than the other one 😊. It just mean we are different with different #possibilities and choices in life 😊.

To reach our goals, or “the good life” we have different “tools” ( tools can be different kind of work or money, or other things) to use, and also different possibilities too – it #depends a bit where in “the world” we are. Both where we are living as well as whats around us of different possibilities to use, and whats “#stage and #levels” we are at and in, in our #life.

We are all different from each other, which also means we are going to #choose different #direction,- even when the #goals can be more or less the same,- as for example to have a good life. ( its just an example).

What is a good life for me its not sure is the same as a good life for you. To find my way and directions to my good life, is not sure is the same as for you. We are different, we choose differently, we have different experiences in life, and we also have different possibilities to choose from as well as different “#tools” to use,- to create “our good life”. But that doesn’t mean that one is more correct than the other one.

A good life for me its not sure are the same as a good life for you. But the goal is still the same,- to get or have a good life 😊. And of course “the way” to find it, to get it or to have the good life, will also be a bit different from person to person too 😊.

I need to find “my #way” in my life as you need to find yours,- and we will probably do it #differently. Will my way be wrong? No, thats not sure,- but maybe it will be wrong for you to do it “in my way”. And of course also the #oposite 😊.

Its not even sure I have the same #possibility to #choose from, the same things in life as you have to use for “#reaching the goals”. Its not sure the same possibility you have #exist where or there I am in my life. Then I need to use other “tools” and also other #possibility I have avable to get “on the road” in the way thats best for me to use them, and for reaching my goals. It doesn’t make me #better or #worse then you , its not more or less “correct”, just different, and with different possibilities and choices.

For some a good life is to live in a cabin in the forest, for other it can be a good life to live in an apartment in a big town, and for some one else a good life is to live in a castle. No one is more correct than the other one,- its just different.

For some a job or a special kind of job/ work can be the definition for a good life, for other to use their time on a hobby can be the definition for a good life. Others #prefer to #define a good life with focus on family and friends, or just travel around the world.

Some maybe want to live in a castle, but need to do different kinds of work to reach that goal, other is just born into the castle. For both a life in the castle feels and are correct,- they just reached the goal in different ways and with different “tools” and possibilities. One is not more correct then the other one,- its just different. The last one is probably a bit more easier to reach then first one 😊. So its just a different then, not a “correct” or “wrong” way.

If two persons are drifting one cafe each, and both cafes are doing well, but just in different ways and areas. Will one person be better to drift the cafe than the other one? Will one way be more correct? Or, maybe both are correct? Just in different ways? One way is correct for one cafe-owner, and another way more correct for the other one? Probably both ways are correct, just different,- because both have cafes thats are very well functional for each.

Its the same in life,- we are different, we “#drifting” our life differently, and whats correct for me is not sure is correct for you. And at the same time maybe we both have the same #understanding and definition for a what a good life is, but we still need to reach the goal with different tools and #possibilities that are #avable ?

For example,- maybe I need to work 6 or 7 days a week to reach some of my different goals. But maybe you just need to work 5 days a week for reaching exactly the same goals? The difference can be the salary or just the working- hours pr day. The difference doesn’t need to be so big, but at the same time they are.

Or the goal can even just be to #fix the teeth and get a dentist- appointment. Maybe you need to save money to be able to go to the dentis, but I have a friend thast fix my teeth for free? The goal is to fix the teeth, but we get to the goal different. One way is not better or more correct, or even wrong, than the other one. Its just different. One is a bit easier, the other one can take a bit more time.

My point is: 😊

We are #different so we also will #choose #differently. One choose can be #correct for you, a other choice can be correct for me,- but still the #choices can be good and correct, just different.

We can have the same #goals, but different #understanding, #definitions and #believes for ” the goal”, for example, for what a good life is,- or

,- maybe we have the same understanding, definitions and believes what a good life is,- but we still have different #experiences, #possibilities and “tools” to reach the same goal.

Its the difference between us that “colour up the life”. One #colour is not more correct to use, or better, but one suits maybe you better then me, or are more correct for you to use ? 😊

I hope you will have a #perfect weekend thats feel #totally #correct for you, filled up with all the correct things,- thats correct just for you 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are πŸ’› and Thank you for dropping by today too,- and for reading my blog πŸ’›

See you soon 😊

I’m a bit in the #philosophical #corner today, but I’m still in my “#cavedweller and #hermit” #periode – and “use” it for what it’s #worth 😊. And to be in a “cave dweller and hermit” periode can be #correct for me, but its not sure its correct for you 😊. We use what we have in #life #differently 😊.