The pyramids β›°( jobs) πŸ˜Š

Hi ❣ Its so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you πŸ’›

Its not a #secret that I dont feel 100 % #comfortable in my job. That doesn’t mean its a bad job,- not at all 😊. Its a #good #job 😊. We are all just #different,- and some like some kind of work, when others #prefer another kind of job 😊. Thats the way it is,- and thats good. We cant do the same job all of us any way. And sometimes in life its also #necessary to do a job just to get the income for the bills too 😊.

Some of us need and like to take care of the nursery in different areas, and other like to work in a cafe, bar, resturant or hotel. Some like to work with clothes in different areas, other prefer cars. And so on,- and thats makes ” the #wheels #goes #around” in the #society,- that we have different kind of #jobs, #knowledge and #interests, and also prefer to work differently 😊.

My wish is to be able to work more from my #home again, and be able to #create it as an #living. Be able to pay my bills and create a #lifestyle,- a #lifestyle thats #correct for me 😊. If I #manage to do it,- I dont know,- but Im working on it,- Im on “the #case” 😊. Not every day, unfortunately I dont have time for that, but every week.

With that means I m also “sniff around” a bit, special online to see if there are any #possibility for getting some work I can do from my home as well as get an #income thats #possibility to live for and by, and a job I do feel I “fit” into 😊.

And there are different kinds of jobs thats gives a possibility to work from your home, but many of these are whats called “#pyramid-jobs”. Its nothing wrong with that either, and there are a lots of #greats #products to choose from and between 😊.

Its clothes, make-up, cosmetic- products and different types of diets and engery powder ect., food-products and other kind of health- products. In general most of this products are good, and I could probably both used them, #promoted them and even maybe sold them. My #challenge is this “pyramid-job” and the “#building” , and to do the #selling. Im not a good seller, or good to “get” people to #buy something 😊.

The #consept is in general fine, and for many its a #great #opportunity to both work from home and earn good money. But its not the best opportunity for me. Im not the best “team-builder” either. I dont want to recruit new “once”, and have a kind of #responsibility for others.

I should wish I just could just #promote #products like this in my #blog 😊. But okay,- thats not the way its working,- so thats why I m #considering to learn more about for example make-up and about how to use make-up ….. but not before next year 😊. I need to have find time and how to do it as well as #learn it, and try to #save a bit money to buy the start-kit first too, and also how to “built” it 😊.

I can try to sell products I “belive” in,- but to find new sellers and building up an “#pyrimad” is not very much “me”. I know Im not good in either #build a pyramid or sell different kinds of products. Thats the way it is 😊. We can’t all be #professional in the same #area 😊. But okay,- I can try and see how it goes 😊. I see next year what I do 😊.

I know its it takes time, a lots if work and #energy to build such a concept. Pyramid-consept. And I #admire those who makes it, and #manage to make it to a #livelihood. They #deserve to be “on the top”,- many of them have been #working #hard to get there πŸ˜Šβ›°.

Its in a way the same way like when they build this real pyramids, the big once like the once that are in Egypt for example. You #start on the #grownd and build it up,- stone for stone 😊. You also need a #good #team around you to manage build the pyramid. And often you need to invest a bit more then time and enery- like money. Probably thats where the name is from? #Pyramid? 😊

Of course I know its a bit more then that behind a pyramid- consept, and not just all are #positive. But thats in many other jobs too. I think “pyramid-job” often get a little more negative #reputation than they #deserves.

Of course I know you also in many of thise concept need to invest a bit money in some kind of “start-kit” too. How should you else be able to “knew” the different products so well that you are available to sell them? 😊.

I know #I #can #build up “#something” ,- but Im probably better to build up something other then a pyramid 😊. Maybe a #cozy #cave? πŸ˜‰ #Just #kidding πŸ˜…. But I m trying to look for something else to build 😊. Something thats #suits #me and my #personality a bit better then a pyramid 😊. Because we are also #different #types of #builders, and we #built #differently.

Some can #create a big pyramid other a cozy cave, some can create a house, other a town. Some #create #experience “on the road” and #hopefully #good #memories too. And its a bit important, I think, to #enjoy what you are building, to feel you are building something thats “#fits” you. No matter what you are building or doing 😊.

Are you building up something at the #moment ? Do you enjoy your work and the way you are buliding? 😊 I hope you get a fantastic “building” no matter what are you building or doing 😊. Because when you are building you are also creating. It can be a job, or it can be experience, or even great memories 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are πŸ’›. Thank you so much for dropping by today,- and for reading my blog πŸ’›.

See you soon 😊.

The #pyramids in Egypt/ Cairo from a #travel #my #children and #me had in February 2009,- soon 11 years ago πŸ˜Šβ›°. We did #built #marvellous #experience #together, and #great and #funny #memories too πŸ’›. Its many times about “#building” in #life,- even its #good #consept, #different #experiences or #great #memories 😊.