And then it was Halloween again πŸŽƒ

Hi ❣ Its so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you πŸ’›

Its already #halloween again πŸŽƒ. I feel the last one was just a couple of weeks ago 😊. The time goes by, and it goes fast too πŸš€.

I did not grow up with the #celebration of Halloween in #Norway. There was no “#natural” celebration of that at that time, “in the old days” πŸ˜…. I dontveven think we knew what Halloween was 😊. It is only the last 10, maybe 15 last years that this has become a #popular “celebration” in #Norway. So Im actually not use to celebrate Halloween, my children are probably a bit more use to it πŸŽƒ.

Im not sure if I can call it a “celebration” in Norway either, because its havent been a natural part of #traditions or the #culture. Well,- a celebration it is 😊. Because a kind of #party-time it is, and also an good “excuse” to #create a #party πŸŽƒ. Its nothing wrong with that,- but, like I mention, its not a part of the natural and “#original” #norwegian #culture and #traditions. Its more an #adopted culture for #fun and party from the USA πŸ˜ŠπŸŽƒ (and probably a bit for the #business as well 😊).

Halloween is actually coming from long #traditions from the culture from South of America. They celebrates their loved once, #friends and #family that has past away. For many it can seems like a bit #morbid tradition because the people in South of America put out #skeletons as #symbols for their dead family- members and friends. And then they in they our own way, celebrating life and dead togheter with them- the skeletons, their dead family and friends 😊.

They set out rice on their graves and drink wine, sing and plays all night long. Its not a sad celebration, its about good memories πŸ’›.

During the years many people moved from South of America to North of America, and they did bring with them their traditions and culture,- and some of this was the celebration of Halloween. Or like its actually called “The celebrations of the dead once” πŸ’›πŸŽƒ.

After a while the traditions got adopted and created a bit into the culture in North of America. And little by little the traditions “moved” to Europe too πŸŽƒ.

Its nothing wrong with adopted other traditions and create them to your owns. Its natural,- we live so close to each other in this #online #world that it had probably been a bit more strange if we didn’t get a bit #influenced from other traditions and cultures 😊.

Im not sure why and where this “#trick or #treat” became a part of Halloween. I could easily found out if it,- but at the #moment its not to importen for me😊.

When I did #grow #up we in away had something a bit #similar, but just a bit.

In the time between #Christmas and #New year we did #dressed up as #santa of #different kinds and #types, and went from door to door in the #neighbourhood. Knocked on the doors and waited. When someone open the door we started to #sing a #Christmas-song, and after the #song was finish we did hope and wish for some Christmas-#candies in our #santa-#bag 🍭🍬🍫. Of course we nearly always did get some #candies or christmas-cookies too 😊.

I did like this #tradition when I was growing up,- but for some #reasons it has slowly did #disappeared. We did called this “#event” for “to walk Christmas- buck”. The #norwegian #word is “Γ… gΓ₯ #julebukk”. My #children have never done this,- but okay,- they have Halloween insted πŸŽƒ. But I need to #admit that I did like this #tradition between Christmas and New Year,- it was #sweet and #innocent, and a part of the Norwegian traditions and culture 😊.

So,- now its Halloween again, and I think it is a couple of things its good to remember in this “#scary” Halloween day and night πŸŽƒ. The first one,- be #nice to this small, sweet children, even you dont like Halloween. For them this is a fun celebration and also a celebration thats starting to be a #part of their culture and traditions πŸŽƒ. And the second one,- please #respect the once that doesn’t celebrate Halloween and doesnt like it. Halloween has not been a natural celebration in their life,-so please,- don’t bother them with this “celebration” they don’t want to be a part of with knocking on their doors 😊.

This year I m not going to celebrate Halloween. For me its not a natural #part of #my #life, #traditions or #culture. But I have been “#celebrated” Halloween a couple of times. Sometimes with “dressing up” at work in Halloween- #costume, other times “#dressed up” and went to a #party with #friends in the evening. It has been fun,- both to dress up at #work as well as go to a Halloween- costume- party πŸŽƒ. But I dont feel any “missing” parts in my life to not celebrate it this year 😊.

I hope you get a #funny Halloween,- even you are celebrating or not πŸŽƒ. Its a tradition thats are probably going to stay for a while πŸŽƒ.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are πŸ’›. Thank you so much for dropping by today too,- and for reading my #blog πŸ’›.

See you soon 😊.

#Me as the #sweetest #dark #witch you ever have #meet πŸ˜…. Just kidding πŸ˜…. But its me #ready for #celebration of the #Halloween last year πŸŽƒ. A #new “#tradition” Im not used to yet πŸŽƒπŸ˜Š. But any way, #Happy #Halloween to you all,- and be #scary in a #nice way to each other 😘.