The All Saints Day πŸ•―β˜„

Hi ❣Its so nice to see you ,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you πŸ’›

Today its a #Holyday in #Spain πŸ•―. Its the #celebration of all The #Saints πŸ’›.

What means that closely everything is closed like shops and offices. The train and busses goes, but not at their regulary week timetable, its the weekend- table thats count today, but not totally that one either 😊.

It also means that people goes to the #cemetery with #beautiful and #colorfull flowers to their #loved once that has passed away πŸ₯€. Its #silent in the #areas,- even at my job it is a tiny bit more silent today because the spanish and french have this day off from work.

In #Norway its a #normal #workingday, and since Im working for a #norwegian #company I dont have this day off from work,- but Im on #holiday #tomorrow 😍. Im not going to work this Saturday,- there was no work because the one thats take care of the Saturday- working is spanish and have a “long-weekend” off from work 😊.

The #church is open in Norway this day, ( well,- its open all days mostly, not just always at Mondays ), but #worship in the Norwegian churches for this day is normally the first Sunday in November πŸ•―.

In Norway its a #memorial worship for #saints and #martyrs in the #Christian #religion. But its also some #old #traditions about how the #weather was going to be in the close futher. For example some places in Norway they did belive if it was raining 1. November it was going to rain the next 7 weeks. And other places it was about the snow. If it did snow this day it would be a late Spring.

Other places they did belive that if the sun was shining it would be a good year. And also,- this night you would be true dreamed,- the dreams you had during this night would happen to you. Hopefully they would had some goods dreams then πŸ’›.

There are really 3 different celebrations during this period in november. The Saints Evening, Halloween and The Saints Day.

The Saints Evening is, from the year 800 at the 1. November, and 2.November then became The Saints Day. But this is in Scandinavia. In southern of Europe its 31. October and 1. November. Or in the #religious #perspective, in #Scandinavia, the celebration of the Saints and martyrs are the first weekend in November.

#Halloween, on the other hand, it is a #festival of #pagan #roots, and based on the #Nordic #traditions, this #celebration comes from the #Celtic roots, which have recently been “stitched” together with the Mexican and American traditions.

So The Saints Day is with an religious perspective an celebration to saints and martyrs,- thats are dead. And Halloween its a celebration for the dead once like family and friends. And in the #celtic #traditions also for the spirits. And its also about that the people that had past away actually did visit their living families the evening at 31.November.

So,- its a bit the same, but still a bit #different,- its still celebration for the dead once,- family or saints, friends or martyrs, or even some spirits too. In religious perspective, or with pagan roots.

Well,- this was today’s “#lection” in both a bit #history, #culture, #traditions and #believesπŸ•―. But just a short one 😊.

I hope your celebration of The Saints Day will be #great and #peaceful,- even its in the religious perspective or paga perspective,- or non off them πŸ’›.

And I also wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are πŸ’›. Thank you so much for dropping by today too,- and for reading my blog πŸ’›.

See you soon 😊.

An #cemetery in #Spain 1.November, #decorate with #flowers to #honor their #family and #friends that has past away πŸ•―. The #Saints #Day is #culture and #traditions, #belives and #fait, #history, as well as the #past #together with the #presents πŸ’›. I wish you all a #lovely The #Saints #Day πŸ’›.