Ehm,- what just happen? πŸ€”πŸ˜Š

Hi ❣Its so nice to see you ,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you πŸ’›

Normally its very #peaceful and #silent here where I #live,- but for some reason did my neighbour choose to start renovating their apartment today πŸ˜₯. Of course,- today- when I have #holiday,- and also really was looking forward to some days with silent 🀀. I live in a townhouse, as mean the houses are side by side, the walls are side by side. And everything are made of brick blocks and cement, and of course it’s not insulated (natural enough since we live in South of Spain) – which makes the sound sound like all the renovation is happening inside at my place.

Its really, seriously disturbing πŸ˜₯. Its actually more then enough #noise at my work 🀀. I dont want it to be in my #home too 😭. Special not when I have holiday AND need to #think a bit,- actually a bit more then a bit too 😊. ( and just to “top it all” I got my periode to day and had migrain- terrible . So guess what? My #mood was not on the top πŸ˜…).

So,- why do I need to think a bit? I m not sure what #happen on Halloween, 31.October, in the morning,- but something “#special” did happen,- and I really need to “sort things” out now- in peace and silent 😊. Not noise, noise, noise. I dont know about you,- but I cant have noise and #sounds around me that I don’t like when I need to find out a bit about maybe #important things and #decision in my life. But thats anyway, the way Im created. Not everyone are #created like me 😊.

So,- the “special” things and decisions are not so “special” for some, but for me its a bit “special”. Im actually not sure if the word “special” is correct to use rather. But on the morning around 06.30, “early-bird” in the morning , before I went to #work , at 31. October, I put my CV on a #webpage- just my #CV, not a photo, not very much #information, – or well,- thats not true,- my CV have a lots of information about me πŸ˜…. But I did mention that I wanted to #work with #textes, and #online,- and I did thought I did mention I wanted to work from my home. But obviously not πŸ˜…. Because that day I got 5 different job-offer. Seriously. But not any “work-from-home”,- or thats not true,- one job is actually to work from my home.

I got phone-calls at my #job,- but didnt take the #chance to #answare. Its busy at work,- I have around 50 phone-calls during a day,- so I dont need #private one too πŸ˜…. And I was also #seriously #supriced, and a bit #confused too. I actually didnt know what to #respond 😊. But I did answare the emails they send my after. And ,- have also spoken on the phone with most of them,- exept from one.

Its different #work-#offer,- and #interest work-offer too, for me at least 😊. But I havent got any of them yet,- its offers to interviews to jobs- need to do an #interview first, before I can get a job 😊. But this different #companies want to have interview with me,- without me have sending any #application to them first. Thats new for me 😊.

Oh,- yes,- I did actually got one job- offer, like I mention,- but I didt say “no-thank you” to that job today,- because it was a #shift-job,- and I m a bit finish with working night-shift. Its absolutely nothing wrong with the job,- but after working night-shift “on-off” during around 20- 25 years Im not quite into that anymore. The job was fine,- really,- so I have #recommended others to send their CV to it 😊.

Then its a job in Portugal,- I don’t know very much about that one yet. And its two jobs in Ireland. One in Dublin and one in Belfast. Both of my interest,- so absolutely,- but if I get one of these I need to #move,- to Ireland.

I have had phone-#conversation with both. The one in Dublin Im going to have a Skype-conversation with on Wednesday too.

And then there is also an interesting job I can do from my home,- I m going to have a Skype-conversation about that one this evening 😊.

So,- its actually nothing so “special” that did happen 31. October,- but for me it is. Even I havent got any of the jobs yet. Yes,- one,- but I didnt take that one. I have never in my life got so much #interest for my CV at the same day ever in my #life 😊. So for me it felt and still feels very special 😊. And I m not sure whats happen that day, 31. October,- because I have put my CV online before,- but there hasn’t been very much interest,- and suddenly it was a tiny “#rush” 😊. Well,- for me it feels like a “rush” 😊.

Like I did mention,- I haven’t got any of this jobs yet,- but, not to #brage or be #selfish,- I can have a good #chance to get 3 of this 4 jobs. What to do then? 😊. What to #choose? How to choose? 😊 I have some #thoughts in my head,- I can promise you that πŸ˜…. It goes a bit like a centrifuge on the washing-mashine “up there” at the #moment πŸ˜…. And of course I already have #discussed this with my #children πŸ’›.

But,- I dont need to take any #decision at the moment at all. I haven’t got any of this jobs I have been in phone-contact with. Im just in a interview- round 😊.

But,- I m a person that like to have a “#back-up” #plan. Probably because I have raise my 3 children more and less alone,- and it hasn’t always been easy,- special not in the economic- area. And I see that maybe that area slowly can be a bit better now,- step by step, little by little, from next year. So I dont want to take chances where I can loose to much rather.

And I like to know what I have to relate too 😊. I like to have an “just in case” plan 😊.

And to be honest,- I have actually thought,- maybe “the love of my life” is in Ireland? πŸ€— I do miss a boyfriend. At the same time boyfriend and relationship scares me very much. Im so worried to meet a new Mr.Ex,- and I m not sure if I can handle that one one more time,- but thats a story and text for another day 😊. ( it can be a text with “too much” for some,- but not with more then I m #comfortable to share 😊).

Anyway,- it was a bit on the #sidelines of today’s #topic, – boyfriend and relationship. Today it is jobs, works and thoughts around that #area. A area I actually just need to see whats happen the next days and if I get any of the job-offer BTW ,- I did also send in my CV to another job today, a 50 % #posission here in Spain 😊. Just in case πŸ˜….

I do have a job,- but like I already have mention a couple of times before,- I m not comfortable in my job,- its not “me”, but a income is necessary 😊. So let me just clarify again, it’s a good job. It’s not the job it’s something wrong with, it’s me. I just feel I slowly withers like a flower a tiny bit every day. But when thats said,- I still try to do a good job everyday, and keep me over the “#magic” 90 % #limit if costumer #satfiction 😊. So just #imagine how good job I can do in a job thats a bit more “#me” 😊.

Anyway,- I dont know what will happen in this week, my holiday- week, at the job-area 😊. I think I will try my best to just “#flow #with the #waves” ,- and see what the #destiny and the #life #gives me 😊. At this point I have no #idea 😊. Maybe a new #destination in life, or maybe Im just are going to be where I m for a while 😊. I dont know 😊.

Have you ever try to “flow with the waves ” and just see whats happen? What life and destiny brings you? I have probably done it a couple of times in my life, probably more than a couple of times too πŸ˜… . Its a bit scary, but it also brings a lots of new experiences “on the wave-trip” 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are πŸ’›. And Thank you so much for dropping by today too,- and for reading my blog πŸ’›

See you soon 😊

Im not sure where “the #waves ” will take me the next days,- maybe just #here where Im, or maybe to an other #destination in #life 😊. I just know Im going to try my best to “follow the waves” and see whats #happen 😊. Its not #easy when I m not sure what #direction the waves takes 😊. Maybe not any big dicertion at all- whats fine too, for a #moment,- actually 😊.