Too little or too much? 😊 πŸ“

Hi ❣ Its so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you πŸ’›

Too little or too much can be about so many different things ,- and how #different #perceives things can be in and understand as for example when we are #reading something or watching something 😊.

Sometimes the #reader will feel I m going to, and probably already have doing,- ” #deliver” a bit to little by, from and of my self in my #textes. Other times the reader may feel and get the #experience of that Im “#delivering” to much of, from and by my self,- and even about my children in my textes 😊.

If I m “delivering” too little its my #choice,- and its actually not much more for me to “deliver” in the text πŸ˜…. Or it can be not much more I want to “deliver” or write about, or even have more #knowledge to write about 😊,- and its not sure it doesn’t feel important for me to either to “deliver” more in a #subject and text.

Its also the readers “experience” of me about the “delevering” 😊. Maybe my text is just the way it should be for me,- the write ,- but the reader still miss something, or wanted to know more 😊? Maybe my text also was a bit #boring for my reader because I did write about something the reader are not very much #interest in, but for other my text did “deliver” just enough 😊. It depends a bit on the readers and also about what kind if #expectations you have to the text you are reading 😊.

It can also be that I m actually very tried when Im writing my text and post and then “deliver” too little, and Im #writing for just to “keep the wheels going” ,- because I know its more or less the only way to get #forward. Then Im #moving in one or another #direction at least, insted of not moving at all,- even its just a tiny bit of (boring πŸ˜‰) #movement. But a tiny bit step is still a step. Maybe sometimes a step back, but most of the times a step #forward 😊.

But to “deliver” too little is not “dangerous”,- it can just be a bit boring for some readers, my textes dont get the #attention and interest. And then the reader are going to loose the interest for reading my posts,- and to be honest,- I dont want that to happen 😊. But when and why are a text actually “too little”? I think its more about the the #content of the text whether it was of interest or not for the reader 😊. We like to read about different things 😊.

I like to write (about many different things), and when I know my reades like to read my textes and posts its give me even more #energy to want to write more, to in a way “#entertain” my #readers, as well as my self 😊. For thats what it is a bit about,- a kind of “#entertainment” to both the write and read,- even if its books or magazines, manuscripts or newspaper, or a #blog 😊. Its about entertainment in one or another way,- and its nothing wrong with that. We all like to be entertained in one or an other way 😊. And “entertainment” can be a lots of things as well 😊.

Its also about #knowledge to both be writing and reading. To give #advices and knowledge as well as get adivces and knowledge in and about all kind of different #areas in life, the #social #specter around us, the world. Small things or big things. Make- up or food, animals or sports, clothes or movies,- health and safety, politic or culture, history and traditions, – the area are so big and its so much to read about, learn about and get more knowledge about, as well as there are to write about 😊.

I m still finding “my way to write”,- as well as my things I do like to write about 😊. And Im really #enjoying this “#writing-trip” Im on with my blog,- special when I left the #focus to find “my #topic”, and just #discovers step by step to do this in “my way” insted 😊.

Other times the readers will feel I m going to “deliver” to much about myself, my life, my different #experiences in life and my thoughts,- and even my children,- but Im not going to “deliver” to much for me ,- it can just feel that way for the reader😊.

And to “deliver” too much can be a bit “dangerous”,- but sometimes thats #necessary too, but its a different to “deliver” and be personal. Im going let the readers “meet me” in my textes,- as well as my experiences in my life that have #created me a bit to me and the #person I have become,- but Im still not going to “deliver” more then I m #comfortable of “#delivering” from my life 😊.

If some readers feel I m “delivering” to much I think maybe that tells a bit more about the reader then me 😊. Why does the reader get this #feeling of “to much”? By own life-experience, ( that may still be in one or another way be painful ) or by the experience to not have any experience in the subject the text was about? Or just not the interest for the content ? 😊

Of course a text or post can be to much sometimes,- even I think that now and then when Im reading some textes or someones textes,- but we all read and #understand the text differently,- and its also a bit a about what #mood the reader are in when he/she reads the text too, and how the reader #understand the text 😊.

If I think a text Im reading is “too much” for me I normally take a “step back”, “dive a bit into” myself,- and do ask myself why did I think the text was “too much” ( for me) ? It can be me, my mood, my experiences or opinions, or my understanding of the text that gave me this feeling, or my interest 😊. Normally its me, and not the ” too much”- text. Many times its about different experience and opinions for and in a subject or area thats give me this “too much” – feeling 😊. Im actually just not #agree with the content in the text, or the writer of the text. Then I also can get this “too much” feeling for a text.

In this #influencer online world “too much” its many times about be or give “not the best influence-“adivce”” for a group of people in different areas and stages in life. Im don’t think I m in that area as an “influencer” and blog-writer,- but you never know,- someone else may still think or have that opinion about bith me and my textes.

Like I did mention,- I m not going to give out neither myself nor my children in my texts and posts. But I’m going to bid on myself and be #personal. Delivering and being personal are two different things – at the same time they may seem the same. It depends a bit on which eyes read my text, and how the reader #perceives my text, including from their own point of view in life as well as their own and different experiences in life 😊. Remember,- we are all different 😊.

I m going to write about personal experience in my life, but still not deliver myself and be too private. Im going to write about my children,- but only when they know about it and also give me “green signal” for a post and text that are about them 😊. Im going to continue be me and personal in a way I m comfortable with.

Too little or to much,- it depends on different things 😊. The writer, the reader, the mood, experience in life, different opinions in different areas and how the reader do understand the text, as well as different interests, and different perspectives and wives, the content 😊.

So I m really looking forward to continue write a lot to my readers about different things and areas in life,- and it will be too little for someone sometime, and probably even boring,- (like this post/text probably are for many readers 😊), and it will be too much for other readers other times ,- thats just the way it is 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are πŸ’›. And Thank you so much for dropping by today too (even the text was a bit boring and “informative”- and not to much “personal” ),- and thank you for reading my blog πŸ’›.

See you soon 😊.

For some this can be a bit too much, for others a bit too little 😊. For me,- exactly #enough so I do feel #comfortable 😊. My #post and #textes will probably be the same,- for some “too little, for other too much ” 😊. But thats the way it is,- and Im just going to “#deliver” textes I feel comfortable with writing,- even can too much or to little 😊.