Dare to share πŸŒž

Hi ❣Its so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you πŸ’›

“To dare to share” is #fine and $scary at the same time,- but one thing did I find out its “to dare to share” get #attraction 😊. I actually have no words,- at the same time it was a very, very #good #experience for me to see.

So first of all Thank you all πŸ’œ so much for #reading #my #post, and for #liking it too- it was a bit scary to post it, and open my “#suitcase” a tiny bit,- even I knew I just did share what I was #comfortable with #sharing. Because I can #promise you,- You feel pretty stupid, to be honest, to just be dropped off in Spain πŸ˜…. It was not the best feeling I have #experienced in my life.

I didnt “dare to share” my story because of the attraction,- I was not prepared for the attraction at all 😊. And all the attraction has been and was a bit scary too, at the same time it feels a bit great as well 😊.

I did #share my story because I need to, and needed to start emptying my “suitcases”. And I really do- do need to empty it. It has been a heavy suitcase to #carry around with me sometime, many times actually. And I don’t want to carry it all to much more and longer anymore,- it gets me a bit tired, and sometimes sad too 😊.


Im not the only one that has been tricked by another person, or experienced adultery, lies and false promises, even scam and fraud,- and a couple of more “not to good things”. And I know,- even my #stories maybe cant help you or give you any #advice,- its still a kind of “#comfort” to know you are actually not alone with your different and not the best experiences you have in your life. And look at me,- Im still here and Im still smiling- at least smiling most of the time 😁.

At least its like that for me,- to know Im not alone, Im not “the only one in the whole world” with my not to best experiences in life. But its very difficult to “open up” about different “not to good experience” too, and at the same time “deliver” what I feel comfortable with sharing.

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And I m very #surprised too. It was a very nice suprice to wake up and see how many thats actually had read my post and actually did liked it 😊. Or,- did my readers just liked the fact that I was #dropped off in Spain? πŸ˜‰ Im just ‘kidding with you. Its 6 years ago now, life goes on, and I m getting better to talk about it “all” then I was just 2 years ago 😊. And also actually to make #joiks about that one, “a couple of kids in the suitcase” as well as a couple of other things thats happen before in the #relationship with Mr Ex. I should had “run for my life” long before I was dropped off in Spain- but thats so easy to say after, and even more easy to say from people that are #standing #on the “#sideline”. But maybe I can get some others “to run” a bit earlier then , well,- I didnt run as you know πŸ˜…, I was “dropped off” , but still, maby, just maybe, my stories can give someone the “guts” “to go”, before they get “dropped off” in a totally new #destination without making any choices by them self 😊. I dont know,- the only thing I know, its to try 😊.


I did told you the end of the story- the end of the relationship with Mr Ex,- and me and my children’s start in Spain. It was a “dropp off” end, and a really hard “drop on” start. But its two different stories. One is ending, and other one was starting.

Like I did #mention in an other post,- its endings and beginnings,- and normally at the same time. Its just not so easy to #recognize “it all” at the same time 😊. But in this story “dropped off in Spain” I should really wish I had have the #opportunity to made my own #choices- maybe, and probably, I still had #choose to #move to Spain at that time anyway- but then with a completely different starting point,- and its a big different and two totally different starting points to be able to make a #decision for yourself and #create the #journey on your own terms, than to travel on an illusion you don’t even know is an #illusion.

I know if I have got the #opportunity to choose the life has been a bit easier. Both if I has choose to be in #Norway or if I had chosen #Spain. But okay,- thats the past, I cant do anything with that one,- I can just do as best as I can with this today and all the days there are in front of me 😊.

And its going to be a great day today,- my day, a sunny day in #lovely Spain 😊.

Im going to “dare to share” more with you,- but one step at the time, and in a #tempo thats feels #correct and comfortable for me to dare to share 😊.

Today I just want to say Thank you all so much πŸ’œ,- you showed me that “dare to share” is not the stupidest thing to do πŸ’›.

I wish you all a great day or evening wherever in the world you are πŸ’›,- and Thank you for dropping by today too,- and for reading my blog πŸ’›.

See you soon,- I promise 😊.

Look at this #marvellous #sunrise from my patio, my home today 🌞. Its so easy to #share #good things in #life 😊,- but sometimes its also #important to dare to share a bit more too 😊. I did #learn that recently- from you- my readers. Thank you all so much πŸ’œ.