Decisions are made and thast feels great πŸ˜Š

Hi ❣Its so nice to see you ,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you πŸ’›

I have made my #decisions for this #time and for the #moment ,- Im going to stay here where I m for a bit more #while,- and see where “the waves takes me” here insted 😊. And it was my decision too πŸ˜‰,- just mine this time 😊.

Emails are sent,- even before the 2. round with #interviews,- with a #grateful “Thank you so much for the #opportunity”. But,- thats doesn’t mean its never going to be Ireland or somewhere else. Its just mean,- I m not ready to take “that turn in my life” yet 😊. I did #discover that yesterday after I did open up and #empty my “#suitcase” bit 😊. A #process is a process no matter how you does it 😊. So yesterday was probably a part of my process 😊.

Now I need to find some new #directions in my life here in Spain first. With that means,- learn to live on my own πŸ˜… well its a bit time since I actually did that 😊. I need “find” myself – ps- I m not lost πŸ˜…,- just new in the area “living with out children in my home” 😊. I need to learn to live in my new “#lifesituation” where all my 3 children has #moved out. Take a bit #care about just my self, #calm down a #bit after some busy years in different #areas in #life, and actually just #continue to do the work I do at the callsenter as well as Im working with “my own plans” first of all,- and not #stressing with packing a new suitcase yet,- even it will be just my #suitcase this time 😊.

When thats said,- I am no #stranger to the idea of #Ireland someday a place there in the #future. But just not today 😊. #Seeds were #sown these days – but first, there are other things I need to #grow up in my life here 😊.

It felt #great to think through things in my own way. Even my head went a bit like a sentrufuge like in a washing- mashine 😊. Feel, sort out, didnt find to much “solutions” but a decision is also a #solution 😊.

And ….. I know I have both some #friends and #family there “up” in Norway thats probably are a bit #happy for not #travel to visit me in Ireland yet, in their #holidays,- but still continue to #enjoy the time together with me under the warm sun in South of #Spain 😊 🌞.

I want to try to enjoy my lasts days of my holiday and not have to many “serious” life-decisions to take, or more interview in different time-zones to do ,- even it was just one hour in different. It was still a “made”- plan in my holiday. And of course with a bit stress in too 😊. Interviews are interviews even its is on Skype,- and when I have taken a decision its not necessary to use their or my time on an interview just for having an #interview 😊.

I feel #relaxed and #relived,- it feels good to just “see where the waves takes me ” here in Spain first of all in my new #era in life 😊. And it feels great to just use the next days in my holiday with “my stuff”, and not to much “time” to run after “something” 😊.

I dont like to run after the time rather πŸ˜…,- I have done that one a couple of times during the years 😊. Its nice to not do it when I dont need to 😊.

You know the feeling of “running” from place to place and “appointment to a appointment”,- like work, school, parents-meeting, made the dinner before the next football-trainig and be able to pick up a child at the ballett in between, when you also should be at the carate – traing with the third child , but this week its that child time to wait a bit for you 😊? Phu! You know that feeling? 😊 Because I do,- and its #perfectly fine to just “been there-done that”,- and not do to much of it any more when I dont need to 😊. And at the moment I don’t need to,- its my #holiday and thats the way it is 😊. Some time for a bit “time off” 😊.

So fare it has been a #great #holiday too 😊 🌞.

I hope you are #enjoying your day- if its at work or a lovely “time-off” 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are πŸ’› Thank you so much for dropping by today too,- and for reading my blog πŸ’›

See you soon 😊

Its in #general #good when a decision is made,- special when its #made by you and for you 😊. I have made a #decision today, I think its a good one,- at least for a while 😊. Its still room for #changes- always 😊.