…but a bit “drama” and stories does actually “sells”….. that’s the way it is πŸ˜Š

Hi ❣Its so nice to see you ,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you πŸ’›

Of course I get some different questions about living in Spain. Like why, when, how, and a bit more. In general my answers are truth ,- but with modifications.

But its not just like that for just me,- ” a truth answare with modifications”.

I was supriced over how many different (and honest) “stories” there are to, for example, the question “Why did you move to Spain?” Special when the person are closer to the age of 30 or older, and before the retirement. In between those ages there are some sad life- stories about why the person did choose to moved to Spain,- or an to other country in the world. A place fare away from Norway.

I did write honest stories, because in general “we all” answare with a nice answare, a answare thats not “dangerous” to tell or say, a answare that can’t hurt you, or be “used against you” an other time. A answare most people actually expect and, just also want to hear…..at the same time as they are also a bit couriers to know just a tiny bit more 😊.

Im just like that too,- whant to know a tiny bit more as well as answare a question with a nice answare 😊. For example,- if I get the question “How are you?” I more and less always answare “I’m fine thank you. I hope all are fine with you too”. Or “….and how are you?”. Even when I’m not feeling very fine. If I have a cold I can tell, but if I feel miserable inside me I’m not telling to much. And most of us are like that 😊. We just, maybe, tell our closest that we don’t feel very well “in a situation or in our life”.

And my answer to why I did move to Spain are not the story about being “dropped off in Spain”. I normally tell bit “nicer” one 😊.

Why is it like that I’m not sure,- I can more and less only answare for myself. Why I do reply many questions I get back with a “nice” answare 😊. Thats because I don’t want “all and everyone” to know how I’m actually are, or to jugd me, or the situation I’m in, or was in. Special this “judgement” is difficult, I think,- at least for me.

When that’s said, or in this case written, I’m writing a bit about “how I’m” in different settings and areas in my life in my blog and posts ,- and with that means share it too 😊. Also not “the best days, or experiences or feelings or thoughts in my life“.

It’s still a bit different to dare and share in a blog then “face to face ” in many settings ,- at least for me 😊. And I’m just sharing what I feel comfortable with sharing 😊. But I also know someone are feeling a bit uncomfortable if I’m sharing something they self feels familiar with. At the sametime as it gives a kind of comfort.

There are a ghost and two in every persons corner as well as there are a skeleton or two in mostly everyone’s closet. But that doesn’t mean they want, or need to share their story, not the ghost or skeleton,- somethings that are perfectly fine 😊. We all have our stories in life,- some pretty good one, and some not to good . And for me that’s gives me a kind of comfort to know when I’m writing some of my stories 😊.

I’m not always comfortable with everything I’m sharing,- but it’s in general not because of the story Im sharing, it’s more about the readers.

I’m comfortable to share my stories online to you I don’t know as well as to my closets one. My closets one probably already did know the most of the story anyway 😊.

What I’m uncomfortable with sometimes are the one how think they know me and my life, and my different experiences, and the one who are just somehow acquainted with me as well. Thise people “scares” me a bit,- but here I really need to learn to just “give a bit more shit” about what “someone else” are thinking. Its not easy, so I have something to work with here 😊.

We like in general to tell others our nice story, its normally for to protect our self from actually being “jugd” by others. But at the same time we do like to hear and read about stories with a bit drama in. “Drama”, a bit actoin of different kinds and “stories” does actually sells.

If we read a book or a story, watch a movie or a series,- we do like it when it’s “spiced up” with some kind of action. Also even the news sells more if there are any kind of action and a bit drama into it.

I’m not going to share the different stories people have shared with me about why they did choose to move from Norway. It’s not my story to tell 😊. At least not before they want me to tell it.

And I have already told you a bit about why I did moved to Spain, or was dropped off in Spain, if you prefer 😊. And that story did sell 😊. As well as my posts with different recipes, or other posts where people does feels familiar with in the daily life too, posts with the daily lifes “ups and downs” as most of us meets, does sells as well 😊.

So if one of my goals is to be able to get a bit income by my textes I actually need to sell….”sell” posts that gives me reeaders and the possibility to grow 😊. Sell a bit drama and action πŸ˜…. Would I be able to do that? I don’t know,- but I’m going to give it a try 😊. ( ….and yes,- learn to give a bit more shit about what everyone else will think too 😊 ). I don’t have to much “drama” or action in my life at the moment,- but there always a story to tell in one or an another way 😊.

So what do I want with this text today ? To be honest,- just to comfort my self to continue to “sell”, to write,- even I know some stories can be boring, some will get more attention then others, and some text will maybe make some readers uncomfortable too 😊. And also comfort my self to remember “all and everyone” has a story and two to tell,- so the “jugdment” line should be a bit low 😊.

We all have a story to tell 😊. With a bit drama and action into as well 😊 But it’s perfectly fine to just read and listen to others stories too- and keep your story just for your self 😊. It can make its own comfort to just know sometimes too 😊