The norwegian Fathers Day πŸ’™

Hi ❣Its so nice to see you ,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you πŸ’›

Today is the #norwegian #FathersDay,- a celebration for great dads 😊. I told you a bit about the #history about Fathers and Mothers Day last Sunday 😊. Its different day in different countries around the world,- so its not always easy to follow the “#celebration” since the stores here in Spain promote for Fathers Day in around the 19. March. And the English stores,- there are a couple of them here as well, are promoting Fathers Day the 3. Sunday in June 😊. And in Norway the celebration is the 2. Sunday in November 😊. But there are no promoting for that one is this area,- natural enough 😊.

My #dad is a #great #father and #grandfather to my #children πŸ’™. The only grandad they have actully, the other one has past away many years ago,- but one good one is so much better then non at all 😊.

My dad has #teach me a lots of great things in life,- usefull and maybe not so usefull. But it’s probably the same for me as mammi to my children,- I have probably teach them a couple of things they don’t need to use to much in their life. On the other hand,- you never know what lifes brings of suprices in life 😊.

I have been with my dad at #fishing- trips, and he did both teach me how to #fish as well as how to veil a fish 🎣. I have been in the forest to find #berries of different kinds,- like blueberries and lingonberry together with my dad πŸƒπŸŒΏπŸ.

He have #teach me how to both #using #hammer and #screwdriver, #changing wheels on the car and setting up tents for camping. He did teach my how to drive a car,- and keep my hands at 13.50 on the a steering wheel πŸš—.

When I was a child he did read #stories and #fairytales to me too 😊. He did also picked me down from a tree when I did try to escape from a old, angry woman. She was a bit angry because me and my friends did “steal” some berris from her garden. She was a bit scary, so I did hide in a top of tree πŸ˜….

He had baby- sitting my children, and helped me pick them up at school and kindergarden when I was late home from work 😊.

He has been angry at me, and I at him too. We have had some disagremt as well. Not always some good once,- but he is still my daddy πŸ’™. And he have learn me and teach me a lots of great and usefull stuff in my life,- some fun one and some boring one too 😊. And there are some more #great #memories too from my #childhood too,- campingtrips and cozy Saturday- evening at home. And his #painting- room,- his #area of #art. I liked to drop by his room and just take a look at his #marvellous #paitings, as well as smell a bit on the smell from the painting too 🎨.

It’s travels to my grandparents, his parents, and sleep- overs in their home 😊. He have hold my hair when I was sick and did throw up ( I really hate throwing up ), and he has been worried “grey and green” when I was a #teenager and “forgot” the time 😊.

He did sat with my bed when I was at the hospital in my teenagers, and it was a couple of times too πŸ’™.

And there as so much more too 😊.

I have been so #lucky that have all this #memories and different #experiences together with #mydad πŸ’™. Im #gratefull for my childhood- I’m gratefull for my dad πŸ’™.

#Congratulations with the Father’s Day to the grate dads “up there” in #Norway today πŸ’™.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are πŸ’›. Thank you so much for dropping by today too,- and for reading my blog πŸ’›

See you soon 😊

To my baptism, when I was a baby, I got this pendant from my #grandparents, my #dad’s #parents. It has a prayer on the back. The pendant brings on it’s own way #good #memories from my #childhood, and my dad too πŸ’™. #Congratulations with the #FatherDay to the grate dads “up there” in #Norway today πŸ’™.