Suddenly both in UK and Russia πŸ€”

Hi ❣ Its so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you πŸ’›

This weekend someone did try to log in to my email- account in both UK and Russia with just a couple of hours in between πŸ€”. And,- of course it was not me. Maybe I do things fast sometimes,- but not soooo fast πŸ˜…. It’s a bit difficult to be in both those places with just a couple of hours between, at the same time as Im in Spain. I didn’t say it was impossible,- but very difficult. At least for me,- I don’t have that kind of “speed” in my butt πŸ˜….

Of course I know what it was ,- someone tried to #hack into my #account, what also mean someone want to do one or another kind of #scam against me- for what? The money I don’t have? πŸ€”

Well,-and a tiny little tips is- don’t try to hack into the same account at more or less the same time then, and from two different #countries too πŸ˜‰. Then the warning- lamps glow pretty red in the #security #system 😊.

It’s so so sad that some people do this,- do or try to make an #economic #scam in one or another way against other innocent people they don’t even know. Don’t get me wrong now – it is not ethical or moral (or political for that matter) correct to commit an economic scam against anyone at all πŸ˜”. But why be so incredibly mean against someone you don’t even know? Someone you have never seen, talked to or met? #Destroy someone’s #economic $life for what? And why?

( Yes I know about wars and all that, the children in Syria and Africa- the topic to day are jusy not in that area. But yes, belive me, I do really know there are a lots of innocent people around in the world that really bad things and situations happen to,- and they really don’t deserve it at all 😒).

Unfortunately its more and more economic scam around in the world,- and as more as the #technology and the online area too, are growing, the possibility for an economic scam are growing as well,- and with a very fast “speed” too. Even different kinds of security system also are growing and try the best to protect us againt this, it’s not easy,- the scammers can be, unfortunately, very #creative πŸ˜”.

It was a security system that “helped me” to stop the hacking into my email account this weekend.

I’m not sure why someone in Russia wanted to hack into my account. Im not so special at all. No fan- emails or any donations of any economic kind to find in my area,- sorry πŸ˜‰.

What I only can assume is that it could be Mr Ex miserable ex- mistress he did have in Russia for maybe 9 years ago- before he met me, did try do “exposure” her self again πŸ€”? But like I did write,- I can just assume- something that means that I have actually no idea. Its just my thoughts and #imagenations.

But she was not to happy when he didn’t picked her up from Russia and “moved” her to Norway 😣. Something I did get payed for- so bad it was burning far into my soul, and my life- maybe for the rest of my life too πŸ˜”. If she had have the possibility to kill me she had probably done it,- at the same time she did,- in her own way. A story I’m, by the way, are not comfortable to tell- so I just let that one be as it is at this point πŸ˜”. But yes,- that was my first thought- this miserable ex- mistress in Russia trying again to get out a bit “harm and steam” , and did try to hack my account. But it’s not sure it was her.

The hacking from the UK I, unfortunately, think it’s a #job I did send my CV/ resume to,- a “$work- from- home” job thats probably don’t exist πŸ€”. And there are a lots of scam in the working- area too πŸ˜”. A lots of work that doesn’t exict,- but still “looks” real, also when you do #reseeach about the company online.

Sad, sad, sad πŸ˜”. People send their CV/ #resume with presonal information, and necessary #informstion, like the name, email-adress, adress, birth-date, phonenumber, and a bit more.

People send their resume because they want a job, they need a job, they need a income,- and they do really not need an economic scam on top of that. Normally and in general it’s a reason why people send they’r resume to a job- , just repit my self now,- but they do it because they need a job, and they need a job because they need a #income.

I don’t know how it is with scam- jobs in Norway,- but it’s a bit of them “out there in the world”. I know,- becasue the first part of this year I did send my CV, my resume, to more jobs then I have ever done in my life. And unfortunately, maybe 50 % of them was just scam- jobs. Unfortunately for the scammers, ther was not very much more to get from me then my resume. But still I have send some of my personal information to people that can use this information in a not very good way. So fare, so good,- at least as I know,- my resume and my information hasn’t been used.

This is also one of the reasons why I m so sceptical to pyramid- jobs.

A vacant job ad looks like a regular, any job ad many times, with different and important information about the company. Even when doing various research about the simple business on the internet. I did even send my resume to a nursery- company that I did find out, after a while, didn’t exist. And also to a teaching- job that wasn’t “the real deal”, and some more.

Sometimes you can see this “fake-jobs” very fast, other times it can take a while because everything seems so “real”.

Just an remider- everything that can happens to everyone else can actually happens to you too! In all area in life,- also economic scam of any kind. Because there are so much and different ways a scammer can do “this job” in today’s society. No one are “protected”. Not rich, not poor. No reason to be to fast with any kind of jugdments ! You never know when it can be you!

I have a job now, with a income that at least cover most of the expenses. Im more lucky then a lots of other people are,- I know that, and Im greatful for that, and relived,- Even I don’t feel comfortable with the job. I still need a income.

There are so many areas a economic scam can be done on and in. Job application, ATM, telephone, facebook, e-mail account, fake loans, false information of various kinds, online dating ( I have already told you about scam on online- dating in an eralier post), false investment, falsification of various documents, and so much, much more. I don’t even remember all the areas. Most of us, at least them over the age of 50- 60, have heard about “Nigeria- scam”. But that one is “easy” to descover now,- it’s so much other kind of scam thats not so easy to descover before it is to late, just because of the way it’s created, the fals “imagenation” it gives in an, unfortunately, so correct way , – and a economic life for a person or family are totally ruined, maybe forever.

I seriously don’t understand why someone have any kind of “pleasure” to do this, destroy someone elses life like this. And I will probably never understand it rather.

My economic life in Norway is destroyed because of an economic scam. That’s one of my biggest “bumps” in my life,- and I don’t know if I ever will be able to remove it from my life. I don’t know if it ever will be fixed, or even any #possibility to fix it.

That’s my ghost in my corner, that’s my skeleton in my closet, that’s my shame in my life. How and what happen Im not going to tell. I don’t feel comfortable to tell. I live with a constant reminder about it everyday, anyway πŸ˜”. I did went to the police with the case, but thing takes time, long time,- and there are so many different kinds of economic scam all over the world. The police have more then enough cases to work with, and choose between.

So when I did got this hack information this weekend I didn’t feel any kind of worries, just incredibly sad πŸ˜”.

So then you know ,- too much for some to know, to little for others to know. The content in this post is anyway what Im comfortable to tell,- even its a heavy reminder in my life for me.

I really hope you never will get this or any kind of this #experience in your life with economic scam- you really do not deserve it πŸ’›.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are πŸ’›. Thank you so much for dropping by today too,- and for reading my blog πŸ’›.

See you soon 😊

It’s not gold everything thats sparkling. And an economic scammer can destroy even the tiny little “spark” you did have πŸ˜”.