Chocolate sauce with churros at work today ☕

Hi ❣Its so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 💛

All countries have different kinds of #traditions, also during the different #seasons, and also when it comes to #food 😊.

A cozy #winter- #tradition here in #Spain is warm chocolate sauce with churros ☕. I was not the biggest fan of this when we did moved to Spain 😊. The #warm #chocolate sauce was different and stronger then I was used to from #Norway, and the #churros is a kind of cake I did taste first time in Spain,- and needed to be used to before I actually did enjoyed this to “#consept” together. But now,- I can easy #enjoy a cup of spanish warm chocolate #sauce and some churros dipped in the chocolate too 💛☕.

We use a lots of warm chocolate to drink in Norway too during the winter months ❄. So Im very use to that,- we just make it a bit different then the spanish warm chocolate sauce, its more like a #drink then a sauce. And we eat the #norwegian #chocolate #Kvikkluch and oranges to the warm chocolate,- not the cake churros 😊. The norwegian warm chocolate drink is a bit softer and #sweeter at taste then the norwegian warm chocolate,- and also a bit thinner,- not like a sauce 😊.

A churros is a Spanish pastry. It is made from a deep-fried dough consisting of wheat flour or potato. The cake is long and star-shaped, and either straight, bent or round. Churros may be reminiscent of American donut. And as you know – it is served with hot chocolate sauce. It can also be filled with chocolate cream, vanilla cream or caramel sauce. I have just tasted it with warm/ hot chocolate sauce 😊.

Maybe I find the #recipe for churros and try to make them my self on day ? 😊

Of course, there are several #different #varieties of churros. I took a short and simple “explanation” now. Such as the perhaps historical background of the churros are.

There is a story that tells of a shepherd who cared for a sheep breed called churro did made a sausage-shaped dough and fried it on the fire. Then he sprinkled a little sugar and had a simple and tasty pastry to enjoy in the “mountainhome”. According to the story further, in Madrid, for the first time, churros were dipped in hot chocolate sauce on cold winter days.

I don’t know if its true,- but thats the story that was told me 😊.

Today we did got warm chocolate sauce and churros at #work. A very #nice and #cozy #gest from the kitchen- staff 😊. And a #perfect day to get this too. Its getting colder and more winter- time also here in South of Spain now ❄. Today at has even been a bit windy. But with a cup of warm chocolate sauce and a couple of churros it was a bit of touchy cozy #atmosphere at work today 😊.

I hope your day has been nice and maybe cozy on its own way 💛.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 💛. Thank you so much for dropping by today too,- and for reading my #blog 💛

See you soon 😊

#Warm #chocolate #sauce and #churros at work today ☕. A really #nice #gest from the kitchen- staff on a cold winterday in South of Spain ❄. #Tasty and #cozy, #traditions and #culture, and a tiny bit of #history too 😊.