My little butterfly is already 19 years old β€πŸ¦‹

Hi ❣Its so nice to see you ,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you πŸ’›

Today it’s the #birthday to my #daughter. My youngest #child, my butterfly, my Mathilde πŸ¦‹. Its already 19 years ago since she was born. The days, weeks, months fly so fast πŸ¦‹. But still its feels like yesterday I did meet her for the first time 😍.

She was like a little doll,- so sweet, so tiny. And of course I did fall in love with her at once,- exactly the same way as I did with my sons, her two big brothers ❀.

When I did hold her in my arms for the first time,- that feeling was so incredibly big. It felt like my #heart was going to explode of #love and protection for this tiny, #sweet, little person ❀. And now she is a #young #woman that manage her life #perfect on her own 😊. But I still have this feeling for protect her as good as I can, but thats the way it is to be a parent,- no matter how old my are children getting, I think 😊 ,- and the love I feel for her is so totally and clean #unconditional #love. A love that will never disappear, its just growing for every day, week, month, year ❀.

Its just more and less one month since she did moved out, and for real did started her #independent #life as an young adult. She have also just started in a new job thats very close to her home,- and it seems that she both #enjoying her job as well as her new home 😊.

She have found her #paintings back again, her paints and her palette,- and also her #study- books are open 😊. She is starting to #creating her adult life πŸ’›. Her #dream was ( and still is- but that can still #change 😊 ) to study mental #health in different areas in life, and also work with people and #mental health in different areas. I hope she will work for her dreams and reach them all no matter what her #dreams are or are going to be πŸ’›.

Its a strange #feeling that all my 3 #children are now #young #adult, have their own life, and are now making their own #directions in their life 😊. Hopefully I did manage to put something useful in her “life-back-bag” , as well as to her brothers πŸ’›.

She has always been my #butterfly, and are always going to be my butterfly πŸ¦‹. She moves and behaves like a butterfly, soft and strong at the same time, elegant and colorful, creative and silent. She is beautifully as a butterfly, and so brave too 😍.

She did start her athletic career in the #ballet studio, and stayed there a few years before her feet moved to the #football field, and eventually in goal as a keeper. And she was great in both athletic areas,- as a dancer as well as a keeper. As keeper she was so good that a spanish young lady- team did used her as a keeper in a bit matches,- even she was much younger then the rest of the team. Unfortunately she did destroy her foot, and needed to be more carefull on the football field.

I know she still dance a bit, and Im happy she does. Maybe she will start more serious exercises in that field again ?

She is a gentle and warm person with a big heart ❀. She really care for the people around her,- her friends, her brothers, her family.

She is one of the #bravest persons I know. It was not easy to be a keeper at a spanish young lady- team that really needed her, but at the same time didn’t like her. She was just 14, and most of the team-members was 20. The #fearness for #stranger and #foreinger are strong in #Spain too, like it’s are in #Norway, and in many other countries around the world as well.

I can also mention other examples for her braveness and strongness,- but today I just keep it to this one 😊.

Im going over to her home later today with the “mandatory” birthay chocolate cake, and a lots of #love and warm hugs,- but not to early even I really want 😊. She have celebrated her #birthday with her friends yesterday evening,- so I think the #celebration probably ended late or early,- it depends how we see it 😊.

5 years ago, to Mathilde’s 14 years birtday I did created a #suprice #party for her πŸŽ‰. And a friend of my did made a #gorgeous #cake to Mathilde. A cake with ballett- shoes and different #marvellous #details. It looked like a peace of #art. And it #tasted #fantastic πŸ’›. His cakes are just art, marvellous art with a fantastic taste. If I get married again one day ( need to meet someine first πŸ˜…), and if it’s happen in Spain he is the one and only for making the wedding-cake, thats for sure 😊. Or maybe a cake to my 50- birthday insted 😊? But thats still a couple of years to 😁.

I did ask him if I could use the photos from Mathilde’s cake- just to show you the cake- art,- as well as if I could mention his name in my post ,- in case you want to order a cake of two from him one day 😊. All is okay,- so,- his name is Robbie McLennan and maybe you will find some of his marvellous cakes on Facebook 😊. And soon you will see Mathilde’s cake for her 14 years birthday πŸŽ‚.

Im looking forward to #hug my 19 years old daughter later today, and give her my best #congratulations to her birthday and #best #wishes too ❀.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are πŸ’›. Thank you so much for dropping by today too,- and for reading my #blog πŸ’›.

See you soon 😊

Look at this #gorgeous #cake to Mathilde ‘s 14 years birtday 😍. 5 years ago the cake’s #art and #style still represents her so great in its own way πŸ’›. Its #colour and #details, #dance and #beauty. And it did #taste #marvellous too 😊,- like I hope #my #daughter’s different experiences in her life will do as well ❀.