And a bit painting in between too this weekend πŸŽ¨

Hi ❣Its so nice to see you ,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you πŸ’›

Last weekend I was a bit #creative with the knit, yarn and knitting needles,- and did made a couple of “elf-socks” to my son in the middle. I have started on a couple to my oldest one too. I have actually just a 1/2 socks left. So at the moment he has 1 and 1/2 “elfsocks” 😊. And it seems that I soon need to make a couple to myself as well.

My slippers with duck- feathers inside said “bye-bye” this weekend. It actually looks like a small duck has been roaming around my home πŸ˜…. There are feathers everywhere πŸ¦†.

I’ve tried sewing them, closing open holes, but now there was no more “patching” to do.

I did actually #manage to do a lots of things when I didn’t need to “run” after the time 😊,- or “sitting my butt flat as a pancake” for 9 hours πŸ˜…,- and holds 50 people with “company” on the phone 😊.

I have been #writing a bit this weekend ,watch a fun #movie, dropped by my lovely #daughter to her 19 years birthday, clean the home, did the dish-wash, washed some clothes, made some waffles, dropped by you a couple of times too 😊, and clean up my patios for the winter.

I need to admit that my patios did look a bit “sad” now without soft pillows and blankets in the chairs, the plants are been sat on #strategic places for all the wind that’s normally comes during the #winter 🌬 ,- and all the lights and candles are back in boxes for the winter-time ❄. Hopefully it’s just around 4 moths until I can take it all back out again 😊.

And I have been #painting too 😍. So I have been using my #creativity in different areas this weekend as well,- like last weekend 😊. Both with some textes for my, at the moment, “hobby- job”, my #jobby 😊,- and with #colors and painting, and a bit #knit to when I did watch the movie 😊.

I have some paintings I want to finish before I start on some new ones 😊. I have already an #imagenations about what I want to paint on my new, glossy and white #canvases. But first finish with what I have already started on 😊.

And….I m also wondering if I should #create a own page to my blog with just my #painting in for #selling πŸ€”? Im not sure, I have not a clue about #art, prices and things like that for a #armatures paintings. What I do know is that there are some people “out there” that actually are #enjoying my art, my paitings, like I do 😊.

This weekend I have been paiting a painting to a friend of my. Its soon finish too, it’s just a couple of “paint strokes” with the #brushes left, then some drying- and ready to give away 😊.

To be creative in different #areas give me so much #energy and #joy,- I should really #wish I had a bit more time to this “#creative #corner” in my #life 😊.

Do you have a hobby or interesset thats give you joy and happiness, #timeout and a #relaxing space in your life?

To write, knit, paint, make food, do workout, watch a movie, reead a book be with my friends and family are some of timeout “my areas” in my life, in different levels and with different kinds of joy and happiness 😊. I want to do this things a bit more then be on the phone “all day long” πŸ˜…,- but okay,- then its just to try to “#squeeze” a bit in “here and there” during the weeks, and a bit more in the weekends,- and just enjoy the time I have and can use to my “creative corner” in my life,- as well as friends, family and a bit workout, and other things too πŸ’›.

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I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are πŸ’›. Thank you so much for dropping by today too,- and for reading my #blog πŸ’›.

It has been a nice weekend filled up with a bit “#creative” stuff 😊. This are two of my paintings I have been working with this weekend 😊. They are still not finish,- but I m getting there 😊. Both is to a #friend of my,- just because I like my friend, and I know she did like this #paintings too 😊.