Older men- younger woman, younger men- older woman πŸ˜Š

Hi ❣Its so nice to see you ,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you πŸ’›

I did watch a #movie this weekend πŸŽ₯. By the way,- I like to watch movies in the weekends 😊,- and many times, I in one or another way, I do #recognize #myself in the movie too. It can be the #characters or the #setting, or #situations thats feels #familiar, or something else 😊. It can also be the #morale or #ethics I do like.

Many movies have some kind of morale or ethics that can be #useful in the “real life”. Its like with many old and #traditional #stories and fairytales ( maybe not so much this “princess-fairytales”- but even some of this can have a good point now and then 😊).

The old and traditional stories often was told for both #entertainment and for give the listener something to learn as well as to think about, and for giving some good “life-advice”/ #good #advice for the #life too 😊.

Anyway I do normally “use” a movie in the weekends as entertainment 😊. Like I did this weekend too,- but after a while I was starting thinking- “maybe Im looking in the wrong #direction when I’m “waiting/ looking” for this #boyfriend that’s miss a bit in my life”? πŸ€” 😊.

I actually did start to think about the “usefulness” with this movie already when it did start,- but then in a different #direction then the “#boyfriend- #subject” 😊. More about the #changes that’s happens in “the world”,- both when it comes to humans as well as what’s happen with the climate and nature. But that one we can take another day 😊.

The movie I did see this weekend was “I could never be your woman” with Michelle Pfeiffer and Paul Rudd. I do like both of the actors,- so I did think it should be a #good #movie too,- and it was- at least for me. It was #humour, funny and a bit #romantic, with a tiny “touch” for something to think about as well , for me πŸ˜‰.

The content in the movie was an older woman, age 40, meet a younger man, age 29. Its sounds like a “big” age-different, but its “just” 11 years 😊. And why can’t the age-different between a woman and a man be that “way”, when it’s “normal” for a man at age 40 to have a girlfriend or wife at age 29? πŸ˜‰

I know it are couples where the woman is older then the man, but its more and most couples the oposite way 😊. I have friends where the husband or boyfriend are 7 or 11 years younger then the woman 😊. I haven’t just never thought that was a possibility for me- for the long and serious term 😊. But maybe it is?

So maybe Im looking at the wrong “age- direction”? πŸ˜‰

I have been in a #relation where the man was 15 years older then me, and after a while the age- difference felt huge, it was to big for me. I have also been in a relation where the man was 7 years younger then me, but there it was a bit #drama, to much drama for me πŸ˜…. But still it was a bit more #fun and “#action” with the younger one.

Age is often just a number,- I know. It can be young 60 years old people as well as very old 30 years old people.

But will a 10 years younger man find me #attractive? Things “here and there” are starting to work, sometimes to much, togheter with the #gravity πŸ˜₯. The fine lines in my face are dropping by 😊. And I’m still a bit “there” where I want a man to feel attractive and attraction for me,- and of course the other way around too.

My issue is maybe “the attraction” combinat with the age ? πŸ€” I know perfectly well how #old Im, my #age 😊,- even I feel a bit younger inside in my #soul,- and sometimes even do forget my age too 😊. But,- will actually a man 10 years younger then me find me attractive? My fine lines and “the work” the gravity are doing? 😊 I know it shouldn’t be important- but for me it is- this “attraction, and to be and feel attractive”.

I did change the #searching- age at my Tinder account to 10 years younger men down from my age, after watching the movie πŸ˜…. And it did also look a bit fun to have a younger boyfriend when I did watch the movie πŸ˜….

BTW- my plan was actually to deactivate my Tinder-account after my tiny #Tinder experiment. But an earlier colleague of me told me that she had meet “the love of her life” at Tinder. They are actually #married now, but I didn’t knew they did meet at Tinder. I just knew she was and is very #happy together with her husband. So I thought “Okay, I can give it a try then” 😊. My oldest son also met his girlifriend and fiance at Tinder- so maybe there is a tiny hope for me as well? 😊

Its just one tiny little thing,- I get very fast borred at Tinder, and this “press buttons” “nope/like”. It’s not very much more that’s happens. And I don’t like to chat “forever” rather. For me it’s just more like a lots of photos Im pressing “nope/like” at,- and thats it. Most if the men don’t even have a couples of words at their profile. It doesnt “give me” anything in a way. Difficult to explain. But okay,- I can give it a try again. And try to be a bit #patient too, maybe πŸ˜…? It takes time to look for, and for finding “gold and diamantes” worth using a bit time on 😊. Its just not gold all that’s are shining in the sun πŸ˜‰.

Im not sure why I haven’t thought there maybe was a possibility for me to meet a #younger #man to have a #serious #relation togheter with , but I think it’s a #combination of my own #experiences as well as the #society I did grow up in. But I m not there anymore, in the “society” I did grow up in, – so why not just try to “let go” of what the society means, as well as my own experiences 😊.

If an older man can have a long term and serious relation to a younger woman, an “older” woman, like me, maybe can have serious long term relation togheter with a younger man 😊?

My #focus in my daily life are not boyfriend- relationship- age, at the moment,- but, yes, it’s #dropping by know and then, of course 😊. But Im at the same time I m happy in my relation- the relation togheter with myself 😊. That’s very important too 😊.

I hope you are #happy in the relation you are in,- even its just a relation with your self, or a younger/ older/ same- age relation 😊. The most important is to be happy I think 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are πŸ’› Thank you so much for dropping by today too,- and for reading my #blog πŸ’›

See you soon 😊

Maybe I’m “#looking” in the “wrong #direction” when it comes to the #subject “#men, #boyfriend and serious relation” ? 😊 Maybe my “#focus” has been to much to meet someone at my age? If a older man can have a serious relation to younger woman,- there should be a tiny #possibility for me to have a #serious #relation togheter with #younger #man ? 😊