Put my paintings out for sales? 🎨 ….or still continue to live by ” the rules” ? πŸ€”

Hi ❣Its so nice to see you ,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you πŸ’›

I have wondering lately if I should take the #chance to put my paitings out for sales? For real ,- ” out there” in the “online world”? 😊

I like my paintings, it’s brings me #joy and #happiness, #timeout and a #relaxing space to #paint them, and I know there are some “souls” “out there” that also like my paitings too. Not everyone,- we all don’t like the same things, but supricely more likes my paitings then I was awarded of,- and that I have even thought about. I have got some good feedback on my paintings too. But …..

……in #Norway we have a bit, no- some very, very stupid rules actually πŸ˜”-, and thats- in short summary: “Dont think you are better, don’t brage if you do something good, don’t show of if you are proud of something you have done, don’t belive in your self, don’t be different “.

And, unfortunately and of course, this rules are in my mind when it comes to #my #paitings, as well as when I m writing in #my #blog πŸ˜”. Because I m #norwegian and has heard, growing up with and tryed my very best to live by “this rules” all my life. If not- it could give some troubles and challenges.

And I mean,- All the time I was living in Norway “don’t be different- don’t think different- don’t do different” – so its still a bit like “the rules” are “glued” into my #mind πŸ˜”.

Maybe this rules are in a lots of other countries too, probably,- but I don’t know- because I haven’t growing up in other countries then Norway 😊. But,- I m not living in Norway anymore (but yes Im still norwegian) 😊. So why not give it a try, both my paitings (as well as my blog- I m already giving my blog a try 😊) ,- and at the same time,- try my best to give a bit more shit in this rules, and try to remove both “the glue” and the thoughts about what “everyone else will think” 😊.

Its not easy to let a old rules just let go,- but I have lived by this #rules probably to long, way too long, and it has governed much of my #life too. Its stills governed my life,- I m careful to give even 100 % of myself into my blog- just because of this rules πŸ™„. Im careful with my words in my blog too- and the main fact is- its just because at the moment, still most of my readers are in or are from Norway. It is actually my original countrymen I fear. And that’s just because of this rules.

Something to think about πŸ€”. Its my original countrymen thats scares me. Hmm…

The thing is,- this rules don’t brings anything good in life- at all!!! Just a lots of stress and frustration actually- not any joy or happiness at all.

If my paintings can bring some of the same joy and happiness they brings me both under the #process as well as after when they are finish- why not try sell them? #Sell a bit of the joy and happiness Im feeling and having? Sell the berries I have to sell,– as a #business man from Norway says- and if he havent sold the berries he had, and had give a bit shit, he haven’t been able to be in the life posission he is now 😊. My berries are my paintings ( and maybe a couples of elf-socks too πŸ˜… ….and my written words as well 😊).

So,- I m actually #thinking about to try to start to sell “my berries”/ my paintings…..and also a bit more “myself” into my blog too 😊. Its my berries- it’s something that Im actually a bit good at 😊. Special the paiting 🎨….. and maybe the writing too ,- and a bit more things as well 😊. Hopefully 😊.

It will be a bit work in the beginning to #organize it all in a good way. The paintings and selling- #process. And ,- special to organize awaythe glue and the rules” 😊. Thats actually maybe my biggest challenge 😊. But why not give it a try? 😊

The photos of my paitings needs to be good and bring out the #correct #colors and #details. I need to have a good and safe payment- plan for both the buyers as well as for me, and also a “sending- out- in- the- world-plan” to the buyers ,- so the paitings comes to the correct places and new owners. And I need to have a good online “#showcase” too.

Maybe my paintings can be “my brands”? Im a bit more “into” my paintings then make- up and fitness/ healthy powder 😊. But I see what can happen 😊.

So,- I have actually asked for two holidays off from my job thise days just to try to find a good process for me to do this,- how to promote and sell my paintings 😊.

So what do you think? Should I try to “sell my berries/ paintings “? And should I care about what you think, btw?😊

To be #honest, most of us do actually in some or another way do #care a tiny, tiny bit about what other thinks and means a tiny bit about our self. Most of us don’t like to be criticised to much- thats the way it is 😊. Specially not just critic,- #constructive #criticism are something else,- and something I can both handle and #learn by 😊.

Today it’s just some #thounghts about some of my plans- maybe I #manage to bring it out to life, and maybe I also can be able to sell a bit and bring some joy and happiness on the wall in someone else’s home? 😊 That could be nice 😊.

Anyway,- well all comes to all,- I’m just in my own way trying to find “my place” and how to just be “me” without my young adults children around in my home anymore 😊. So it can and would be a bit trying and mistakes “on the road” 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are πŸ’›. Thank you so much for dropping by today too,- and for reading my blog πŸ’›.

See you soon 😊

One of my #paintings that I have given away 😊. Hopefully it brings #joy and #happiness on the #wall,- wherever in the world it is 😊. Its called “Warm feelings in my heart” – 20*20 cm πŸ’›. Maybe I should #paint a bit more, and put some for #sales so they can be a #colourfull #joy on another wall? 😊